Kubota U10 Excavator : Price, Specs, Buyers Guide

Kubota U10

The Kubota U10 Excavator, sometimes referred to as the Kubota K008, is a compact excavator with dimensions that might surprise you. Measuring just 9 feet long and 3 feet wide, this diminutive machine is deceptively powerful.

With an operating weight of around 2,200 pounds, it’s easy to transport, even on a small trailer or in the bed of a pickup truck.

This compact size makes it ideal for navigating through tight spaces and working on projects with limited access.

Kubota U10 Features

The Kubota U10 excavator is designed to be compact and manoeuvrable, making it ideal for use in tight spaces. Some of its key features include:

  • Minimal tail swing: The U10 is a minimal tail swing excavator, which means that it has very little overhang at the rear. This makes it easier to manoeuver in tight spaces and reduces the risk of damage to the machine.
  • Retractable tracks: The U10 features retractable tracks that can be adjusted from 30 to 39 inches. This allows the machine to fit through narrow openings and optimize digging performance.
  • Hydraulic control system: The U10’s hydraulic control system offers smooth operation and increased digging productivity. The side lever joystick operational controls are consistent with other larger Kubota excavator offerings, making it easy for operators to switch between machines.
  • Superior flexibility: The U10 provides superior flexibility when working in tight spaces, with excellent balance, stability, and fast operation. It has a digging depth of 5 ft. 11 in. and a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs.
  • Side lever operation: The U10’s side lever controls are easy to learn and use, even for operators with limited experience.
  • Powerful engine: The U10 is powered by a Kubota D722-E4-BH-2EU engine that delivers plenty of power for even the most demanding tasks.
  • Easy maintenance: The U10 is easy to maintain, with all major service points easily accessible.

Kubota U10 Price

The price range of the Kubota U10 excavator varies depending on the model, condition, and location. Here are some examples of prices found in the search results:

  • New Kubota U10-5 excavator: $30,000 to $40,000
  • Used Kubota U10-3 excavator: $18,532 to $19,591
  • New Kubota U10-5 excavator: $18,100
  • New Kubota U10-5 excavator: $10,655

It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the dealer, location, and other factors. It is recommended to contact a local Kubota dealer for more information on pricing and availability.

Kubota U10 Specifications:

The Kubota U10 excavator, also known as the Kubota K008, is a compact and versatile machine designed for various construction and utility applications. Below are some of the key specifications for the Kubota U10 excavator:


  • Engine Type: Water-cooled, 3-cylinder, diesel engine
  • Engine Displacement: Approximately 0.898 liters
  • Horsepower: Approximately 10.3 horsepower (7.7 kW)

Operating Weight:

  • The operating weight typically falls in the range of approximately 2,200 to 2,600 pounds (1,000 to 1,180 kilograms), depending on the specific configuration and attachments.

Hydraulic System:

  • Hydraulic Pump Flow: Approximately 7.3 gallons per minute (27.7 liters per minute)
  • Maximum Auxiliary Flow: Approximately 4.8 gallons per minute (18.1 liters per minute)
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: Approximately 2,987 psi (20.6 MPa)


  • Overall Length: Approximately 9 feet (2.74 meters)
  • Overall Width: Approximately 3 feet (0.88 meters)
  • Overall Height: Approximately 7.2 feet (2.2 meters)
  • Maximum Digging Depth: Approximately 6.2 feet (1.88 meters)
  • Maximum Dump Height: Approximately 7.8 feet (2.38 meters)
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: Approximately 11.5 feet (3.5 meters)

Operating Performance:

  • Maximum Digging Force (Bucket): Approximately 2,025 pounds (9 kN)
  • Travel Speed (Low): Approximately 1.2 mph (2.0 km/h)
  • Travel Speed (High): Approximately 2.2 mph (3.6 km/h)


  • Track Width: Adjustable from 2.8 to 3.9 feet (0.85 to 1.18 meters)
  • Ground Pressure: Approximately 3.5 psi (24.1 kPa)

Fuel Tank Capacity:

  • The fuel tank typically holds around 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters) of diesel fuel.

Additional Features:

  • Zero-tail-swing design: Allows for 360-degree rotation within its footprint, enhancing maneuverability in confined spaces.
  • Quick coupler system: Enables fast and easy attachment changes.
  • Comfortable operator station: Equipped with an adjustable seat, joystick controls, and optional heating and air conditioning.

Please note that these specifications are approximate and can vary depending on the specific model, attachments, and configurations.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Kubota U10 excavator’s specifications, it’s recommended to consult the official Kubota website or contact a local Kubota dealer.

Here are some additional specifications of the Kubota U10 excavator:

  • Bucket capacity: 0.022 m3
  • Operating weight: 1055 kg
  • Overall length: 2985 mm
  • Overall height: 1380 mm
  • Overall width: 750 / 990 mm
  • Engine: Kubota D722-E3-BH6
  • Output: 7.7 kW (10.3 HP) / 2050 rpm
  • Max. digging height: 3055 mm
  • Max. dumping height: 2215 mm
  • Travel speed (Low / High): 2.0 / 4.0 km/h
  • Climbing angle: 30 degrees
  • Swing speed: 8.3 rpm
  • Blade width: 750 / 990 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 12 L
  • Hydraulic oil (reservoir): 12.5 L
  • Operating weight: 2,646 pounds
  • Maximum dig depth: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Maximum bucket capacity: 0.04 m3
  • Engine power: 10.3 PS
  • Travel speed: 2.5 mph (high speed), 1.5 mph (low speed)

Kubota U10 Benefits

The Kubota U10 excavator offers several benefits, including:

  • Manoeuvrability: The U10’s minimal tail swing and retractable tracks make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, allowing operators to work more efficiently.
  • Productivity: The U10’s hydraulic control system and digging capabilities make it a highly productive machine, allowing operators to complete jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexibility: The U10’s superior flexibility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial work.
  • Durability: Kubota is known for producing high-quality, durable machines, and the U10 is no exception. It is built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and is backed by Kubota’s reputation for reliability.

The Kubota U10 excavator is a compact and powerful machine that is ideal for use in tight, confined spaces. Its minimal tail swing, retractable tracks, and hydraulic control system make it highly maneuverable and productive, while its superior flexibility and durability make it a great choice for a wide range of applications.

Kubota U10 Applications

The Kubota U10 is a versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Landscaping: The U10 is ideal for a variety of landscaping tasks, such as digging trenches, planting trees, and grading slopes.
  • Construction: The U10 can be used for a variety of construction tasks, such as excavating foundations, backfilling trenches, and demolition.
  • Demolition: The U10 is a powerful machine that can be used for a variety of demolition tasks, such as knocking down walls and tearing out concrete.

Kubota U10 Attachments

The Kubota U10-5, an updated version of the Kubota U10 (K008), is a compact excavator designed to be highly versatile and compatible with various attachments. Depending on your specific needs and the tasks you want to perform, you can use a range of attachments with the U10-5 to increase its capabilities. Common attachments that can be used with the Kubota U10-5 include:

  1. Buckets: Various bucket sizes are available for different excavation and material handling tasks. These can include digging buckets, trenching buckets, and grading buckets.
  2. Augers: Auger attachments are used for drilling holes in the ground, making them useful for tasks like planting trees, setting posts, or installing fence posts.
  3. Breakers: Hydraulic breakers or hammers can be attached to the U10-5 to break through concrete or rock, making it suitable for demolition work.
  4. Grapples: Grapple attachments allow you to pick up and move materials such as logs, rocks, or debris with precision.
  5. Thumbs: A thumb attachment enhances the machine’s gripping capability, useful for handling and placing objects with precision.
  6. Rippers: Ripper attachments are designed for breaking up hard or compacted surfaces, making them ideal for construction and site preparation.
  7. Trenchers: Trenching attachments are specialized for creating narrow, deep trenches, typically used in utility installation projects.
  8. Compactors: You can attach compactors to compact soil or gravel, ensuring a stable foundation for construction projects.
  9. Hydraulic Graders: Grader attachments can be used for precision grading and leveling tasks.
  10. Rakes: Rake attachments are useful for land clearing and debris removal.
  11. Thumbs

The ability to use these attachments greatly enhances the versatility of the Kubota U10-5, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction and landscaping to agriculture and utility work.

When selecting attachments, be sure to consider your specific project requirements and consult with your local Kubota dealer to ensure compatibility and proper installation.

Additionally, always follow safety guidelines and the manufacturer’s recommendations when using attachments with the Kubota U10-5 or any other heavy equipment.

Kubota U10 Bucket

The Kubota U10-3 is a compact excavator, and it can be equipped with various buckets to suit different excavation and material handling tasks. The choice of bucket depends on the specific application and the type of material you need to handle. Some common types of buckets that can be used with the Kubota U10-3 include:

  1. Digging Bucket: A standard digging bucket is the most commonly used attachment for excavators. It is designed for general excavation, trenching, and digging tasks. The size of the digging bucket can vary to match the machine’s capabilities and the depth and width of the trench or hole you need to excavate.
  2. Trenching Bucket: Trenching buckets are narrower than standard digging buckets, making them ideal for creating narrow trenches. They are commonly used in utility installation and landscaping projects.
  3. Grading Bucket: Grading buckets are typically wider and flatter, designed for grading and leveling tasks. They help ensure a smooth and even surface, making them useful for landscaping and roadwork.
  4. Ditching Bucket: Ditching buckets have a unique shape that makes them well-suited for creating drainage ditches and shaping slopes. They are commonly used in water management and agricultural applications.
  5. Rock Bucket: A rock bucket is designed with thicker, more durable materials to handle rocky and challenging terrains. It usually has reinforced tines or teeth to withstand the abrasive nature of rocks.
  6. Cleanout Bucket: Cleanout buckets have a larger capacity and are designed for moving loose materials, such as soil, sand, or gravel. They are useful for cleaning up job sites and moving materials quickly.

The size of the bucket you choose for your Kubota U10-3 will depend on the specific requirements of your project.

Kubota and other manufacturers typically offer a range of bucket sizes and types to match the machine’s capabilities and your job site needs.

It’s essential to select the right bucket to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your excavator while minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.

Always consult with your local Kubota dealer or equipment supplier for guidance on choosing the appropriate bucket for your specific tasks.

Kubota U10 Tracks

The Kubota U10-3, like many compact excavators, is equipped with rubber tracks. Rubber tracks provide several advantages for compact excavators like the U10-3:

  1. Low Ground Pressure: Rubber tracks distribute the machine’s weight over a larger surface area, reducing the ground pressure. This makes the U10-3 less likely to damage surfaces like lawns or asphalt, which is especially useful when working in sensitive or finished areas.
  2. Versatility: Rubber tracks allow the U10-3 to operate on a variety of terrains, including uneven or delicate surfaces. They offer superior traction on loose or muddy ground, and they can tackle both rough and smooth surfaces effectively.
  3. Reduced Noise and Vibration: Rubber tracks produce less noise and vibration compared to steel tracks. This can contribute to a more comfortable operating environment and reduced disturbance in urban or residential areas.
  4. Less Damage to Pavement: Rubber tracks are gentler on paved surfaces, reducing the risk of causing damage to roads, driveways, and other surfaces during transport to and from the work site.
  5. Lighter Weight: Rubber tracks are generally lighter than steel tracks, which can improve fuel efficiency and ease of transport. Lighter weight can also contribute to lower ground pressure.

It’s important to note that rubber tracks are subject to wear and tear over time, especially in demanding working conditions.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the tracks are essential to ensure their longevity and the continued reliable performance of the Kubota U10-3.

If you need to replace or maintain the rubber tracks, it’s advisable to consult the machine’s manual or contact a Kubota dealer or authorized service center for guidance on proper maintenance and track replacement procedures.


The Kubota U10 is a powerful and efficient machine. It has a maximum dig depth of 1,800 mm and a maximum bucket capacity of 0.04 m3. The U10 is also equipped with a two-speed travel system that allows it to travel quickly and efficiently between job sites.

Safety Features

The Kubota U10 is equipped with a variety of safety features, including:

  • Operator protection system (OPS): The OPS protects the operator in the event of a rollover.
  • Travel safety system: The travel safety system prevents the machine from traveling when the arm is raised or the bucket is not in the retracted position.
  • Emergency stop switch: The emergency stop switch allows the operator to quickly shut down the machine in the event of an emergency.


The Kubota U10 is easy to maintain, with all major service points easily accessible. The U10 also has a long maintenance interval, which means that you can spend less time on maintenance and more time on the job.

Kubota U10 Overall

The Kubota U10 is a powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use mini-excavator that is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is backed by Kubota’s reputation for quality and reliability, making it a great choice for both professional contractors and homeowners alike.

The Kubota U10 is a powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use mini-excavator that is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is backed by Kubota’s reputation for quality and reliability, making it a great choice for both professional contractors and homeowners alike.

Engine and Performance

The Kubota U10 is equipped with a robust, reliable, and fuel-efficient diesel engine, typically rated at around 10.3 horsepower.

This may not seem like much when compared to larger excavators, but it’s more than sufficient for the U10’s intended applications.

Its high-torque engine allows it to tackle a wide range of tasks, from digging trenches to handling small demolition jobs with ease.

The machine’s hydraulic system is finely tuned for precision and speed, enabling it to perform demanding tasks while conserving fuel.

Versatile Attachments

One of the key features that make the Kubota U10 Excavator so versatile is its ability to accept a wide range of attachments.

Whether your project involves digging, trenching, grading, or breaking through concrete, this compact excavator can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Common attachments include buckets, augers, breakers, and thumbs, among others. The quick coupler system allows for fast and easy attachment changes, saving both time and labor costs.

Comfortable Operator Environment

Despite its small size, the Kubota U10 offers a comfortable and ergonomic operating environment.

The operator’s station is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable seat, joystick controls, and a spacious cabin.

The cabin is equipped with heating and air conditioning options, ensuring that operators can work efficiently in various weather conditions.

Additionally, the machine’s controls are intuitive and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice operators.

Exceptional Manoeuvrability

One of the standout features of the Kubota U10 Excavator is its remarkable manoeuvrability. Thanks to its compact dimensions and zero-tail-swing design, this machine can rotate 360 degrees within its footprint, allowing it to operate efficiently in confined spaces. This manoeuvrability is especially valuable in urban construction environments, where space is at a premium and obstacles are numerous.

Precision and Control

The U10 boasts excellent precision and control, which is essential for working in tight quarters. Its responsive hydraulics enable operators to delicately manipulate the bucket or attachment, making it suitable for fine grading and excavation tasks. With the ability to dig to depths of up to 6.2 feet and a reach of 11.5 feet, it can handle a variety of excavation and construction tasks with ease.

Enhanced Safety Features

Kubota places a strong emphasis on safety in all its construction equipment, and the U10 is no exception. The compact excavator features safety features such as a travel alarm, a two-speed travel function, and a FOPS/ROPS certified cabin to protect operators from rollovers and falling debris. These safety measures provide peace of mind for operators and ensure a secure working environment.

Kubota U10 Applications

The Kubota U10 Excavator’s versatility and compact size make it an excellent choice for various applications in the construction industry:

  1. Urban Construction: This excavator is perfect for working in tight urban spaces, where larger machines might be impractical. It can easily access construction sites between buildings and on narrow streets.
  2. Landscaping: The U10 is a great tool for landscaping tasks, such as digging trenches for irrigation systems, grading, and planting trees or shrubs in small gardens.
  3. Utilities Installation: It is widely used for installing utilities like water and sewer lines, as well as electrical conduits, thanks to its ability to dig precise and deep trenches.
  4. Demolition: With the addition of a breaker attachment, the U10 can efficiently demolish concrete structures and remove debris from job sites.
  5. Agriculture: In agriculture, the U10 is useful for tasks like digging post holes and clearing land.
  6. Roadwork: This excavator is employed for various road construction and maintenance activities, including ditching and culvert installation.

Maintenance and Durability

Kubota is known for its reliable and durable machinery, and the U10 is no exception. Routine maintenance is straightforward, and Kubota offers excellent customer support and a network of service centers. This ensures that your investment will remain productive for years to come.


The Kubota U10 Excavator, with its compact size, powerful engine, and versatile attachments, is a powerhouse in the construction industry.

Its ability to work in tight spaces, combined with its maneuverability and precision, makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re working in urban construction, landscaping, utilities installation, or any other industry, the Kubota U10 is a reliable and efficient choice.

With Kubota’s reputation for durability and a commitment to safety, the U10 is a valuable addition to any construction fleet, proving that big things truly do come in small packages.