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Kubota – Orange Rules

The logic for colour coding controls on a Kubota tractor in terms of safety, is fairly self-evident. If there is a standardisation of colour representing certain controls or controlling types of mechanism, then there is more likely to be less confusion and less misunderstanding by people who drive or use a Kubota tractor.

The colour orange is used to designate a certain number of ground motion controls. These generally include the engine speed, the controls of the transmission, the main parking brake or parking lock, the differential lock and the independent emergency brakes.

Whilst the standardisation of colour controls helps anyone who is new or unsure of how to drive a Kubota tractor, such as the Kubota B series B 2320 HST, it is also important to note that the array of colours and the array of controls can still be extremely confusing someone.

It is important for anyone who is to drive a Kubota Tractor who does not have experience of driving before or driving another may contractor to seek advice and guidance prior to commencement of the operation of the Kubota tractor.

This may involve someone within them a practical lesson, it may involve them reading through the owners manual or a Kubota tractor if one is to hand, or it may mean consulting the main Kubota dealer for their advice and guidance.

Orange coloured controls on a Kubota tractor generally mean one of the following rules. The controls for regulating the speed of the engine tend to be operated by either the right hand or the right foot or both on a Kubota tractor. Differential lock controls tend to be made possible with either a forward or a downward motion.

Tractor safety is ultimately only as good as the person using it. To this end an understanding of the mindset of mentality behind the layout of controls on a Kubota tractor is really important.

Understanding that colour controls are meant to help the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor navigate which levers do what and how, is important. It is equally important that the operator of the tractor familiarise themselves with these controls prior to engagement of the tractor.

This may need to be done as a slow learning process, in which case the actions or usage of the Kubota tractor should be supervised by someone who is familiar with it and is in a position to advise and help someone learning the process.

0 – 60 in whatever……..

Great ad on YouTube for the new Kubota Grand X factor, sorry tractor,  currently being aimed at the Australian market, presumably to be rolled out elsewhere in the future.


Aside from the pleasure of watching such a great ad, there is a real encouragement for a sense of adventure and it captures something of the spirit of the delight of driving a proper tractor.


Full story : Skiddmark

New Kubota plant in Georgia

Lots of excitement about a new Kubota manufacturing facility costing $73 million being opened in Jefferson, Georgia.

Aside from the good news in terms of jobs in Georgia, it is actually also good news for people who own or intend to buy any type of Kubota tractor.

This is largely because it shows a vote of confidence by Kubota, based in Georgia and in the United States generally.

This type of commitment is important especially for Kubota tractors and agricultural machinery generally in part because of the longevity of use of the equipment.

Kubota tractors can last easily 20/30 years, the issue becomes servicing and maintenance and Kubota parts.

This type of investment and opening of a manufacturing plant shows that Kubota is looking forward.

Kubota also hint that they want to expand significantly within all of the US, which is at least an indication that they are committed for the long-term.

Full story – Kubota

Kubota scam on ebay ?

Story on eBay concerning a potential scam regarding Kubota tractors.

The gist of the story is to be wary of an increased number of Kubota tractors that are becoming available for sale on eBay.

There are obvious pitfalls and dangers with any online auction site as it fundamentally relies on trust on both sides. It is impossible to verify the truth of this but it is worth always being careful.

The interesting thing about this news item is at it is reporting a significant increase in the number of Kubota tractors that are becoming available for sale from one particular site.

Anything that raises awareness of potential fraud is probably a good thing, as potential buyers need to weigh up the balance of probabilities as to whether they think it is worth the risk or not.

Full story – eBay

Kubota run overs – safety

News report of an accident in Murphy’s California highlights the dangers of tractor run overs.

The incident involves a seventy five year man who was driving a Kubota tractor, parked it without engaging the break properly, got out of the tractor and was run over by it.

Apparently the tractor rolled over his legs stomach and chest before coming to a stop.

The news report says he was airlifted with moderate injuries, which must be a God send if that turned out to be the case. A sober warning for all of us.

Full story – The Union Democrat

Kubota recall

Kubota is recalling a number of zero turn mowers because of a problem with the fuel tank which could potentially pose a fire risk.

The affected models are :

ZG 123S – 12505 and below

ZG 127S – 12959 and below

ZG 124E – 12179 and below

ZG 127E 11574 and below


Owners of these models are advised to stop using them immediately and contact their local Kubota Dealer. Apparently the problem concerns the fuel tanks pressure relief valve, which can malfunction, causing wear of the fuel tank, obviously a major safety issue.


Further info : Kubota Corp USA

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Rebuild a Kubota engine

Repairing or rebuilding a kubota engine can be a major decision, and an expensive one, whether you get it right or not.

This site gives calot of really useful info about new engines, rebuild and kubota parts.

Rebuilt kubota engines can be used with some other manufacturers, so worth checking out.

County Sales and Service – click here

Rural Health Initiative

An interesting initiative in Wisconsin highlights both a potential problem concerning health insurance for dairy farmers as well as a possible solution.

The rural health initiative, a non-profit, has identified that just under 1/5 of dairy farm families in Wisconsin have no health insurance.

Equally of those who do, the health insurance coverage they have is fairly limited in many ways.

The issue of health provision on farms is much more complicated is then simply identifying risk as in a normal business or for a regular family.

The rural health initiative is a program designed to visit farms and farm families at their place of work and in a variety of ways help them to identify health risks, farm safety risks, to do various screenings to identify potential health risks, and to help educate farmers and their families on a wide range of medical and health issues.

For a detailed news and assessment on Fox News click here

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