Kubota Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Guide

Kubota lawn tractors are also sometimes referred to as Kubota garden tractors, as well as Kubota ride on tractors and Kubota zero turn tractors.

A Kubota lawn tractor comes in five different series of tractor as defined by Kubota, each with a different horse power range and a different set of features and accessories.

A Kubota lawn tractor can also refer to some of the Kubota compact tractors, which can be used for a number of different uses on different types of land and for different work purposes.

When considering which type of Kubota lawn tractor to buy, it is first important to understand the type of land that the Kubota tractor is to be used on, and then assess the type of work that you want the Kubota lawn tractor to do.

It is important also to distinguish between a Kubota lawn tractor that is to be used for commercial or residential use, as there will be different purchasing options and issues to take into account.

When considering a purchase of a Kubota lawn tractor it is also important to note any leverage in power you might have concerning price, and use this to affect when negotiating issues such as servicing and maintenance plans, warranties and practical items such as transportation of the Kubota lawn tractor back and from its place of usage to the Kubota dealership where it is to be serviced or repaired.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – T series

T 1880

T 2080

T 2380

The Kubota lawn tractor T series have a number of features that are designed to make the use of the Kubota lawn tractor both safe, practicable and fun.

The Kubota lawn tractor comes with hydrostatic transmission which means there is a single pedal that controls both the speed and direction in which you are driving Kubota lawn tractor.

Apart from making it easier to drive, this is also an important safety function because it means you are left free to drive the tractor more carefully. Kubota garden tractor T series tractors also have what is known as a Kubota reverse awareness system.

This is a system designed to stop the driver of the tractor using the tractor in reverse. This is a very important safety feature. It is possible for the driver of the Kubota lawn tractor to override this feature manually, if circumstances dictate this is necessary.

It is a common feature of all Kubota lawn tractors, as standard with most other manufacturers, that they advise never to use a Kubota lawn tractor in reverse.The Kubota lawn tractor also has cruise control available, either as standard or optional depending on which model you buy.

This again is intended as a safety feature to make driving the tractor more safe, but if you feel uncomfortable using it, then do not.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – GR Series

GR 2020

GR 2120

The Kubota lawn tractor – GR series have a number of standard features that are typical on a Kubota lawn tractor.

They are also fitted with what Kubota described as revolutionary technology – Glide Steer. The idea behind this type of technology is that it allows these Kubota lawn tractors to cut grass in areas that are extremely difficult or tight to get to more effectively.

This is an important safety feature, as often trying to cut grass in very difficult areas can lead to situations where the Kubota lawn tractor could be used in such a way as to risk an overturn or other type of damage.

These Kubota lawn tractors also have hydrostatic power steering, a mower deck, an optional mulching kit and cruise control available for those who feel comfortable using it.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – GF Series

GF 1800E

GF 1800

The Kubota lawn tractor – GF series are a series of Kubota lawn tractors that are 2W drive, and come with an 18 hp K diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and two wheel drive traction.

They have a hydraulic wet type multiple disc PTO clutch, and a multi-belt drive system. As with all Kubota lawn tractors there is a heavy emphasis on comfort and ease of use for this type of Kubota lawn tractors.

Tilt steering is available, meaning you can tilt the angle of the steering wheel to such an angle as is comfortable for the operator to use. There is also a high back seat, meaning that it is more comfortable to use the Kubota lawn tractor for longer periods of time.

Comfort is an important feature to consider when considering the purchase of a Kubota lawn tractor. Not simply because of the comfort itself, but also because if the operator of a Kubota lawn tractor feels comfortable, they are more likely to be alert and open to safe driving and usage of the Kubota lawn tractor, and less like to be proved any hazards or dangers that might otherwise occur.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – Zero Turn

Kubota make three series of zero turn Kubota lawn tractors. There are gas models, diesel models and propane models available.

They come in a range of different horse powers, and are equipped to do a significanly powerful job in terms of knowing lawn or cutting the most difficult types of grass or land terrain.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZG Series

ZG 124 E-48

ZG 127 E-54

ZG 123S-48

ZG 127S-54

ZG 222

ZG 227 L-60

ZG 327 P-60

ZG 332 P-60

ZG 332 LP-72

ZG 300 RP 60 R

The Kubota lawn tractor – ZG series are a range of Kubota lawn tractor zero turn mowers, that come with a Briggs and Stratton pro engine, have commercial hydro-gear transmission, have a 48 inch pro commercial deck and an optional LED light/steep suspension.

These type of Kubota lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, have two operational leaders that are used to manoeuvre the tractor, allowing it to cut more effectively areas that are normally difficult to reach, such as flower beds or mowing around trees or other difficult areas of land.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZD Series

ZD 200 ZD 221

ZD 323-60

ZD 323–P

ZD 331 P-60

ZD 331 LP-72

ZD 326 RP-60R

ZD 331 RP-60R

ZD 330 P-60

The Kubota lawn tractor – ZD series come with a standard Kubota diesel engine, a Kubota shaft drive HST, up to a 60 inch pro commercial deck and a number of other safety and operative features.

These type of Kubota lawn tractors have a high back deluxe suspension seat, which is designed to allow the operator of the tractor to use it for sustained periods of time.

This range of Kubota lawn tractors have adjustable armrests, support for a person’s lower back and an ability to adjust the person’s seat depending upon their weight.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZP 330 LD-72

Kubota Lawn Tractor – F Series

F 2680 E

F 3080

F 3680

The Kubota lawn tractor – F series are a range of Kubota lawn tractors that are designed to be rear wheel steer.

They come with a Kubota diesel engine, some with a two range Hydro stat.

One of their special features is that they have a significant increase in lifting capacity, which allows these Kubota lawn tractors to adapt and handle a number of accessories, such as a grass catcher, a snowblower or a rotary sweeper.

Kubota mowers are also often referred to as Kubota Lawn Tractors or Kubota Garden Tractors.

This is an important distinction, as Kubota mowers are effectively small compact tractors, sometimes referred to as ride on mowers, as distinct to handheld pull or push lawnmowers.

A Kubota mower should be thought of first and foremost as a small tractor, and Kubota make a wide range of specific small garden and lawn tractors for a variety of uses.

In addition Kubota make a number of tractors that they intend for use as a rural lifestyle accessory, which can also be considered as garden or land tractors, such as the Kubota BX and Kubota B range of tractor.

The specific type of Kubota mower such as the Kubota GR, the Kubota F, the Kubota X and the Kubota Z range of tractors are all intended for a variety of uses that are both residential and potentially commercial usable.

A standard Kubota mower will be intended for a relatively large amount of land that could be a private garden or some type of ground maintenance work.

Whilst it is likely to facilitate the mowing of grass or a lawn, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes as well.

The type of work that Kubota mowers do does to a certain extent depend on the type of attachment or additional parts that can be fixed to the Kubota Lawn Tractor or Kubota Garden tractor.


This is something that should be researched and analysed prior to the purchase of a mower, as well as the availability and cost of any attachment or part.

If someone is thinking of buying a used Kubota Lawn Tractor or Kubota Garden Tractor, then it is advisable to take certain precautions.

Whilst it can honestly be of benefit cost wise there are a number of risks involved, not least of all is knowing what type of work the Kubota tractor has been doing before.

The usage to which the tractor has been put determins to a large extent its condition both mechanically and from an engineering point of view.

If buying a Kubota mower garden tractor from a Kubota dealer, then it is a good idea to try and establish if the dealer sold the tractor in the first place, and if so they are aware of what type of work it was used for.

In any event the Kubota dealer should be able to establish its age and condition and its viability as an ongoing tractor.

The dealer should be able to offer some type of warranty, and should give you a basic understanding of costs involved in terms of any servicing and maintenance plans.

Anyone using a Kubota lawn tractor or Kubota Garden tractor should read the manual that comes with it thoroughly.

If buying a used Kubota tractor and there is no manual available than a number are available online that may relate to the specific model or one relatively similar.

There are a number of important safety considerations to be taken into account when using any type of garden tractor, most importantly that it should never be used on a slope of any type and should allways be used on flat land. Also that a Kubota mower should never be reversed and should always be driven in a forward motion.