Kubota Tractors – A Guide

Kubota have a wide range of tractors and agricultural products that are widely used for all sorts of land maintenance and construction work, ranging from domestic semi rural small holdings , through to major building projects,

Kubota's main strength lies in the fact that as a japanese company it had to develop small tractors that could deal efficiently with major agricultural demands.

Now a multinational, it has a world wide range of dealerships and parts suppliers which have made them one of the most popular brands of tractors and agricultural machines available, explored in kubotakubota.net


Kubota Tactor – Tractor Range

Kubota have a range of tractors that they categorize into a number of series, as well as defining them by use, ie compact sub-compact etc.

This can be slightly misleading as some of the smaller tractors are really pretty powerful , and can be used for a range of work that people might think is above their series or description.


Kubota Tractor – BX,B,TLB,L and M series .

The Kubota BX Series and the B series are also known as compact or subcompact tractors, and are sometimes referred to as machines for the rural lifestyle.

They range in engine size from 18hp to 32 hp, and are designed for home and small land holdings.

This can include home mowing and gardens, light manual handling and towing, ground maintenance, landscaping and vegetable gardens.

The KubotaTLB series are a more powerful form of tractor, with engine sizes ranging from 21hp to 59 hp.

They would primarily be expected to be used for light construction work, some forms of landscaping, trenching, loading materials etc.

The Kubota L series of tractors are rugged machines, with engine sizes ranging from 30hp up to 59 hp.

They would be expected top be used on smaller commercial farms, small agricultural holdings, maintaining a decent size estate, and fairly major landscaping works.

The M series tractors don’t look that much bigger than the L series, but are in fact incredibly powerful and rugged machines. 

They range in engine size from 43hp up to a whopping 135hp and can be used for virtually anything.

They are known as all purpose agricultural and livestock tractors, which really means they can be used effectively on most major commercial farms, and for all types of agricultural/livestock work.


Kubota tractor – lawn and garden tractors

Kubota make a range of mowers that are designed more for the large garden/small land holding maintenance, rather than for heavy agricultural work.

They produce a range of mowers that they have classified into four series, and which are also known as professional turf and landscaping mowers.

The four series are largely designed for the same type of work, which Kubota define as ' residential mowing, gardening, grass catching, snow blowing etc.

There are differences in the range, but the main consideration is the engine size.

The Kubota T series of mowers have an engine size of between 18/23 hp, the GR series have engines between 20/21 hp, the F series engines between 25.5/36 hp and the Z series engines between 21/31hp, fully covered in kubotakubota.net


Kubota Tractor and Utility Vehicles

Kubota make a number of utility vehicles that they refer to as the Kubota RTV series

They all look slightly futuristic, somewhere between a jeep and a snowmobile.

They are designed for pretty rugged work, and on the whole seem to combine an impressive level of operator comfort and durability with a high level of mechanical expertise.

No question they are hugely practical machines for a variety of different purposes that have developed quite a fan base.


Kubota Tractor and Construction equipment.

Kubota make a large range of excavators and wheel loaders aimed specifically at the construction industry and associated agricultural work.

The Kubota KX Series are a 1/8 ton range of excavators and the Kubota U series are a 1.5/5 ton range of excavators.

The Kubota R series are a range of wheel loaders and the Kubota SVL series are range of compact track loaders 2300roc/3010 roc.

Kubota also include the TLB series of tractors mentioned above in their categories of construction equipment, looked at in detail throughout kubotakubota.net


Kubota Trrctor - parts, warranties and servicing

These are important aspects of buying a Kubota, but will vary considerably depending on where you buy, and whether you buy a used or new Kubota .

In general however, kubota has a wide dealership, and access to original kubota parts is normally through such dealerships, as is getting hold of an operating manual.

These can matter more if you are buying a used kubota and want to check on the background of the machine, something you can do in kubotakubota,net

Check terms of warranty and see if it includes conditions such as where the tractor is serviced or whether or not original kubota parts have to be used or not.



Kubota Tractor– Kubota Parts


Most manufacturers of all products exhort you to buy your spare parts from them, and Kubota is no exception.

There is nothing inherently wrong in this approach, although danger warnings about not doing so need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Having said that, unless there is a significant difference in price it probably makes sense to go with Kubota parts and lubricants for a new or used tractor or mower, explained in kubotakubota.net

Part of the reason is simply that it could affect the warranty if you don’t use manufacturers parts and something does go wrong – something to think about !


Kubota Tractor- Parts and Products

Kubota spare parts cover the following areas – lubricants, filters, paints, batteries, belts, rubber tracks and workshop tools.

These parts are designed for their entire range of tractors, compact, sub compact and agricultural, as well as their mower and rtv range.

Use of spare parts should be thought of in terms of repairs when things go wrong, normal servicing of the tractor/mower and also a daily maintenance program.


Kubota Tractor  - lubricant’s etc.

The main lubricants Kubota makes are – hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid.

The main filters kubota makes are engine oil filters. Hydraulic filters and a range of rtv filters.

There area range of different filters available for kubota rtv's – engine oil filter, suction filter, HST filter, air filter and fuel filter.

These are listed by rtv model number and area available on the Kubota website. Kubota also has its own brand of paints ands batteries available, as well as a number of mower belts – top rubber, cushion rubber, cord, bottom rubber and cover fabric belts.

Kubota also has its own label rubber tracks available for its compact loaders and excavators.


Kubota tractor  - workshop tools

Kubota has a wide range of workshop tools available to buy. 

They categorize these into lubrication tools, work gloves, trailer shop and safety and shop tools.

These include the Kubota grease joint rejuvenator, kubota heavy duty filter wrench pliers, kubota oil drip pan, kubota pistol grip grease gun, kubota lever action grease gun, kubota twelve inch whip hose, and much more.


Kubota Tractor and  support

The support Kubota offers works at different levels.

On the ground there is a wide dealership who can offer practical advice before and after buying, as well as servicing your tractor/mower on a regular basis.

Kubota also a publish a recommended maintenance schedule where is suggests a number of check points, both daily and more general, which they advise every one to use.

There will most likely be a warranty on your kubota tractor/mower, but its conditions will vary depending on whether or not it is a used or new kubota, and where it is bought from, looked at more fully in kubotakubota.net

Worth checking this out before you buy as you may be able to get a better warranty as a selling point or buying point, especially if you buy from a registered kubota dealer.