Kubota Tractor, Construction and Equipment Guide

People love tractors – kids love tractors, adults really love tractors, even if they pretend not to, and pretty much everyone really likes Kubota Tractors for lots of different reasons.

Learn more here about all Kubota Tractors and Agricultural Equipment. Kubota have a wide range of tractors and agricultural machinery that are widely used for all sorts of land maintenance and construction work.

This ranges from domestic semi rural small holdings, through to major building projects, Kubota’s main strength lies in the fact that as a Japanese company it had to develop small tractors that could deal efficiently with major agricultural demands.

Now a multinational, it has a world wide range of dealerships and parts suppliers which have made them one of the most popular brands of tractors and agricultural machines available.

Kubota Tractors

Kubota classify their tractors into six or seven main categories : Sub-Compact, Compact, Economy Utility, Utility, Speciality, Agriculture and Tractor Loader Backhoe.

The Sub-Compact Tractors cover the Kubota BX Series, the Compact Tractors cover the Kubota B Series and L Series, the Economy Utility covers the Kubota MX Series, The Utility Category covers the Kubota RTV Series, the Speciality category covers the Kubota M Narrow Series, The M Low Profile Series and the M6H Series.

The Agriculture Tractors Kubota make are known as the M7 Series, and the Tractor Loader Backhoe Tractors arew known as the Kubota TLB Series.

Kubota Tractors – BX, B, L, TLB, and M Series.

The Kubota BX Series and the B Series are also known as sub compact or compact tractors, and are sometimes referred to as machines for the rural lifestyle. They range in engine size from 18hp to 32 hp, and are designed for home and small land holdings.

This can include home mowing and gardens, light manual handling and towing, ground maintenance, landscaping and vegetable gardens. The Kubota TLB series are a more powerful form of tractor, with engine sizes ranging from 21hp to 59 hp. They would primarily be expected to be used for light construction work, some forms of landscaping, trenching, loading materials etc.

The Kubota L series of tractors are rugged machines, with engine sizes ranging from 30hp up to 59 hp. They would be expected top be used on smaller commercial farms, small agricultural holdings, maintaining a decent size estate, and fairly major landscaping works.

The Kubota M series tractors don’t look that much bigger than the L series, but are in fact incredibly powerful and rugged machines. They range in engine size from 43hp up to a whopping 135hp and can be used for virtually anything. They are known as all purpose agricultural and livestock tractors, which really means they can be used effectively on most major commercial farms, and for all types of agricultural/livestock work.

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Kubota Parts

Kubota tractor parts or parts for a Kubota mower can be done relatively easily for most models, if care is taken to resreach the make and model of the tractor, and the specific part required. Kubota Tractor Parts are normally categorised into the following areas :

Kubota Air Conditioning, Kubota bearings, Kubota Belts, Kubota Brakes, Kubota Cab Parts, Kubota Clutch Parts, Kubota Canopy, Kubota Cooling Parts, Kubota Filters, Kubota Engine Parts, Kubota Hitch Parts, Kubota Hydraulic Parts, Kubota Electrical, Kubota Manuals, Kubota Mufflers, Kubota Seats, Kubota Steering Parts, Kubota Transmission, and Kubota Wheels and Rims.

Finding the part is one thing, installing it in the Kubota tractor is another.

There is normally aneed to find a Kubota Parts Manual which should include a Kubota Parts Diagram, explaing where the part fits into the engine or other part of the Kubota Tractor.

Kubota parts can be founf to Purchase through a Kubota Dealer, through the main Kubota website, through a number of online websites such as Messicks, and through standard internet shopping sites such as ebay and Amazon.

There is also a wealth of information and advice available through online discussion forums , such as Tractor By Net, and the Orange Forums. This advice can relate to where to buy parts as well as how to find manuals, and advice as to how to best fit them.

Remember that fitting parts may have implications for the warranty of your Kubota Tractor if it has one, so worth checking with your nearist dealership first. Fitting Genuine Kubota Parts is always recommended wherever possible.

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Kubota Credit

Kubota can offer credit deals to customers in terms of finance for new tractors, that can vary quite widely depending on where you live and what time of year it is. Applying for Kubota Credit is done through the Kubota Credit Corporation, either directly via the website, or via a Kubota Dealership.

Credit can also be applied for in other ways, similar to applying for credit for a car or auto. This is normally done through banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.The golden rule always as with any type of credit is to get a number of quotes from reputable institutions, in person and online, and compare them on a like for like basis. Learn more here about Credit Scores

A credit check will be done on the individual or their business when applying for Kubota Credit, and on the whole Kubota will apply the same lending criteria a sany other lending instituion.

Kubota dealers may alos be able to offer special deals on special models, or offer more favourable terms and conditions than other financial institutions, depending on an individuals credit score. The most preferable deals in terms of interest rates, down payments etc may well be restricted to peopel with a high credit rating.

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Kubota Construction

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, excavators and construction attachments that can be used for mini excavation work, upto full scale industrial digging and excavation.

The B TLB Series, L TLB Series and the M TLB Series of Kubota tractors are all powerful tractors that with a range of implements can be used for all types of construction work. Bucket sixesrange from a 12′ bucket through to a 66 ‘bucket with no edge and no teeth. Buckets either have Pin-on or Quick Attach coupling

The L2238 and K 9048 alos can have forks fitted as an attachments, with awidth of 36’.

Kubota alos make a wide range of veru specific Mini Excavators , although the term mini can be misleading. These range from the Kubota K008 series, KX018-4 series, KX71-3 Series, KX033 Series, KX040 Series,KX057 Series,KX080 Series through to the Kubota U17 series, U27 Series, U35 series and U55 of excavators.

The Kubota K008 series start with anet horsepower of 10.1 HP, a weight of 1 Tonand a dig depth of 5’8″, with the KX 080 Series offering equipment with a net horsepower of 67.3HP, a weight of 8.4 Ton and a dig depth of 15’2″.

All these Kubota mini excavators have awide range of implements that can be fitted, ranging from 18″Buckets through to 60″ Buckets, all with quick attach, and ranging from5-Teeth to No Teeth.

Kubota Skid Steer Loaders are powerful construction machines, with a tipping load of 3900 – 5380 lbs, and aBucket Breakout force of 4800 -5800 Lbs.

Compact Track Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Track Carriers , the Kubota KC Series are also widely used in digfferent areas of construction work.

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Kubota Construction Attachments

These include Blades, Booms, Breakers, Brooms, Buckets, Carriers, Cutters, Forks, Graders, Grapples, Grinders, Hitches, Landscape Rakes, Planers, Post Hole Diggers, Pullers, Rippers, Seeders, Silage Defacers, Snowblowers, Snow Pushers, Tillers and Trenchers.

Kubota Skid Steer Loaders

Kubota offer the SSV Series of Skid Steer Loaders, the SSV65PHC, and the SSV75. These machines are extremely powerful, and designed to accomplisha number of complex tasks, whilst at the same time ensuring the sagety and comfort of the vmachine operator.

A Kubota Skid Steer Loader can be used to push material from one place to another, can have a bucket attached which can carry and dipose of materiials in specific places or it can load materilas into a trailer or onto a truck.

The Kubota Skid steer Loaders have awide range of implements that can be attached, consisting of buckets, forks and bale spears, all of which can be attached with a coupling system Kubota Calls ‘Quick Attach’ – an optional hydraulic quick coupler is available, meaning implements can be attached or removed from within the cab using a simple switch.

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Kubota Dealer

According to Kubota, there are approximately 1100 authorized Kubota Dealerships in the USA, and Kubota offers a quick search facility to find the nearsest dealer to where you live. It is worth remembering, that every Kubota dealership is a separate business, and each one can offer different deals on whatever type of Kubota tractor you are looking to buy.

These deals can relate to the price of the tractor, credit or finance, servicing and maintenance etc. These areas can be especially important as if there is a problem with the Kubota tractor, getting it to and from the dealership could be a problem, and having it out of action for a period of time could be critical to the running of someone’s business.

A lot of negotiation around the purchase of a Kubota tractor, and the above areas, can be done either online or by phone before actually visiting a dealership. This gives the customer a lot more purchasing power, and puts them in a much stronger position to negotiate the best deal.

This may involve purchasing the Kubota tractor from a dealership that is not the nearest one to where you live, or using a potential deal from another dealership to negotiate with the Kubota dealership nearest to where you live, to get the best deal.

All Kubota dealers have the freedom to offer whatever deals they think best for their sales strategy, including customer service options for people once they have bought their tractor, and these can be compared to see which one is most appropriate for the customer’s needs, or seem to offer the best and most professional service.

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Kubota RTV

Kubota make a number of utility vehicles that they refer to as the Kubota RTV series, known officially as Kubota UTV / Kubota Side by Side vehicles.They all look slightly futuristic, somewhere between a jeep and a snowmobile.

They are designed for pretty rugged work, and on the whole seem to combine an impressive level of operator comfort and durability with a high level of mechanical expertise.

No question they are hugely practical machines for a variety of different purposes that have developed quite a fan base. These Kubota RTVs come in two different colours, standard Kubota Orange and a kind of khaki camouflage.

There are a number of accessories that relate to the, the canopy, the Windows, the lights, the cargo bed, winches and snow attachments. They come with a standard two-year Kubota warranty, with the option of an extended warranty on some models.

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Kubota Insurance

Anyone buying or leasing a new or used Kubota tractor will need to arrange insurance for the tractor, either as a one off item or as apart of a wider farm insurance policy. Is this can be done through a subsidiary of Kubota, known as Kubota Tractor Acceptance Corporation KTAC, which can offer a wide range of protection both on and off the property, including transportation.

This insurance normally covers areas of risk such as theft, fire, glass breakage, falling objects, collision, hail, Tornado, hurricane, flood, vandalism, roll over, earthquake, water damage and infestation. There are also normally standard exclusions relating to wear and tear, mechanical breakdown or any loss or damage caused by fraudulent activities etc.

It is worth remembering that most Kubota Tractors are used both on and off road, and therefore require insurance based on the property and rent being used on commercial highways or routes. This means that a Kubota owner tractor can require both domestic and public liability insurance.

If buying a Kubota Tractor on credit, through Kubota Credit, then they will require insurance to be taken out on the tractor, to cover full replacement cost. This may require purchasing gap insurance as well.

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Kubota Mowers

Kubota Mowers are commonly referred to as Kubota Lawn Tractors, Kubota Garden Trcators, Kubota Lawn Mowers, Kubota Riding Mowers and Kubota Zero Turn Mowers. All of these are mowers or small tractors which people ride on or sit on to drive.

They are typically used where there is significant amount of land to be looked after, either private grounds or a smallholding of some type. Kubota also make walk behind mowers which are traditionally used in smaller gardens.

People sometimes wonder what is the difference between a lawn tractor or garden tractor and a Kubota Riding Mower.

The main difference is that a lawn tractor or garden tractor has a mid-mounted cutting deck, whilst a riding mower has a cutting deck that is positioned at the front of the vehicle.

This means that the cutting deck of the riding mower is easier to manoeuvre, which can be a real issue for people using the mower on certain types of land, or where there is a significant amount of shrubbery or trees.

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Kubota Zero Turn

A Kubota Zero Turn Mower is a popular choice of lawn tractor for a number of people, as it combines a powerful small tractor, with a turning circle or turning radius that is virtually zero. It does this in a number of ways, but normally uses hydraulic speed control as its main method.

It has two levers, which when pushed forward cause the mower to move forward as well, and when pulled back, cause the mower to reverse. These mowers are extremely practical and useful for people with rough or difficult terrain, or where there are a number of obstacles that require delicate but precise trimming or cutting.

Some Kubota Zero Turn Mowers are viewd as commercial vehicles which may have tax implications, and should be a consideration when thinking about buying the extended warranty.

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Kubota Generators

Kubota make a range of industrial diesel generators whci can be used to power a wide range of machinery in different typoes of terrain and weather. The most poular models tend to be the Kubota GL11000, followed by the Kubota GL 14000 and the Kubota GL11000 TM.

When choosing a Kubota Generator, there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly is whether or not you want aportable generator, or one which can be towed. Then its Rated Watts and its CC. You need to know its diesel fuel consumption, ie the gallons per hour i uses.

The other important things are its run time, its tank size in gallons and its decibel rating. How noisy a generator is, is amajor factor that should be taken into account as it has a significant impact on its day to day usage, and the operatives who work alongside it.

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Kubota Manuals

A Kubota manual is an indispensible part of owning and running any Kubota tractor or piece of agricultural machinery. A new kubota tractor will come with its own manual, and manuals for all current Kubota tractors and machinery are available to download from the main Kubota website.

Mnauals for older Kubota tractors are abit more difficult to get hold of, but in many waysoften more important from atechnicla point of view. They can normally be vpbtained from anumber of specialist websites online, from Amazon and from Ebay.

In addition many users on forums such as Tractor by Net will ave access to Kubota manuals and are normally happy to offer free advice or information based on them.

Any Kubota manual will havea lot of general information about safety and general operating advice, as well as technical and maintenance information. Often a manual is thought of as a reference guide rather than something you sit down and read through, but it is well worth knowing what is in it before you start using your tractor, however experienced you are.

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Kubota Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories that can be used on a number of Kubota tractors and mowers, as well as RTV’s and utility vehicles. Some of these accessories are made by Kubota themselves, and other accessories made by different manufacturers.

Although accessories made by other manufacturers can often be used on Kubota Tractors and machinery, it is worth bearing in mind that these are accessories will have their own warranty which will be different from the main Kubota one, and it is important to check whether or not these accessories perfect the Kubota warranty on the machine you have bought.

Accessories can include pull behind mowers, powered baggers, side view mirrors, pivoting windshields, diamond plate aluminium roofs, vented windshields and different types of tires and wheels.

Kubota also offer products such as the complete Kubota care kit, which contains cleaners and chemicals for looking after your tractor, lubrication products, fuel products, tracks, radios, pressure washers and lift equipment.

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Kubota Snowblower

KIubota make a number of attachments which can be fitted to theit tractors, mowers and other pieces of agricultural machinery whci turn them into very effective snowblowers and snow blowing machines.

These attachments range from a Chute Deflector Kit to a3 PT Snowblower Ber-Vac se 51 Kubota. You can also buy a snowblower, Cab and Chains for a Kubota Tractor Mower T series. You can also get a Kubota L2674 74’Snowblower with a two stage Hydraulic Turn Spout.

Kubota make attachments that are avialable for their construction equipment. Specifically these attachments are used for clearing snow from parking lots, farm yards, feed lots, driveways, walk paths, and also residential and commercial areas.

There are a number of snowblowers on the market, click here to learn more

Kubota maka 76 ” snowblower which can fit on Kubota Series SSV65, Kubota SSV75, Kubota SVL65-2, KUbota SVL75-2 and the Kubota SVl95-2s. Kubota also make an 84′ snowblower which is available for the above models as well.

If you need a wider snowblower, kubota make an 88′ and a 92′ snowblower, models ranging from Kubota K88-28-12, to K92-30-12RS, with standrad and rotating drums, which are implements that can be fitted to the M6 range of Kubota tractors.

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Kubota Engines

Kubota has one of the strongest reputations for building strong and effecient engines for their products in the agricultural equipment market. They divide their engine inventory into Kubota engines built before 2013, of whic there are nearly forty and other engine categories.

These includekubota Industrial Diesel Engines such as the Kubots Super Mini series and the Kubota V£ Series, Spark Ignited Kuota Engines such as the Kubota SI series, Kubota Engines for Emergency Stationary Standby Gensets and Kubota Engines for Ground Support Equipment.

Kubota also make engines for the Oil and Gas market, such as the WG2503-LN-E3 and the WG3800-LN-E3.

Kubot also have aunique system for identifying the engine serial numberand the engine model name, and provide detailed instructions on their website where and how to find the engine serial number.

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Kubota Implements

The value of Kubota Implements is that they can transform any Kubota Tractor into acompletely different piece of equipment, in terms of its capability and usefulness.The specific range of Implements Kubota offer includes :


Hay and Forage


Mowing and Cutting

Material Handling

Crop Care

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The main lubricants Kubota makes are – hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid. The main filters kubota makes are engine oil filters. Hydraulic filters and a range of rtv filters. There area range of different filters available for kubota rtv’s – engine oil filter, suction filter, HST filter, air filter and fuel filter.

These are listed by rtv model number and area available on the Kubota website. Kubota also has its own brand of paints ands batteries available, as well as a number of mower belts – top rubber, cushion rubber, cord, bottom rubber and cover fabric belts.

Kubota also has its own label rubber tracks available for its compact loaders and excavators.


Kubota has a wide range of workshop tools available to buy. They categorize these into lubrication tools, work gloves, trailer shop and safety and shop tools. These include the Kubota grease joint rejuvenator, kubota heavy duty filter wrench pliers, kubota oil drip pan, kubota pistol grip grease gun, kubota lever action grease gun, kubota twelve inch whip hose, and much more.


The support Kubota offers works at different levels. On the ground there is a wide dealership who can offer practical advice before and after buying, as well as servicing your tractor/mower on a regular basis. Kubota also a publish a recommended maintenance schedule where is suggests a number of check points, both daily and more general, which they advise every one to use.

There will most likely be a warranty on your kubota tractor/mower, but its conditions will vary depending on whether or not it is a used or new kubota, and where it is bought from, and will vary from country to country, check Kubota websites.

Worth checking this out before you buy as you may be able to get a better warranty as a selling point or buying point, especially if you buy from a registered kubota dealer.

Kubota Warranty

Kubota offer a standard warranty on all new tractors and pieces of industrial machinery,althogh the standard warranty excludes mower decks. This warranty applies to turg equipment, utility equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, emission control systems, implements and attchments and haytools.

The equipment will normally have a warranty period of either twelve or twenty four months, sometimes depending on whether or not it is used for commercial or resiodential purposes. some Kubota Equipment is made with a Kawasaki Engine, and this will have its own warranty whic needs to be checked.

The warranty will ahvea number of standard exclusions, including tires, tubes, rims and the cabin radio / cassette / cd player. These items may hace their own manufacturers warranty.

Kubota Orange Protection Plan

This is in effect an extended warranty, and as with all extended warranties, comes ta price. There are normally two prices quoted, one if the warranty is purchesd within ninety days of purchase after retail, and a price if purchased after ninety dauys of retail but within the period of the basic warranty.

Kubota Used Warranty

Any Used kubota Warranty will be supplied by a dealership, Kubota or Independent, and should be checked to see what it covers, what is excluded and if it is able to be used at other dealerships.

Beware of tractors Kubota Refers to as bought on the grey market. These are Kubota tractors made in other countries and then imported into USA / Canada and are often not compliant with Kubota safety requirements for their tractors in North America.

None of these Kubota Tractors would be covered by any Kubota Warranty.

Kubota Technical Service Support

Kubota offers arange of technical service support through its own website, and through its extensive dealer network. This normally covers areaas such as :




Seasonal Tips

Operators Manuals