kubota lawn tractor

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractors

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractors

Kubota make a wide range of  lawn and garden tractors that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Some machines are dedicated mowers, while others are Kubota Tractors that can have various attachments fitted to them that let them be used for work on different types of land. Kubota mowers are normally referred to as : Kubota Lawn Mowers. Kubota Lawn Tractors, Kubota Garden Tractors, Kubota Riding Mowers or Kubota Tractor Mower.

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With any Kubota lawn and garden tractor, there are a number of factors to consider when buying one. Any mower has to be a combination of being easy and comfortable to use, at the same time being practical and efficient in terms of the work needs to be done.

Kubota 4 Wheel Drive Lawn and Garden Tractors

A number of lawn and garden tractors made by Kubota are four-wheel-drive, whilst some are two wheel drive, and some are zero turn. It is important to identify what type of work the lawn tractor is intended to be used for, before deciding on the appropriate model.

Whether to use a four-wheel-drive, or not, is a decision should be taken in conjunction with other factors. It is best in many ways to approach a Kubota dealer who can deliver the most appropriate and up-to-date advice.

Kubota Diesel Lawn and Garden Tractor

Many lawn and garden tractors run on diesel, whilst also run on gasoline.  Given the trend away from diesel, and probably from gasoline as well, towards electric, it is a decision that should be taken carefully. Diesel prices are likely to rise significantly in coming years, and the availability of diesel they will also be a problem.

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractor Prices –

Below are listed list prices relating to all the current Kubota Mower Models, as of April 2019, prices taken from the Kubota USA website.

These prices are indicative only, and should be not be taken as a fixed price. They may vary depending upon whether or not Kubota change them, any special offers or any local taxes or relevant additional costs, such as delivery, dealers fees etc.

There are two figures showing relating to prices. The first is the price the standard model, which will normally include the basics available such as a choice of different deck sizes and tires, and the second price reflects the cost of all the additional options and exterminated warranties  that are available for that particular model.

A list of all the different options and types of warranty that Kubota offer is listed at the end of the prices section.

Please note that different options available for different models of Kubota mowers, and each specific mower should be checked to see what options are available and at what cost, and special considertaion allowed for commercial Kubota mowers, such as Kubota Zero Turn Mowers  .

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractors – Prices

Kubota T1880 –  US$ 3699 / $7918

Kubota T2080 –  US$ 4399 /  $8583

Kubota T 2380 – US 4999 / $ 9063

Kubota T 2090 – US$ 3889 /  $48234

Kubota T2290-  US$ 4489 /  $8834

GR 2020 / GR 2120 –  US$ 9640 / $17730

Kubota Commercial Mowers / Stand On Mower / Walk Behind Mower – Prices

Kubota SZ Series Commercial Stand On Mower $9299 / $ 10052

Kubota WG14 Commercial Walk behind Mower $3923 / $ 4782

Kubota WG^ Commercial Walk Behind Mower $ 1278 /  $1728

Kubota WGC6 Commercial Walk Behind Mower $1436 / 1886

Kubota Front Mount Mowers – Prices

Kubota F2690EFront Mower $ 17313 / $48082

Kubota F2690 Front Mower $ 20004 / $ 47868

Kubota F3990 Front Mower $ 55374

Kubota  Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories –

These differ depending on the model chosen, and differ for all different types of Kubota  Mower such as Kubota Lawn Tractors, Kubota Garden Trcators, Kubota Lawn Mowers, Kubota Riding Mowers and Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Mulching Kit

Grass catcher /  hydraulic valve /  hydraulic valve for implements without catcher /  hydraulic valve for implements with catcher / grass catcher control moment

Work lights kit

Tow hitch

Extended warranty – one year, two years

Operator controlled discharge chute /  Chute block plate – stand on

Suitcase weights – front and rear

Seat suspension kit

ROPS organiser /  striping kit

Maintenance lift kit

Tuff top canopy /  deluxe fibreglass canopy kit /  sunshade canopy kit

LED work lights

Halogen light kit

Hitch kit

Side discharge/rear discharge

Stamped deck/fabricated deck

Spark arrester muffler kit

Front push blade

Cold start kit for hydro units

Walk behind discharge block off plate

Walk behind grass capture adapter kit

Walk behind mulching kit

Front/rear turf tires

Remote hydraulic Hose Kit

Mower deck size

Debris blower

Cab Enclosures

Cab accessories –  Cab Heater,  rear LED work light kit, roof mounted LED strobe light kit, interior rearview mirror

Cuise control kit

Turn assist brakes

Engine tachometer

Hazard light kits

Front blade/rubber cutting edge

Sweepers – Rotary Broom sweeper

Side Caster wheel kit

Dust deflector kit for Rotary sleeper

Dust deflector kit


Electric  chute deflector kit for front and rear snowblower

Drift cutter kit for front mount snowblower

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractor Reviews

There are almost so many reviews of Kubota Lawn Tractors and Kubota Garden Tractors that it is difficult to know where to begin.  People have differing ideas as to how impartial or important reviews can be, but with a bit of subtle guidance a lot can be learnt from all of them.

You Tube – a lot of Kubota mowers are reviewed on you Tube, especially Kubota Zero Turn Mowers, normally by dealerships or by dealership staff who have an interest in promoting them.

This means of course that they are likely to be promoting Kubota lawn and garden tractors, rather than independently assessing them. Most Kubota dealerships are fairly upfront about this, and there is a lot that can be learned from these videos.

First thing to realise is that you’re not going to be told any of the less popular or unliked things about any of these mowers.

What you will learn about and more importantly be able to see in action is how these mowers tend to work when they go really well. That should give you a sense of seeing them in action, when they are at their best.

Some of the reviews can be quite long, but at least with a video you can jump forward and skip through parts that do not interest you.

Consumer Reports –  there are a number of websites that use the word consumer in them, and some are independent and some are not.

If you can find a completely independent body or association that independently test’s and evaluates Kubota lawn and garden tractors, that should be able to give you a fairly healthy idea of the pros and cons of the machines.

Some consumer websites ask for feedback and reviews from people, and what you tend to find on the sites is that you get purely negative feedback. That feedback is valuable in its own right, but can often give a one-sided view of the problems that people have with kubota mowers.

They do flag up problems that can exist, and these can be taken into account when deciding what type of Kubota lawn or garden tractor to buy.

On the whole, people do not tend to publish favourable reviews on these websites, although some do, it is often difficult to evaluate whether they are genuine reviews or promotional.

Amazon –  people buy many Kubota lawn and garden tractors on Amazon, and it is a place where people do leave a sizeable number of reviews.

Amazon uses a system of verified and unverified reviews, the verrified reviews being left by people who have actually bought the product, as opposed to unverified reviews which are left by people who have not bought the product, at least through Amazon, although they may have bought it somewhere else.

Whilst the problem of genuine versus promotional reviews remains an issue even on Amazon, as a company it sees it as a duty it takes  fairly seriously, and tries to weed out reviews they believe to be fake.

The value of these reviews is largely that they can highlight issues which can then be taken into account when considering what lawn or garden tractor to buy, and raised with Kubota or a Kubota dealership prior to purchase.

Discussion forums –  some people have rather forgotten about discussion forums with the advent of social media, but they contain a rich supply of information that is normally fairly authentic, whilst at the same time, contributed by people who genuinely like their products.

There are many discussion forums for kubota lawn and garden tractors, and the most popular ones will appear in any search on Google or Bing. You can normally browse through the forums and the various threads without having to register or login.

If however you want to participate in a discussion, or ask questions then you are likely to have to register. This is normally a very simple process that requires you to supply a user ID and password, and normally authenticate with an email verification.

Members of these discussion forums welcome and like new members, and like to be involved in problems or issues that are bought to them. This is still one of the most genuine areas of the internet, and somewhere you are likely to find the most valuable information you need on any Kubota lawn or garden tractor.

Used Kubota Mowers, and Where to Buy

The pros and cons of buying a used Kubota mower are pretty similar to those of buying a used car or truck. Given the costs of some top range garden tractors/lawn tractors the costs and risks could in fact be even greater.

The basic premise is that if you buy a used Kubota lawn or garden tractor from a Kubota Dealer, you are likely to pay a premium, but you are also likely to have a vehicle with some degree of pedigree, service history and mechanical worthiness.

A Kubota dealer should do a full check on any mower they are selling, and should be able to provide some degree of service history, as well at hopefully giving you some idea of where and how the vehicle has been used.

Similar to wanting to know how a car has been driven, knowing on what type of land or terrain the mower or tractor has been used is really important. This will give you some indication of his condition, and whether or not the price being asked is a realistic one.

Price aside, even if you get a used mower at a reasonable cost, is likely to be a false investment if it does not function properly, resulting in additional costs for maintenance and repairs, and potentially being dangerous to use if certain parts of it are unsafe.

These are all potential risks, which can be verified or not depending upon the purchasers mechanical knowledge of a Kubota mower. If an individual is confident, then there is a wide range of lawn and garden tractors for sale.

People turn to eBay, AutoTrader, Craigslist as well at ads in local papers. The other option is to use discussion boards or forums online, where there is normally a vast collection of knowledge about all ranges of Kubota mowers, where to buy them and what to look out for in certain models.

Kubota Warranty –

The warranty on any tractor or mower is really important, both in terms of the length of time or length of usage that is valid for, but also in terms of any conditions that may be applied to it. Most Kubota dealerships which sell mowers are likely to offer an extended warranty as well.

Extended warranties can sometimes be quite expensive relative to what they are offering, and should be looked at carefully to see if they offer good value for money, and if they are really needed on product.

Comfort – anyone using a Kubota Mower is likely to be sitting down on it for quite extended periods of time, and such comfort is an absolute necessity not a luxury. This applies to type and positioning of the seat, suitable back support, easy reach of controls and overall ease-of-use.

It is really important that all the controls, particularly that affect the cutting height of the deck within easy reach of the operative, and that they are easy-to-use and clear to understand.

Reliability – all Kubota Mowers are designed to be used in different types of land or terrain,  where proper manoeuvrability is a basic necessity of safety, as well as key to a efficient usage. Any Kubota mower needs to be reliable, and be able to be used in such a way as to be rugged and safe at the same time

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractor Models

Kubota F2100

Kubota F2000

Kubota FZ2400

Kubota FZ2100

Kubota F3990

Kubota F3680

Kubota F3080

Kubota F2880

Kubota F2690

Kubota F2680

Kubota F2560

Kubota F2400

Kubota F2260

Kubota F3060

Kubota G1700

Kubota G1800

Kubota G1900

Kubota  G2000

Kubota G2160

Kubota G2460

Kubota G3200

Kubota G4200

Kubota G5200

Kubota G6200

Kubota GF1800

Kubota GR2000

Kubota GR2010

Kubota GR2020

Kubota GR2100

Kubota GR2110

Kubota Gr2120

Kubota GT850

Kubota T1400

Kubota T1460

Kubota T1560

Kubota T1570

Kubota T1600

Kubota T1670

Kubota T1700

Kubota T1760

Kubota T1770

Kubota T1870

Kubota T1880

Kubota T2080

Kubota T2380

Kubota T1860

Kubota GF1800





Kubota Lawn Tractor Manuals

Where ever you buy a Kubota lawn tractor it is important that you acquire with it the operating manual that specifies manufacturers requirements for operating, servicing and maintaining the tractor. If you buy a new Kubota lawn tractor, then a manual should come as standard, either in hard copy or as an electronic download, a PDF document. Continue reading

Kubota Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Guide

Kubota lawn tractors are also sometimes referred to as Kubota garden tractors, as well as Kubota ride on tractors and Kubota zero turn tractors.

A Kubota lawn tractor comes in five different series of tractor as defined by Kubota, each with a different horse power range and a different set of features and accessories. Continue reading

Kubota lawn tractor safety 8

Kubota lawn tractor


The Kubota lawn tractor will have a number of buttons and levers and various control mechanisms vacated on the dashboard and the cabin area of the tractor with the operator sits and handles the various functions that are needed to make the Kubota lawn tractor work.


It is a good idea for the driver of the Kubota lawn tractor to familiarise themselves with these various buttons and levers to understand what they do prior to using the tractor for the first time, not least to be aware of what they do.


Knowing what a button or a lever does is important both in terms of what it does and what it does not do. You do not want to press it to have to find out.


Somewhere on the control panel of the Kubota lawn tractor will be a mechanism for starting and stopping the blades of the Kubota lawn tractor whilst the tractor is in use.


It is important to remember that if you are driving the Kubota lawn tractor over any type of land that could damage the blades, such as a gravel path or a concrete patio or similar’s, then the blades should be switched off prior to driving over that type of land.


The blades of the Kubota lawn tractor can then be re-engaged when the tractor is back on land such as grass where the blades can be turned back on.


There are a number of residential settings where the Kubota lawn tractor will be used which involve moving from one piece of land to another, often crossing paths or public highways or similar in the process.


It is important to be especially aware when moving from one piece of land to another of potential risks or hazards, such as pedestrians or other motor vehicles that may be in the facility.


It is important to remember that the Kubota lawn tractor is not designed to be used on roads or public highways. It is also important to remember that other people whatever they are doing, are not expecting to see or encounter a tractor and as such will be unprepared.


It is important for the driver or operator of the Kubota lawn tractor to take the initiative in making sure that there are no safety issues, and that an awareness of the environment is paramount when moving from any type of land to another, especially public highways.

Kubota lawn tractor safety 7

Kubota lawn tractor


This a lot of the factors concerning safety around driving or operating a Kubota lawn tractor in many ways simply common sense, but often need restating or clarifying in the context of a particular situation where they may either be lost or simply not thought about.


When using a Kubota lawn tractor as a mechanism for mowing lawns, which is its primary function although there are other potential uses, one of the main considerations will be the discharge of grass, i.e. where it is to go.


So long as this is thought of before using or driving the Kubota lawn tractor, it need not be a dangerous hazard. An awareness of the fact that grass is to be discharged, and an awareness of the land on which the Kubota lawn tractor is to be used will give the operator a sense of the best way of disposing of the discharge of grass from the tractor.


It is always important when using the Kubota lawn tractor to make sure that the discharge cover or grass catcher if one is being used, is in its proper place and fitted and working properly. This is one of a number of safety checks should be carried out prior to the Kubota lawn tractor being started and being used.


The most dangerous element of a Kubota lawn tractor is also its most important feature in terms of its function as a tractor, that of the blades that are used to cut the grass.


It is important that neither the operator or anyone else ever put their hands or any other part of their body underneath the tractor where the blades are located, whether the Kubota lawn tractor is switched on or off. Even when the tractor has been switched off and is stationary, there is always a danger of someone harming themselves into some way.


The dangers of this are more apparent with snowblowers, which can include a Kubota lawn tractor which is adapted as such by way of an accessory. Many people will put their hands into the area of the blades when a snowblower has been turned off, in the mistaken belief that there is no power and therefore it is safe to do it.


With snow blowers particularly there is a buildup of energy that still remains even once the tractor or snowblower has been turned off. This means the blades can still go round and cause serious damage to someone’s hand or foot.


The same principle applies to a Kubota lawn tractor, whatever it is being used for.




Kubota lawn tractor safety 6

Kubota lawn tractor


One of the most important but underrated safety features of driving a Kubota lawn tractor is the clothing or apparel that the operator or the driver of the tractor is wearing. This may seem slightly odd in one sense.


This is a very practical but important safety issue. Whatever clothes the operator is wearing they must be such that there is no risk of any part of them getting caught in any of the operating machinery, especially the blades, of the Kubota lawn tractor.


Ideally, overalls or similar types of clothes would be worn, but given that the Kubota lawn tractor will primarily be used in a residential or semi-residential typesetting, it is much more likely that the operator or driver of the tractor will wear every day’s household or leisure clothes.


As such, perhaps it is worth mentioning a couple of specific items. Loosefitting clothes and jewellery and similar unattached clothing items such as scarves can easily get caught in things and should be avoided.


It is important to wear sturdy solid shoes or boots’s when driving or operating a Kubota lawn tractor. The Kubota lawn tractor should never be used by someone who is not wearing any shoes i.e. is barefoot, or wearing sandals or slippers.


It is always important for the operator or driver of the Kubota lawn tractor to wear protective eye goggles or eye glasses. There is always a danger, however careful the operator is, that the operator or driver of the Kubota lawn tractor can be hit in the face by an object in someway discharged by the motion or action of the tractor.


This is an inherent risk when using any type of garden tractor or non-tractor and should be allowed for by doing whatever it is possible to minimise the risk.


Protective eye goggles can literally help prevent real damage being done by an obstacle being thrown up by the blades of the Kubota lawn tractor.


There is also a danger of grass being inadvertently discharged incorrectly in some way this, and this ending up in a very forceful manner being directed towards some part of the operators face or eyes. Obviously protective eye goggles again could be an important factor in preventing serious damageto someone’s face or eyesight, whilst driving the Kubota lawn tractor.



Kubota lawn tractor safety 5

Kubota lawn tractor


A Kubota lawn tractor will primarily be bought to cut grass and mow lawns, although certain models can also be adapted so they have other functions and other uses, such as being turned into a snow blower.


When primarily being used as a Kubota lawn tractor, one of the most important safety considerations is, is to be aware of the discharge of the grass or the snow if it is being used as a snow blower, as to where the grass is going to go.


There are many different options as to what to do with the grass that is being cut or ejected from underneath the mainframe of the Kubota lawn tractor, but there is an important consideration concerning discharge.


This is to be aware, especially if using the Kubota lawn tractor anywhere near any pedestrians or public highways all roads, that any discharge or ejection of grass from the Kubota lawn tractor should not get anywhere near anywhere where it could cause a hazard either directly or indirectly to other people or traffic or any vehicle that might come into contact with such a discharge.


In this regard it is also important to be careful when using a Kubota lawn tractor anywhere near a building of any description.


This in part is because people could suddenly emerge from a building unexpectedly, and potentially pose a hazard or a risk to the safety operation of a Kubota lawn tractor. The other reason is simply that any building will have walls and windows of some description.


If there is a discharge of anything by the Kubota lawn tractor, it could either damage the walls or the windows of such a building.


Equally there is a danger that any object or discharge by the Kubota contract could bounce back off the walls or windows of a building and potentially hit or become an obstruction for the driver or the operator of a Kubota lawn tractor.


In this regard it is worth mentioning that it is often advised that the driver/operator of a Kubota lawn tractor should always wear protective goggles, or some type of protective eyewear when using the Kubota lawn tractor.


There are a number of good reasons for this. Perhaps the most important one is that with the amount of discharge of mown grass that’s going to be resulting from the work of the Kubota lawn tractor, there is always a risk of some of this grass blowing into the face and/or the eyes of the operator of the tractor.


Obviously this can be a real danger, and careful thought should be given to this, and protective eyeglasses or eyewear always used when anyone is using or driving the Kubota lawn tractor.





Kubota lawn tractor safety 4

Kubota lawn tractor


The word environment is perhaps a bit of a clumsy word at times to use when referring to the type of land that a Kubota lawn tractor can be used on.


There are however an important number of considerations concerning the land itself that can potentially cause damage both to the Kubota lawn tractor and to any pedestriansor bystanders who may be in the vicinity of the area where the Kubota lawn tractor is being used.


It is important when using a Kubota lawn tarctor to clear away as much rubbish or debris general household clutter that may be covering the land or the area of land where the Kubota lawn tractor is to be used.


It is inevitable and almost a common part of most residential settings that there is a lot of stuff left lying around outside, and at times this can pose a danger.


When using a Kubota lawn tractor it is a really good idea to make the area of land that is to be driven over as clear and as clean as possible from any type of object that might be left upon it.


This can include stones, rocks, old watering cans etc.


There are a number of good practical reasons why this area should be cleared of any debris or objects, when about to use a Kubota lawn tractor.


Any of these objects that get hit or come into contact with the blades of the Kubota lawn tractor can be rejected forcibly by the speed of the blades in a number of different directions as ejected missiles.


This can be extremely dangerous to anyone in the vicinity, as if they get hit by one of these objects that are being ejected by the Kubota lawn tractors blades’s, it can cause serious even potentially fatal damage to the person.


There can also be a real risk of damage to the Kubota lawn tractor itself, both in terms of damaging the blades and potentially other mechanical industrial damage to the workings of the Kubota lawn tractor.


If the blades do get damaged, it is obviously quite a major repair job to get them renewed or replaced and can involve a number of complications.


If the blades are damaged in any way, then it is important not to use the Kubota lawn tractor until they are repaired or replaced. This can be a dangerous job and should really only be done by a qualified Kubota trained mechanic, ideally at a Kubota dealership.


Obviously if this needs to be done it will be expensive, and it also means that the Kubota lawn tractor. will not be able to be used whilst this repair or replacement work is being carried out.






Kubota lawn tractor safety 3

Kubota lawn tractor


Many people, when thinking about safety with regard to a Kubota lawn tractor, will think in terms of how the tractor operates, keeping it mechanically sound and in a well-run manner.


They will also think in terms of the potential dangers or hazards that may occur whilst driving or using the Kubota lawn tractor. One of the most important things to consider, is the environment in which or on which the Kubota lawn tractor is to be used.


A Kubota lawn tractor will normally be used in a residential setting. It may be used either in a residential or a commercial sense, depending on the type of land.


There is a tendency to assume that because it is referred to as a Kubota lawn tractor, there is a mental picture of what a lawn looks like which is often very different to the reality of the type of land that a Kubota lawn tractor can be used upon.


A Kubota lawn tractor is ideal for most types of smallholding, very small farms and areas of land that are both residential and commercial in nature.


Perhaps one of the most important safety recognition features in terms of environment when using a Kubota lawn tractor, is an awareness that the environment is much more than the land Kubota lawn tractor is being used on.


The environment in this sense, refers to people, animals, pets, children, non-related traffic and bystanders as well as any type of object or debris that may be left lying on the ground that could potentially be hit by the blades of the Kubota tractor as it moves over them.


When a Kubota lawn tractor is being used in a residential home setting particularly, there is often a real sense of excitement amongst small children and pets, partly at the sense of novelty of a tractor being used at home.


Many people get excited about tractors generally, in particular children and young adolescents love to look at them and play with them.


The operator of a Kubota lawn tractor needs to be aware that this excitement exists, and that any children or pets or young adolescents who happened to be in the facility or area where Kubota lawn tractor is being used are at risk.


The environment in the sense needs to be kept clear. This means that the area where the Kubota lawn tractor is to be used must really be a cut-off area when there are other people or pets can be allowed to be whilst the tractor is in use.


There is often a real danger that children or young adolescents can wander into the area where the Kubota lawn tractor is being used, and simply not be seen by the operator of the tractor.


As such there is a real danger of them being run over or hit or injured in some other fashion. While thankfully this type of accident is not common, it does happen and is a tragedy when it does. A bit of forethought can make a huge difference.





Kubota lawn tractor safety 2

Kubota lawn tractor


Whether or not you are familiar with a Kubota lawn tractor, or whether or not you have experience with another manufacturer of garden or lawn tractors, there are a number of important safety considerations that you should take into account when using your Kubota lawn tractor, both for the first time and on subsequent occasions.


It is worth spending some time familiarising yourself with the Kubota lawn tractor after you have bought it and before you actually start using it.


There will be a number of important controls and levers that will make a significant difference to how you can operate the tractor. Understanding the layout of the operators cabin or control unit of your Kubota lawn tractor will give you an ease of use and familiarity that will make operating your Kubota much easier and much safer to use .


If you are aware of the different functions of the various pieces of the Kubota lawn tractor’s control mechanisms before you actually start using the tractor, then you are more likely to be able to respond to any type of situation or emergency quickly.


Unfamiliarity with a part of your Kubota lawn tractor will mean a slower response time and a slower reaction to situations that might demand a sense of urgency.


It is important to never let children play with or use the Kubota lawn tractor. Because a Kubota lawn tractor is used often in a residential setting or environment, there is a tendency not to fully appreciate that the Kubota lawn tractor is an industrial/agricultural machine, and needs to be used with a considerable amount of care and attention .


It is first and foremost a tractor, and all safety considerations that would normally be applied to driving or using a tractor should similarly be applied to a Kubota lawn tractor.


This means in practice not letting any children or young people use of drive the tractor at any point.


The Kubota lawn tractor should only ever be driven or used by someone who could be deemed to be a responsible adult, or a responsible adolescent of an age that can fully appreciate and understand the various safety concerns and considerations that apply to such usage.


The age at which someone is deemed to be an appropriate adult or adolescent’s in the sense of being capable of driving a Kubota responsibly is a consideration that the owner or operative of the Kubota lawn tractor will have to make .


If an adolescent of any age is deemed to be suitable and responsible enough to drive and use the Kubota lawn tractor, then all the controls and safety protocols should be explained to them and come through with them prior to using or driving the Kubota lawn tractor.


Also there should always be an adult present or in the vicinity whilst the adolescent or young person is driving or using the Kubota lawn tractor, in the event there is an emergency or something goes wrong or there is a need for a responsible adult to be present.



Kubota lawn tractor – safety 1

Kubota Lawn Tractor Safety

When you buy a Kubota lawn tractor, if you buy a new one you should receive an operator’s manual with the tractor. If you buy a used or second-hand one there is a chance you will not receive one.

There are many practical reasons why it is important to have access to a manual for your Kubota lawn tractor. It will give you detailed guidance about how best to maintain and service the tractor, as well as a number of valuable safety and operating guides and tips.

Even if you do not have a manual for your Kubota lawn tractor, it is a good idea to find out your model number and make a note of it somewhere where it can easily be found.

In addition it is worth having the telephone numbers of your local Kubota dealer, as well as a national number for a Kubota customer care customer support team. If you need practical advice regarding your Kubota lawn tractor, those numbers will be invaluable.

There is also a significant amount of support available online. Kubota will have its own corporate website for the country where you live, which will give you a significant amount of relevant information, both for your specific make of Kubota lawn tractor, and information regarding maintenance and servicing and parts.

There is also a significant amount of information available on discussion forums and latest boards online. These can be discussion forums relating specifically to tractors, and also discussion forums relating to garden tractors. There will normally be sub discussion forums relation to specific manufacturers such as Kubota.

There are also sites available such as eBay, which are not only useful if you wish to purchase a used Kubota lawn tractor, but also are incredibly useful for buying spare parts for Kubota lawn tractors.

Whilst these can be considerably cheaper than new parts for Kubota tractors there are obviously risks. The main risk perhaps is that if you buy a used part of your Kubota lawn tractor it may potentially invalidate your warranty depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty as it applied when you bought a Kubota lawn tractor.

The terms and conditions of the warranty will depend on whether the Kubota lawn tractor you bought was a new or a used one, and whether or not you bought it from an authorised Kubota dealer.

There may have been terma and conditions of a national warranty that Kubota authorised, and in addition there may have been specific terms and conditions that your local Kubota dealer authorised.

Kubota lawn tractor – maintenance

Day-to-day maintenance of a Kubota lawn tractor is important both in terms of the safety of the machine, but also in terms of the longevity of its usage and disability to function properly in between regular servicing or maintenance schedules will stop at a practical level when adding fuel to the tractor treated as you would a motor vehicle.

Make sure the engine is off and has cooled down. Kubotakubota.net writes about safety features such as do not fill the tank indoors and make sure you always cleanup any spill spillage of fuels.

Think of the lawn tractor as a motor vehicle in the sense that it should not be started up or allowed to idle in a confined area, in much the same way that it is potentially dangerous to start up or let a motor vehicle idle in a restricted space.

If you need to transport the Kubota lawn tractor any reason, there are two important safety protocols to observe. Firstly make sure that any attachments to the tractor are disengaged both in terms of power supply and physical attachment to the tractor.

The manufacturers recommend that the tractor is not used on public roads or highways. If it is necessary to transport it then it is recommended that you either use a pickup truck or a suitable trailer to transport the tractor to where ever it needs to go to.

This is an important point to realise when buying the Kubota lawn tractor that it is not like a vehicle that you considered right back to the garage. Maintenance and servicing our issues that can be addressed with the dealership which can include the issue of how the lawn tractor is transported to and from the dealership where it is to be serviced.

Kubotakubota.net writes about maintenance safety which is important not just to prevent things going wrong but make sure that the tractor works at peak efficiency. Before making any repairs or checking anything make sure that the engine switched off, brake applied and that it has cooled down sufficiently to be safe to work on.

If when driving the tractor to strike any type of foreign object then the tractor should be stopped and after a safe time inspected to see if there’s any damage caused. If any damage has been caused to the tractor or attachment then this needs to be repaired or corrected before tractor is used again.

The manual will have a specified maintenance recommendation schedule and it is advisable to follow this as far as possible. It is likely to recommend that your tractor be inspected by an authorised Kubota dealer, probably once a year, and this should be here to.

When purchasing the Kubota lawn tractor it is advisable to see if any of the schedule of maintenance recommendations has an effect on the terms of the warranty. Obviously if you buy a new or used Kubota lawn tractor it is likely to have some type of warranty depending on the dealership.

The terms of the warranty may be affected if regular maintenance or servicing is not carried out, or if parts other than recognised Kubota parts are used as replacement parts for the lawn tractor.

When storing a Kubota tractor followed the same basic guidance that you would when storing a motor vehicle. Make sure that the tractor and any fuel supply for it is kept locked in a safe environment that is not accessible by children or other people without your permission.

Always make sure that the ignition key is removed, and if the tractor is to be stored for a significant period of time it is worth considering removing or disconnecting the battery. Depending on your circumstances it may well be worth draining machine of any fuel as well, probably advisable to check this with your dealership when buying the tractor.

Take the same precautions that you would regarding any vehicle, but especially with a lawn tractor make sure that the engine is kept free of grass leaves for excessive grease which could potentially increase the fire hazard potential to the tractor.

Kubota lawn tractors – attachements

Most lawn tractors, and certainly most Kubota lawn tractors, are equipped so that they can use a number of different attachments which will allow them to attend their lawn or garden more effectively.

These attachments can vary in size and mobility, but one of the things that they all have in common is that a lot of extra care needs to be taken when using a lawn tractor that has an attachment on it.

The operation of a lawn tractor when pulling a load has a number of certain safety protocols should be adhered to. A Kubota lawn tractor will have a specified point on the tractor that is known as a hitch point, a term that is a familiar one on most lawn tractors.

There may possibly be more than one hitch point, in any event it is important that only designated hicks points are used when attaching any type of extension to a lawn tractor. Kubotakubota.net shows the need to be aware of the size of the load that you are carrying all likely to use on an attachment, tractor.

The Kubota lawn tractor manual may specify the type of attachments that can be used on the tractor, but in any event common sense will tell you the type of attachments and the types of load that tractor can safely handle. If in any doubt consult the manual and if that does not give you the required information then consult a dealer.

It is important, as when carrying any load that the attachment is proportionate in weight to the tractors is pulling it. Any disadvantage in weight is potentially dangerous and could cause the operator of the tractor to lose control.

When driving a Kubota lawn tractor that has an attachment, be careful about turning sharply and also take great care when backing up the tractor. There is a natural sense to remembering that the tractor has an extended angle to it because of the attachment, and this should be taken into account with all movements of the machine.

If the Kubota manual recommends it, make sure that front ballast or wheel weights are used on the tractor. Failure to do so could result in a disproportionate weight of the load between the tractor and attachments causing it either to upend author the operator to lose control of the tractor.

It is always important to look out for traffic or other people when crossing or near roadways. If using an attachment to the tractor be aware that there’s an extra length to what you’re driving and this will affect the time and speed of your ability to manoeuvre any public highway.

Make sure that you disengage power to any attachment and stop the engine, making sure any break is applied, before leaving the cabin or the operators position. If you need to leave the tractor unattended take all precautions that you would take when leaving a motor vehicle unattended.

Make sure you disengage the power takeoff, lower any attachments, put the dear in neutral, make sure the break is on and turn off the engine. Kubotakubota.net writes about safety features such as making sure that you take the ignition keys with you and do not leave anything in the cabin of the tractor that could be used to started again.

These are simple precautions to take and all in effect similar to those that you would take when starting or using a motor vehicle or leave it unattended.

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractors – Slopes

Many Kubota lawn tractors are used for the most basic function which is of cutting grass over a significantly large piece of land. To this extent they will either be designed to catch grass in some type of attachment to a checked it through some type of the chute both of which will be attached to the tractor in different ways.

With either of these attachments it is important to make sure that the engine is turned off and the machine completely still before either removing the grass catcher or unclogging the chute of any grass or leaves or other material that may have got caught it.

Kubotakubota.net teaches to be aware when putting your hands on any part of the tractor of any movable parts that could cause damage such as blades, and make sure that the engine of the tractor is completely turned off, and there is no build up of mechanical energy that could cause movement of the blades and cause damage to the operative.

Kubota lawnmowers, in fact all lawnmowers are basically designed to be driven forwards only, and are not designed to be driven in reverse in the way that a car can be.

Because lawnmowers are not designed to be driven in reverse seating of the cabin makes it impossible to see clearly what is behind you and there’s obviously no mirror in the way that a car will have one. If you do need to reverse the tractor for any reason they actually sure you know what is behind you and if possible have someone to guide you as an extra safety precaution.

Most lawn or garden tractors are not designed to be driven up steep hills or slopes. However it is the nature of its sizeable piece of land that there may well be areas at not flat where the lawn tractor needs to go. In this event it is advisable to always back-up when going up a slope.

It is never a good idea to drive forward up a slope or hill that is too steep simply because the tractor could easily tip over backwards. It is a good idea to stay off hills and slopes that are too steep for safe operation.

Again if the Kubota tractor is being used up or down hill is a good idea to do it as gently and evenly as possible. This means essentially not continually stopping or starting the machine, and only knowing up and down the face of slopes and never across them.

If you’re using the lawnmower on a slope going uphill and you find the tractor stops with having extreme difficulty going up the slope then simply stop the blade, and back down again slowly. Kubotakubota.net shows how when using the Kubota tractor on a slope use extreme caution and always drive the tractor at a much lower speed then you would do on flat ground.

This will give you a much greater sense of control and understanding of the feel of the land, and will allow you to take extra precautions and deal with a situation that might arise more safely than if you were using the tractor at a greater speed.

Again use extreme caution when changing direction on slopes. It is difficult to give general advice on the subject, but just be aware that when using the Kubota tractor on any slope or steep hill there is a real danger of you losing control of the tractor, of it tipping over, generally putting you in a much more vulnerable position than when using it on flat land.

Equally be aware and stay alert to any holes be they potholes or holes made by animals or any other type of hazard in the nature of the land.

Kubota lawn tractors – how to operate

Assuming you are familiar with how to operate a Kubota lawn tractor, there are a number of general key safety instructions that you would be wise to follow, which will help ensure that you have a safe operation with yourself, the tractor and any other people in the vicinity of the area you’re using it in.

When driving the tractor it is a good mindset to think of dried it in the same way that you would a car. It is important to disengage all the attachment clutches and make sure that the deer is in neutral before attempting to start the engine.

The nature of a lawn tractor means that it is likely to be used on land that is both flat and hilly, and there’s a tendency at times not to realise the inherent danger of using a lawn tractor where it inevitably will be driven at an angle.

Kubotakubota.net show how thinking in terms of how you drive a car can help prevent this, and simply be aware of driving or not driving on any land where the tractor could either tip over or slip out of control because of the nature of the land.

Many lawn or garden tractors use different types of attachments for various gardening purposes, and a number of these attachments will collect lawn and mulch and other types of garden residue, and inject them from the tractor normally via a chute.

When ejecting any discharge of material from the chute, it is important for the operator of the tractor to have an awareness of where the materials came to be discharged to. This means avoiding any other people in the vicinity, any animals or pets or children, or anywhere such as going to require further work i.e. a pond or similar.

It is important to only use the Kubota tractor in good daylight or good artificial light. Whilst your Kubota tractor may come with headlights and  should be used whenever necessary, having good all-round visibility is equally important as this end you need either daylight or good artificial light.

Without such light there is a real danger of overheating and obstruction that you cannot see properly, or of inadvertently coming too close or hitting an object or person that you cannot see clearly.

Again it is a self-evident piece of advice never to put your hands or any other part of your body near the blade or engine whilst they are running or on.

If you need to put your hands anywhere near any part of the machinery make sure at the engine is turned off, the key is out of the ignition, any blades have stop moving and there is no build up of energy within the blade that might cause and to move whilst your hands are in their vicinity.

Kubotakubota.net highlights there is always a danger of built-up energy with any mechanical device and extreme caution should be taken.

It is sometimes necessary to the operator of the Kubota tractor to make an adjustment to the cutting height of the attachment that is being used with the machine.

This can occur for a number of reasons and is normally a fairly simple activity. What is important is that the operator times the tractor off before making any such adjustment to the cutting height of the tractor.

Kubota lawn tractor – Manuals

Whether you are using a lawn or garden tractor for the first time or you are a regular user of such machines, it is a good idea always to have a read of the manual that comes with the tractor. Every piece of equipment you buy will always have a manual, either in printed format or more commonly online nowadays.

There is always a tendency to dismiss the manual as simply information the manufacturer is obliged to disclose which is not necessarily relevant to your use of the machine. Kubotakubota.net shows why with lawn tractors this is not true.

Kubota lawn tractors operate in many ways in similar mode to the type of tractor you might expect to use in an agricultural setting, but obviously on a much smaller basis. However it does mean that there are a number of considerations to do with safety, maintenance and operation which is well worth knowing in advance of your using the machine.

The manual that comes with the tractor will go through a number of fairly basic instructions, which it is important to familiarise yourself with prior to using the tractor. It is a good idea to know where the information is in the manual prior to having access it in the event of an emergency.

One of the important aspects of knowing how to operate a tractor is to know what the controls are, what they do and where they are situated. Kubota tractors will have a number of standard operative control, but they will differ on each individual tractor range, and it is therefore important to familiarise yourself with them.

Aside from instructions as to how to use the machines safely, the manual will also give a number of general pieces of advice about safe operation factor, which may seem fairly obvious that can easily be overlooked or just simply not thought about.

One such piece of advice is to always wear well fitted belted clothing when using the tractor. If you wear loose clothing of any type, there’s always a real danger that part of it could get caught in the workings of the tractor, posing a considerable safety risk or danger to yourself when operating it.

It should go without saying that children should not be allowed to operate the Kubota tractor at any time. This applies to teenagers as well as younger children. There is sometimes a tendency to think of a tractor as a toy in one sense, and this can sometimes lead to not taking it as seriously as you would any other piece of agricultural machinery.

Equally do not carry passengers on the tractor of any age. Kubotakubota.net shows how the tractor will be designed for one operative and one operative only, and having anyone else either in the cabin or on any other part of the tractor is a significant danger and safety hazard.

As well as instructions concerning the use of the tractor and general safety advice for the operative, the manual will also point out a number of general safety instructions concerning the environment the Kubota tractor is to be used in.

One of the most important pieces of advice is to clear the work area first of any objects such as wires rocks etc that could be picked up by the lawn tractor and could inadvertently damage the tractor or the operative or anyone else nearby.