Kubota Forklift and Pallet Fork Attachments

A Kubota forklift tends to be a skid steer loader or compact track loader that have dedicated attachments, normally pallet forks, that turn them into incredibly flexible and powerful forklifts.

The most common forklift attachments for a Kubota tractor or skid steer loader are pallet forks, especially the series made by Land Pride. Their series of models are currently PFL4548, PFL5548 and PFL 5560.

Kubota do not make a dedicated forklift as such, but a number of their engines are used by other manufacturers, such as Viper or Yale. Continue reading

KUBOTA RTV1100 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota RTV 1100

The Kubota RTV 1100 is one of the bestselling atvs on the market, and Kubota have invested much of their tractor technology into improving its level of performance.

Kubota realised that many of their competitors used engineering and mechanical models that were similar to those used in golf carts and four wheel drives. Continue reading

Getting Great Deals From Kubota Dealerships

Finding a Kubota dealer is relatively easy nowadays, finding the right dealer that will give you the best deal is also fairly easy, but does require quite a lot of work and research.

The first and most important thing is to have some sense of what type of Kubota tractor you are interested in buying, and whether you are thinking of buying a new or a used tractor. Continue reading

Farm Insurance and Agricultural Equipment Guide

Anyone who owns or rents a farm or a branch of any size or description, and effectively runs it as a commercial business, needs to have specific areas of insurance directly tailored to their needs.

A farm is essentially a mix of a home and a business, both in terms of buildings, plant and machinery, agricultural vehicles and in terms of workforce. Continue reading

Kubota Lawn Tractor Manuals

Where ever you buy a Kubota lawn tractor it is important that you acquire with it the operating manual that specifies manufacturers requirements for operating, servicing and maintaining the tractor. If you buy a new Kubota lawn tractor, then a manual should come as standard, either in hard copy or as an electronic download, a PDF document. Continue reading

Kubota Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Guide

Kubota lawn tractors are also sometimes referred to as Kubota garden tractors, as well as Kubota ride on tractors and Kubota zero turn tractors.

A Kubota lawn tractor comes in five different series of tractor as defined by Kubota, each with a different horse power range and a different set of features and accessories. Continue reading


Anyone looking to buy Kubota mowers might well need to arrange some type of finance or credit in order to buy or lease the mower. The process for arranging finance or credit Kubota mowers is fairly similar to that of arranging finance or credit when buying or leasing a new or used car or vehicle.

Kubota has its own credit arm, and whilst this is primarily focused on helping people to buy or lease a  Kubota tractor, it is still perfectly possible to apply for credit for a Kubota mower.

There are a number of steps in the process which can make the decision as to what type of Kubota mower to buy an easier one.

The first thing to do is to decide what you want to use the mower for, and whether or not it will be purely private and domestic, or whether there will be some element of commercial usage as well.


The question as to whether or not there will be any commercial usage may affect the credit application, as there will be additional questions concerning the nature of your business, and possibly any other people involved in running the business, and possibly any family connections as well.

The process of applying for credit with Kubota will be fairly similar to applying for credit with any other bank finances tuition such as a credit union. The applicant will need to submit a fairly detailed questionnaire and provide a high degree of information about themselves and their financial situation both past present and future.

Based on this information, but will decide whether or not to lend the applicant money to purchase the Kubota mower, if so how much, and on what terms and conditions.

Another important factor concerning Kubota mowers finance is that of insurance. It is important to check whether or not the mower will be covered under any home or renters insurance policy, especially where it will be covered for any liability damage in the event of an accident. This is especially important if the mower is to be used in any type of commercial activity.


A Kubota backhoe is a piece of equipment that is fitted to a variety of different Kubota tractors, and need special care and attention as its attachment to the tractor can generate an element of risk in its usage, and also an element of risk to those in the surrounding area where it is being used.

The majority of the Kubota tractors used either on farms or in agricultural settings or in large garden/land horticultural businesses.

A lot of these businesses have both environments and workforce which are markedly different to those of a standard business, either industrial or office environments, and special care should be taken in terms of understanding the work activity factors that affect the potential risk of injury or damage to either people working on the farm or in the surrounding areas.

There are a number of factors that relate to the safety risks concerning usage of Kubota tractors and Kubota backhoes, and many relate to the type of work hours and work routine that will be found in such an agricultural land led business.

The work environment and workplace in a farm has often been described as somewhat erratic.

This is because the hours can be very long a lot of time, people often working extremely long days, with workweeks of between 60 and 90 hours a week not uncommon.


The other factor that affects the work environment is that of mother nature.

Many people moan about the weather to different reasons, but anyone who engage in any type of work that relies on Kubota tractors  notice that the weather plays a huge part in the reality and practicalities of what work can be done and when it can be done.

The nature of the work done on a farm or in an agricultural type environment means actually large extent it is led by the weather.

The other thing that affects the nature of the work significantly is that of mechanical breakdowns of machinery.

Any form or agricultural complex relies on numerous pieces of machinery, many of which is needs are interdependent.

Much of this machinery is quite old and often after a while not serviced or maintained quite as it should be.

This means that machinery  tends to break down fairly  frequently, and aside from this preventing the work being done that the piece of machinery is related to, often has a knock-on effect on the rest of the work within the farm or agricultural complex


Kubota finance is the overall term given to any type of credit for finance arrangement made with regard for the sale or lease of a Kubota tractor or agricultural piece of machinery.

In many ways Kubota finance is fairly similar that of auto finance, in terms of the nature of credit and lease agreements and the various financial options that tend to exist therein.

Anyone looking to buy or lease a Kubota tractor should really approach it in the same way.

A Kubota  leader will have a list price for a wide range of tractors and accessories, most of which will be open to some degree of negotiation.

Whether the customer is thinking of buying anything new or a used Kubota tractor, the basics of financing remains the same.

A credit application will need to be submitted, and a credit rating agency will make a decision about their view of the creditworthiness of the individual, and allocate that individual a credit score.


Based upon that credit score, Kubota credit or some other lender will make a judgement as to whether or not to lend the individual the money for a loan or to fund a lease agreement.

The credit score will not only determine the lenders willingness to lend money or not, but will also affect the terms and conditions of the loan or lease agreement itself.

In practical terms, this will determine the size of any down payment they may be, the interest rate that will be charged for the period of the loan.

Whether the interest rate is fixed or variable, the length of the loan period or lease period, and any charges that may be incurred at the end of the loan or lease agreement.

There are also likely to be penalty charges if the loan or lease agreement is ended early and these should be spelt out at the beginning of the negotiation process.

It is worth remembering from a customer point of view, that not only are the various places of the Kubota tractor and accessories open to negotiation, so in theory are the elements of the loan or lease agreement.


A Kubota credit application is likely to be needed by anyone thinking of buying or leasing a new Kubota tractor, and the application needs to be carefully thought out and applied for in order to obtain the credit or finance needed.

Perhaps the most important thing when applying for Kubota credit is an understanding on behalf of the individual what their transportation needs are, and which type of Kubota tractor or agricultural machinery will best fit their needs.

It is important to identify the type of work that the tractor will be used for,  and on what type of land it will be used. Once this has been clarified, then it is easier to assess what type of tractor will be needed, and the costing as to whether to buy or lease the Kubota tractor.

Another important factor before applying for any type of credit, with Kubota or anyone else,  is to work out your own financial situation and your in budget’s.

Anyone applying for Kubota credit is likely to need to provide details of both of their personal life, and any individuals in it as well as their business or work situation, if the Kubota tractor is to be used as part of a farming or agricultural business.


It is important to work out one’s own finances realistically, in order to assess how much you can afford to repay on a monthly basis, which is the realistic figure you will need to know when being able to compare any credit offers on a like-for-like basis.

It is important to remember that if you apply for Kubota credit or finance, and the length of the finance contract is a relatively long one, then the financial payments on a monthly basis will be smaller. If the length of the finance contract is short in terms of months, then the monthly repayments are likely to  be higher.

For some people it will suit to have a lower monthly repayment, as this is their practical spend on a monthly basis.

Bear in mind that if this is the case, then the overall figure paid in terms of amount borrowed an interest charge will obviously be higher at the end of the loan period. T


Kubota tractor prices can honestly vary significantly from tractor to tractor, from new to used, and perhaps even more significantly depending upon the decision that is taken whether to buy or lease a new tractor.

The decision whether to buy or lease a Kubota tractor is perhaps one of the most important ones to take, as there are implications on both sides of the decision.

Whatever decision is made whether to buy or lease, one of the most important things to do to begin with is to get and read a copy of your credit report.

Any application for credit, either with Kubota Credit or some other finance organisation or institution will be decided on the basis of your credit report and  subsequent credit rating.

The process of understanding a credit report and credit score is important, but is often slightly confusing.

A credit report is a document that is produced by a credit rating agency, on behalf of the lender, in this case Kubota credit, and the credit report will form the basis of a subsequent credit score.


The credit report is a dossier that compiles a significant amount of both personal and financial information about the individual, and possibly their family and /or business partners as well.

The information can be varied and wide, but will cover areas such as home address, length of residency, whether owned or rented, previous addresses, current and previous employments, length of employment’s, universities and schools etc.

The credit report will also contain detailed financial information about the individual, including credit card applications and all credit applications, any loans current or previous, any defaults or bankruptcies etc and any other financial commitments that may be relevant.

Once the credit report has been compiled, the credit rating agency will use it to produce a credit score, which is a number set within a range of two other numbers, and which effectively gives an indication of the credit rating agencies assessment of an individual’s creditworthiness.

This credit score as it is called is then used by Kubota credit to decide whether or not to give the applicant  a loan, if so how much, on what terms and conditions such as size of down payment, length of loan, interest rate charged through the period of the loan and whether or not the interest rate is fixed or variable. T


Kubota tractors for sale on credit are likely  to be offered either through a Kubota dealer, or possibly through a wide range of online tractor sales sites, or possibly still through newspaper and magazine ads etc.

Buying a new or relatively new to Kubota tractor on credit makes sense for a lot of people partly because of the various costing arrangements involved, but also because it takes up a lot of the hassle that can be involved in buying a used tractor, either from a dealer or from a private individual.

Anyone who has ever bought a second-hand or used car or auto  will be aware of things that can go wrong, as well as the fear or worry of living with what could go wrong as well.

This can also be said of any tractor, from Kubota or any other manufacturer, and in some ways has potentially as much cause for concern.

There is a very simple reason for this, being that it is very difficult to assess the amount of work that the tractor has done, and on what type of land this work has been carried out.

Both these factors hugely affect the condition of the Kubota tractor, and its subsequent value and mechanical condition.


Buying a new or used tractor does to an extent minimise this risk, for fairly obvious reasons, but also because if it is a used tractor, there’s a fair chance that the Kubota dealer will either have sold the tractor in the first place, or serviced and maintained it during its lifetime.

In any event there is a possibility or even quite a good chance that the Kubota dealer will have  a fair idea of its condition.

Even if buying from a Kubota dealer,  it is a good idea to spend as much time as possible searching the prices of new and used Kubota tractors, both online, in print and in various trade magazines.

That also a wide range of discussion boards online discussion forums where people are normally more than willing to help in terms of giving advice regarding pricing and mechanical conditions of all types of Kubota tractor, new and used.


Kubota mowers can be bought either for primarily residential purposes, or for a mix of residential and small business work such as land holdings and garden centres and nine maintenance work etc.

It is quite likely that some type of credit or finance arrangement will be needed to purchase a Kubota mower, and it is worth researching the finance market in the same way that one would if you are thinking of buying or leasing a new car, in order to see what deals may be available.

One of the biggest problems when obtaining finance deals or quotations  is simply being able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.

This is really important, and understanding the various components of any type of credit finance arrangement can make it simpler in terms of understanding what is being compared, and making sure it is being compared a like-for-like basis.

The various elements of any credit or finance arrangement are likely to centre around the length of the loan, the size of any down payment, the interest rate charged  throughout the period of the loan and whether or not the interest rate is fixed or not.


For many people, or matters most is the size of the monthly repayment. It is important to realise that the longer the period for length of the loan agreement, then the smaller the monthly repayments will be, but obviously the overall figure paid at the end of the lane will be greater because of increased interest rates.

It is also important to make sure that the interest rate is fixed throughout the period of the loan.

It is normally the case that it is, as skills a degree of stability and certainty to both sides in the agreement as to what is due and when.

That can sometimes be provision within a loan agreement for the interest rate  to change, and this should be highlighted by both sides and understood before any contract is signed.

Is also important to be clear with any contract with Kubota credit or any other finance organisation exactly what is included in the loan and what isn’t.

This policy covers the final price of the Kubota Mower, but can be especially important with regard to things such as sales tax, registry fees, extended warranties etc.

There are a number of potential add-ons which a dealer  can charge for, some of which could value and needed, some of which may not be needed by the individual. C


Anyone thinking of buying or leasing a Kubota tractor on credit would be well advised to think in terms of the process being similar to that of auto finance, of buying or leasing a vehicle or truck.

There is one important difference, in that buying any type of tractor on credit is likely to be a business or commercial decision as much as a private decision or a consumer decision.

Anyone using a tractor as part of their business, whether agricultural construction or a smallholding, will make the decision as to what type and make of tractor to buy or lease on a variety of factors.

One of them will simply be the make and model of what type of tractor is most to their liking.

This in part be a personal preference, in the same way that one buys releases a car or vehicle from a particular manufacturer.

The process of obtaining credit for a Kubota tractor can be focused initially on Kubota credit.

This is the credit arm of Kubota, and is geared to providing credit or finance, subject to credit rating, for individuals who want to buy or lease a wide range of tractors and construction machinery.


Anyone approaching Kubota credit or any other financial institution such as a bank or a credit union will be required to fill in a detailed application form, giving a significant amount a personal and financial information about themselves Brewer and possibly other family members as well.

The information required to be similar to any application for credit, but is also likely to request information concerning the individual’s commercial or business background and current business operation.

This may require quite detailed personal information on any cosigner of a lease or finance agreement, on family members and on any other directors or business partners of the commercial enterprise involved.

Whilst a loss of this may seem quite excessive, the extent of it will depend to a degree on the background and commercial business of the individual involved, and of the amounts of money involved in the credit or lease agreement. O


Getting the best deal for a Kubota credit arrangement to a large extent involves being aware of the various components of any finance deal, and being able to compare any offer for credit from Kubota credit with other financial institutions who may offer financial quotations.

The important thing is to be able to compare quotations on a like-for-like basis.

This can involve a number of specific factors, and it is worth breaking down into their component areas in order to get an understanding of how they stack up against each other.

Perhaps most important is the final negotiated price of any Kubota tractor.

The final negotiated price is likely to be significantly different, hopefully, from the price  that was considered at the outset of the negotiation.

There is normally quite a significant difference in terms of the list price of any Kubota tractor, and what a Kubota dealer is willing to agree as the final negotiated price, similar to the process of buying or leasing any type of car or vehicle.


Also important too late by way of comparing financial quotations is the size of the down payment required for any Kubota tractor, as well at any trade-in allowance that may be against a current tractor or piece of agricultural machinery the customer may be willing to trade against a new Kubota tractor.

There are also likely to be a number of optional extras that a Kubota dealer may well offer, and may be of value to the individual customer, depending upon their circumstances.

These optional extras likely to include things such as an extended service contract, credit insurance, the tractor equivalent of gap Insurance,  and possibly some type of deal relating to servicing and maintenance, and some type of arrangement for alternative tractor or machinery replacement in the event of the original being out of action out of service for any length of time.

Breaking the news optional extras down into their specific parts will allow the individual to get specific quotations from different financial institutions that will allow them to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.


Kubota credit can be available for an individual to buy or to lease a Kuboat tractor, depending upon the creditworthiness of the individual.

There are a number of important factors to consider, perhaps for many the biggest one will be whether or not to buy or to lease the tractor they have decided they want to own.

Leasing a Kubota tractor can be a highly attractive option for many people, giving them the chance to effectively own a new tractor, in a way that they would not always be able to afford to do.

Other people will want to literally own a Kubota tractor, and their decision is more likely to be whether or not they can afford a new one, or whether or not they need to scale down what they can afford to buy and purchase a used model accordingly.

When looking for Kubota credit for a tractor, whether the individual is intending to lease or to buy, what is often important is to be able to get alternative quotes, and to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.

Comparing financial quotations on a like-for-like basis has two main elements.

One is simply to be able to compare the specifics of the finance or credit arrangement, such as the final negotiated price, sizeable down payment, the interest rate charged over the period of the loan  or lease agreement, and any other optional services that a Kubota dealer may offer.


These may include different types of extended service contracts and other types of insurance, such as credit  or life insurance, or various servicing and maintenance plans or even different types of mechanical warranties covering parts and labour.

One important thing also when comparing financial quotations is the length of the loan or lease arrangement.

It is important to remember that the longer the length of the loan or lease agreement, then most likely the monthly repayments will be less, but the overall cost of the loan all lease agreement will work out more in the long run.

Lower monthly payments, or a lower overall cost of loan or disagreement will appeal to different people for different reasons.

What is important is that the individual understands what they are and goes for what works for them best accordingly.


Kubota Garden refers to a wide range of Kubota tractors  and implements that are widely used either for domestic or residential gardens and landholdings, or for very small farms and Gardens or horticultural centres.

Buying a Kubota Garden tractor can be a serious financial commitment, and most people some type of Kubota credit will be needed.

There are various types of credit available for buying any type of Kubota tractor, and it is worth spending time investigating what type of credit is available.

One option that should be considered for a Kubota Garden tractor is leasing.

Most people don’t think of leasing as an option, but it can be available depending upon the individual’s circumstances should be seriously considered.

The idea of leasing a Kubota garden tractor is in effect similar to that of a long-term rental.

Leasing a tractor on Kubota credit can have advantages for both sides.

From a customer point of view, it can give them effective ownership of a new Kubota garden tractor that they would not otherwise be able to afford to purchase outright.


The customer will agree a number of times at the beginning of the lease, including that of a down payment, the interest rate and whether or not it is fixed period of the lease, and any end of lease payments.

From Kubota’s point of view leasing a garden tractor is in many ways as valuable as the sale of one.

The benefit is mainly in the establishment of a customer relationship, that they know will exist for a fixed period of months, often up to 4 or five years.

Kubota knows, like many auto manufacturers, that a long-term relationship with a customer is in fact far more valuable financially  than simply having a sale of one individual tractor.

When a customer leases a tractor from Kubota, with Kubota credit, they will be aligning themselves with Kubota not just in terms of the sale or purchase of the tractor, but also with servicing and maintenance costs.

A customer will also be much more open to either renewing a lease once it has finished, or possibly even buying another tractor from the same dealership.

This in part will depend upon the relationship the customer has with the Kubota dealer, which the dealer will have been able to work on over a period of months or years any upon the length of the lease originally negotiated with Kubota credit


Being aware of both the price and availability of Kubota parts should be an important  part of the process of buying or leasing  a Kubota tractor, either with Kubota credit or with another financial institution, such as a bank or a credit union.

The reason it is important to check out availability and pricing of Kubota parts refers both to the  financial and practical implications of owning and running a Kubota tractor.

For many people a Kubota tractor is used as part of a business, as well as being used for large residential or smallholding operations.

This means that in the event of any mechanical breakdown it is not simply a question of waiting for the tractor to be repaired, it is the case that while the tractor is out of use the business or smallholding is either losing money, or not able to do vital maintenance work that is needed.

Availability and costing of Kubota parts has a direct impact on such a scenario.


Buying a Kubota tractor means that it will come some type of warranty, either a new warranty or a used warranty depending upon the age and condition of the tractor itself, if buying a used Kubota.

The value of a warranty is  self  explanatory in many ways, and can be thought of at similar to that of an auto warranty.

The main difference is in the usage of the tractor.

As mentioned above, went a Kubota tractor is being used for this this or commercial purposes, when it is out of action for any reason this can have serious financial and operational consequences.

Having a warranty to some extent can cover this eventuality, and it is normally a condition of any warranty that standard Kubotsa parts  are used when any servicing or maintenance is done on the tractor.

It can also be a valuable negotiating point when initially purchasing or leasing the Kubota tractor to establish with the Kubota dealership  what practical arrangements can be made concerning an alternative tractor in the event of a serious delay in obtaining Kubota parts any particular reason.

It is worth remembering also at another location condition regarding the purchase or lease of the Kubota tractor and Kubota parts is actually the physical practicalities of returning the the Kubota tractor to the dealer  in order to have any servicing or maintenance work done. R


Kubota dealers  are normally the first port of call for anyone looking for any type of Kubota credit when they are thinking of buying or leasing a Kubota tractor.

Given the financial commitment of buying or leasing any type of tractor or garden machinery, making sure that the financing is properly researched is a significant part of the process.

There are many good reasons for approaching Kubota dealers, although it is always a good idea to be able to compare financial quotations from Kubota credit with other quotations from financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.

The important thing when comparing financial quotations is to make sure that they are compared on a like-for-like basis.

Kubota dealers will have access to the most up-to-date national deals from Kubota, and may well have their own local deals as well.

This can relate both to the cost of the tractor, and also to various finance turns such as a low interest rate for a fixed period of time, or for certain specific deals regarding servicing and maintenance of the Kubota tractor.


When arranging credit, either with Kubota credit or some other financial institution, it is well worthwhile obtaining a copy of your credit report.

A credit report is a document that will be used by a credit rating agency to assess their view of your credit worthiness as individual, and assign you a credit score.

A credit score is essentially a number set on a scale between two other numbers, that reflects this view.

The reason it is important to obtain a copy of your credit report is that you are entitled to challenge or question any information that is either wrong, inaccurate or out of date.

A credit radiation see has to use information that is accurate, and also that normally time limits  for how long certain types of information such as bankruptcies, can be used in assessing a credit score.

It is in your interest to make sure that information that is out of date is removed, as this will affect your credit score, and in turn affect the terms and conditions of any credit arrangement, such as size of down payment, interest rate and length of loan or lease agreement.


Anyone thinking of buying a Kubota tractor will need to begin by some type of individual assessment as to what type of work they are looking to do with the Kubota tractor.

The type and level of work that is going to be undertaken should drive the decision as to what type of Kubota tractor would be most appropriate for the work itself.

In the event that this is not easy to ascertain, then the advice of a Kubota dealer should be sought, as they are probably the most reliable source of information that will be readily accessible for the individual to obtain.

It is likely that most people will go straight to a Kubota dealer in order to purchase a Kubota tractor, and while this makes a lot of sense, there are many things the individual can do to negotiate both a good price for the tractor, and a good deal concerning of the service and maintenance costs.

If a purchasing a new Kubota tractor from a Kubota dealer, then the individual should have the benefit of a standard Kubota warranty, which should be available on the Kubota website for inspection prior to purchase.


This can be important because the dealer may offer additional warranties either by way of an extended warranty for the whole Kubota tractor, or on specific areas of the tractor such as Kubota tires, which may well extend the shelf life beyond what would normally be the case.

Any extended warranty should be looked at with great care, for whilst they are normally fairly straightforward contracts in one sense, what they tend offer by way of benefits and the costs involved can sometimes make them unnecessarily expensive.

The other thing to consider with a Kubota Tractor Dealer, is both the issue of what they are willing to offer by way of servicing and maintenance plans and for how long, and also how helpful they are likely to be in terms of you as an individual needing some type of help the transporting the tractor to and from the dealership.

This can apply to both regular servicing and maintenance, as well as help in the event of a mechanical breakdown of the tractor or some type of accident that renders it unworkable.

This issue can be especially important if the Kubota tractor is used primarily as a work vehicle, and if it becomes unworkable that issue of transportation to and from the dealership can become a major issue.

A Kubota tractor dealer should be open to giving you advice about the best way of dealing with such an issue should it arise, and also by way of helping you practically whatever way they are able to.


Anyone thinking of buying a new or used Kubota, whether a Kubota tractor or other type of Kubota product, will need to consider whether they purchase it through a registered Kubota dealer.

There are other alternatives such as another unauthorised dealership, through a private sale, through an online auction such as eBay or privately from another individual.

There are many advantages and opposite some disadvantages with buying from a Kubota dealer, and it is worth having a checklist of what is most important to the individual before making such a decision.

If you are buying a new Kubota tractor or other product, then you will need to approach a Kubota dealer as this is the only effective route to such a purchase.

There are however a number of factors that can influence this decision.

If you live in an area where realistically there is more than one Kubota dealer that you could approach, then it is well worth exploiting that position by comparing the various offers that the Kubota dealers are likely to offer you.

If you do have any Kubota dealers in your vicinity, or only one, then it is up to you to decide how far you are willing to travel in order to obtain a better deal from a Kubota dealer.


When deciding what type of Kubota tractor or other product to buy from a Kubota dealer, it is worth thinking in the same terms that you would if you were going to negotiate buying or leasing a new car or auto from any major car manufacturer.

The principles are pretty much the same. Any Kubota dealer will have a degree of flexibility concerning prices, as well as any special offers that may be available through Kubota itself is a corporation.

As such it is well worth doing some individual research to find out what the true cost of what a kubota tractor is, as well as finding out what the dealership markup is on the tractor. This information may require that of digging, but there are many online forums and discussion groups which can help point you in the right direction.

The other issues to consider when thinking of buying from a Kubota dealer, is how helpful they are likely to be in it comes to questions concerning servicing and maintenance.

This can potentially be a major headache especially if you rely on the tractor for your business.

You need to know that the Kubota dealer is likely to be amenable and helpful in terms of issues such as delivery of the tractor itself, and helping you arrange delivery and collection of the tractor as when it needs any work doing to it by way of regular servicing and maintenance or any emergency power some reason ceases to function properly.


Kubota credit payoff normally refers to an issue that many people have when they lease any type of Kubota tractor or a product.

It is the same principle or problem that people can possibly face when the lease any type of car or vehicle from any manufacturer.

A Kubota credit payoff will refer to some type of credit arrangement that an individual has made with Kubota in order to buy or lease a Kubota tractor or other product.

The issue becomes important when the individual decides some reason that they want or need to end the credit arrangement early. This can either be through an individual’s choice, or some degree of necessity that is forced upon them by outside or business events.

When any type of Kubota credit arrangement is entered into, it is essentially a legal contract between the two parties.

One of the elements of a contract will be the time or time length of the credit arrangement that will be specified for the loan or lease.

This means that the other elements in the contract such as the deposit, the rate of interest, the monthly repayments and what happens at the end of the lease or loan will have been specified when the credit arrangement is initialised.


Kubota Credit Corporation Guide

Kubota Credit is the lending arm of Kubota Finance which can offer very competitive finance, credit and leasing options on new and used Kubota tractors and other agricultural machinery, construction equipment, excavators, loaders, zero turn mowers, rtv’s etc, both through its dedicated website and through its dealer networks.

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Kubota Tractor Safety

​Whilst there are a significant number of Kubota tractors available to buy, ranging in size and hp significantly, there are a number of very sound principles concerning the safety of a Kubota tractor that apply equally to whichever make and model you might buy.

The most important thing is to understand and know your Kubota tractor inside out before you actually start using it. This applies to the internal workings, the control panel, the instrument panel and any safety tips or advice that are detailed in the owner’s manual.

The owners manual of the Kubota tractor that you buy should be looked at carefully prior to using the Kubota tractor at all. Many people might consider this unnecessary, there seems to be a natural aversion at times to looking at instruction manuals for machinery.

However knowing, how your Kubota tractor works and how to control it is a hugely important safety issue.

Aside from the knowledge, it will give you a felt sense and a confidence as to how best to drive and use your Kubota tractor in all conditions. It will give you a sense of how to stop your Kubota tractor safely if you need to, without worrying about which control does what and where it is situated on your Kubota tractor.

It is commonly excepted that there are three main types of hazard and incident that affect all types of tractors, and therefore relevant to the safety of your Kubota tractor. The first is known as a turnover. This is where your Kubota tractor tips on its side, which can happen for a number of reasons.

The most common one is where the Kubota tractor is used to close to the edge or the verge of a piece of land and becomes unstable and turns over. This can cause serious, potentially fatal damage to the operator of the Kubota tractor.

By far the best solution to this is careful driving and not driving too close to the edge of a precipice of any piece of land where the Kubota tractor could become unstable. The best piece of safety advice for a Kubota tractor is to have what is known as a Roll Over Protective System (ROPS) on your tractor, along with a seatbelt, which should be worn at all times.

Most modern Kubota tractors will come with an ROPS fitted as standard, as well as a seatbelt. If one is not fitted, they can normally be fitted at minimal cost. This often applies to older tractors.

The second common type of hazard is what is known as a runover. This is where the operator of the tractor inadvertently runs over or hits a person or an animal, because they have not seen them.

When driving or using a Kubota tractor it is crucially important to secure the environment and make sure it is safe and free from any other people or animals that could be damaged.

It is also important as far as possible, to clear away any debris over the land where the Kubota tractor is to be used. Such debris or objects could damage the workings of the Kubota tractor, and could also be inadvertently thrown up at great speed towards any person or animal in the area.

The other potential hazard is where the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor stepped off the machine without having turned the engine off properly or secured it in its proper parking mode.

The obvious danger is that the tractor will run off on its own, potentially causing significant damage to the operator/driver of the Kubota tractor, anyone in the vicinity or any building or infrastructure that happens to be nearby.

The operator manual for your Kubota tractor will give specific advice as to how best to secure it in its parking mode and from a safety point of view this should be followed at all times.



Most people when considering buying a Kubota tractor or other type of Kubota product such as a Kubota rtv, will automatically consider going to a Kubota dealer as a first port of call. This is a natural assumption and on the whole makes most sense.

There will be other people who will consider buying a Kubota tractor or other Kubota product second-hand or used, either online from a site such as eBay or from a local ad or a local contact.

Even if someone buys a Kubota tractor second-hand, they at some point will public need to contact a Kubota dealership in order to either have the Kubota tractor serviced and maintained, or to have the Kubota tractor checked over to begin with.

In any event, Kubota have a wide range of dealerships or dealers. It may be possible to buy a Kubota tractor from another dealer, but care should be taken as they may not have full access to the Kubota range of parts and maintenance warranty factors.

A Kubota dealer should have quite a lot of flexibility concerning finance, warranty, maintenance and servicing of a Kubota tractor. They should also be fairly knowledgeable about the capabilities of a Kubota tractor, both past and present, as well as being able to give you a fair degree of advice concerning the type or best type of Kubota tractor available to you.

It is worth considering approaching a Kubota dealer in the same way that you would approach a car dealership if you’re buying a new or used auto. Many Kubota dealers will sell both new and used Kubota tractors, although there will be different terms and conditions and warranties available depending on whether it is new or used.

It is important to recognise that you can negotiate firmly with a Kubota dealer. They will have margins like every other business, and they will want a sale. Price is one factor concerning Kubota tractor but there are other important considerations. One of them concerns servicing and maintenance and warranty factors.

It is likely to be a term and condition of your warranty that the Kubota tractor is maintained and serviced regularly in accordance with the owners manual terms and conditions. This will mean that in reality the Kubota tractor will have to be serviced by a Kubota dealer.

This can be a practical problem especially if the dealership is some way from where you live. Although your Kubota tractor can probably be driven on the road, unless it is a K lawn tractor, this could take quite a while given the speed range of a Kubota tractor.

It may be possible to transport your  Kubota tractor  on a low loader lorry of some sort. In any event or Kubota dealer will have, or should have quite a wide range of experience of dealing with issues like this, and be able to advise you on this and a lot of other practical concerns that may affect how you use your Kubota tractor, or what type of Kubota tractor you buy from them.

Locating a Kubota dealer should be fairly straightforward. If you have Internet access you can go onto the Kubota website for your country and they will have a search box where you enter your home town or area and they will give you the nearest Kubota dealer relative to where you live.

If you do not have Internet access, go where you can get it, and want to have it you can look up on the Kubota website where your nearest Kubota dealership is. Failing that you have to look in your phone book, under Kubota, where you will find details of the nearest Kubota dealership

Kubota B2150 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota B2150

The Kubota B2150 is a B series compact utility tractor, first produced in about 1998, and was in production for roughly eight or nine years.

It has a 1.2 litre, 4 cylinder diesel engine, with a power output of 24 hp, and  a PTO of approx 18/20 hp. It has a fuel capacity of just under 7.5 gallons.

It has hydrostatic transmission, power steering and a wet disc braking sysytem.

Continue reading


A Kubota bx 2360 is one of a wide range of Kubota tractors that Kubota make that have a wide range of capabilities and different types of usage.

The type of work, and the type of land that the Kubota bx 2360 is to be used for very quite widely.

However there are a number of safety precautions that can be taken that can significantly enhance the safety of the K.ubota bx 2360.

Much of the safety operation concerning a Kubota bx 2360 is based on real-life experience concerning accidents and occurrences with tractors generally and an understanding of what the main risks are when using a Kubota bx 2360.

It is important for the operator of a Kubota bx 2360 to familiarise themselves with the layout of the control panel and instrument panel. This is true whether they have used this make and model of Kubota bx 2360 tractor or whether or not they are new to it. This more than anything is an issue about confidence.

Kubota BX 2360

However experienced the operator of a Kubota bx 2360 is, it is important that they feel comfortable when using the specific type of tractor that they are driving.

It is important for the operator of any tractor to be able to instinctively know what controls are available to them, where the controls are, and especially to do in order to stop the machine or Kubota bx 2360 tractor in the event of an emergency.

It is also important when using a Kubota bx 2360 to have an awareness of the environment outside the Kubota bx 2360 tractor. The target environment refers both to people and to materials that could effectively be discharged towards other people within any environment, or could potentially damage the operation or machinery of the Kubota bx 2360 tractor itself.

It is also important that all Kubota tractors have an ROPS fitted as standard. Virtually all new Kubota bx 2360 tractors will have one fitted, but it may be that some older models do not.

If any reason you have a Kubota bx 2360 that does not have an ROPS fitted as standard then make sure that you have your tractor modified by a valid Kubota bx 2360 dealer to ensure that one is fitted.It is probably, along with having a seatbelt fitted to the tractor, the most important piece of safety advice that can be given.

The other important piece of safety advice when operating or driving a Kubota bx 2360 tractor is to be very cautious when using the tractor on uneven ground especially on slopes.

There is a real danger that is often not fully appreciated when using a tractor, of the Kubota bx 2360 tractor tilting over backwards because it is being used on uneven ground or land. It is also inadvisable to drive a Kubota bx 2360 tractor backwards for any reason.


A Kubota service manual refers to one of three possible manuals that will be accompany the purchase of a new Kubota tractor or piece of agricultural machinery. The three Kubota manuals relate to the operation of the tractor, the maintenance of the tractor and the service of the tractor.

The Kubota service manual may come as a separate manual in its own right, or as part of a combined manual with the other two. If you buy a new Kubota tractor from a Kubota dealer and sometimes when purchasing a used Kubota tractor from a Kubota dealer, the Kubota dealer should be able to provide you with a current or up-to-date Kubota service manual for the make and model of the Kubota tractor that you’re buying.I

f you are purchasing a used Kubota tractor or a second-hand Kubota tractor then it is much more hit and miss whether you will get a copy of the Kubota service manual with the tractor when you buy it. If you buy a used Kubota tractor and it comes with a Kubota service manual, depending on the age of the tractor, the Kubota service manual is likely to be older than a current version.

Kubota service manual

It is always a good idea to use the most up-to-date version of the Kubota service manual that is available. In this event it is always a good idea to contact a Kubota dealer or go online to the Kubota website for the country where you live and see if you can obtain the most current up-to-date version of the Kubota service manual.If you purchase a Kubota tractor online via a site such as eBay, then it is much more difficult to tell about the state of the tractor, and the type of work and the type of land that the Kubota tractor has been used in.

In this event having access to a Kubota service manual is even more important.The logistics of servicing and maintaining a Kubota service tractor vary widely depending upon who uses it, whether you will be doing your own servicing and maintenance, or whether it will needed to be transported back to a Kubota dealer have servicing and maintenance work done.

In any event a Kubota service will recommend a wide range of standardised and recommended procedures from Kubota regarding both standard maintenance and recommended practices for dealing with any problems that may occur.

A Kubota service manual should also have a troubleshooting section as well as a section devoted to any problems that may occur. If you are unable to obtain a current Kubota service manual, it is was a good idea go online to a tractor forum and either see if you can obtain a Kubota service manual there, and ask for any specific advice that you may require regarding your situation.

Kubota Compact Tractors : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota make a wide range of different size tractors and agricultural machines, and have an established reputation for their tractors being known as compact tractors.

The idea of a compact tractor was in many ways symbolised by Kubota owing to their need to produce powerful but small tractors for use in Japan, where Kubota originated as a company.

Kubota compact tractors can refer to their series of Kubota B tractors, Kubota BX tractors.

There are a number of important safety protocols to observe when operating any of the range of Kubota compact tractors, to do with the operation of the Kubota compact tractor itself as well as the awareness and behaviour of the operative of the tractor as well.

When operating a Kubota it is important to read the operator’s manual and the instructions concerning any attachments that might be used or fitted to Kubota compact tractor.

Kubota Compact Tractors

The operative of any Kubota compact tractor should make sure that their clothing is appropriate when driving or operating tractor. This is primarily that they should wear clothing that is well fitted and belted, such as a boiler suit or similar apparel.

The operative of a Kubota compact tractor should avoid wearing any loose clothing or ill fitting clothing. The reason for this is very simple.

Any operative of a Kubota compact tractor that is wearing inappropriate clothing could get it caught in the machinery of the Kubota compact tractor and risked serious or even fatal damage to themselves as an individual as well as potentially damaging the operation of the Kubota compact tractor unit they manage to avoid damaging themselves.

When operating a Kubota compact tractor it is also important to recognise the safety of the environment where the Kubota compact tractor is to be used.

This primarily means making sure that there are no children or pets or other animals in the vicinity at all. Children especially, can be very inquisitive, and there are a number of reported accidents occurring where children have simply wandered into the vicinity where a tractor is being used, and the operator has failed to see them and subsequently injured the children or other people.

It is also important when using a Kubota compact tractor to make sure that the land that the Kubota compact tractor is to be used on is as clear as possible from any type of rubbish or debris could injure a passerby, or cause damage to the Kubota compact tractor itself.

This is not always possible, but the ground should be cleared of things that can be seen such as wires, rocks, bottles, cans etc.

How does Kubota credit work ?

When people make enquiries about Kubota credit, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered.

Quite often Kubota credit refers to the wide range of finance options that Kubota themselves offer in a certain number of countries, via their website and their range of dealerships.Assuming that Kubota credit is available in the country where you live, the Kubota website will have a number of credit options available to you.

These can easily be accessed and studied. It is important to bear in mind that these are credit arrangements, in the same way that a loan from a bank or a mortgage company is also a loan, and that standard provisions will apply as they would do to any loan or hire agreement.

The cost of a Kubota tractor can be considerable, and should be viewed as a long-term investment. Kubota credit is often a loan agreement with a standard down payment and a fixed promotional rate for a number of months, quite often years.

Kubota credit

Kubota credit can also refer to leasing arrangements which a local Kubota dealer can give you more information about. If you arrange Kubota credit direct with Kubota credit Corporation, then you will be sharing a high of personal information with a credit Corporation. It is important to realise that the information you give to a credit company may be shared with other companies either for commercial purposes or to combat issues concerning fraud or money laundering.

A typical Kubota credit application form will require you to provide information concerning your name, address, employer or previous employer information as well as a significant amount of data relating to income.

Kubota credit may also be available for used or second-hand Kubota tractors or garden mowers, either from a dealer or from a local bank or similar financial institution. Kubota credit should be viewed as similar to any other type of loan or hire arrangement that you might enter into with any bank finance company.

Great caution should be taken prior to entering any type of loan agreement, and care taken that the repayment options are clear and concise and affordable. If in any doubt about any part of the proposed arrangement with Kubota credit, it is worth consulting professional advice before proceeding.

Kubota credit can be advantageous in terms of purchasing Kubota equipment such as tractors, Kubota mowers and Kubota attachments.


Kubota Backhoe : Parts, Attachments, Prices

Kubota backhoe

A backhoe on a Kubota tractor refers to what is essentially a digging arm that is used for a variety of different types of excavation work. The Kubota range of backhoe tractors are referred to as their TLB range, which stands for tractor loader backhoe.

This can include the Kubota B26, the Kubota L47 and the Kubota M62

A backhoe would normally be associated with an excavator, although Kubota had engineered a range of highly efficient tractors that can also carry a wide range of different types of backhoe and do different types of excavation work.

The backhoe on a Kubota tractor is known as a curved backhoe boom and is specifically designed to help avoid certain large obstacles such as rocks went digging with the boom. It is also designed to allow ease of manoeuvrability when placing the contents of the bucket in the center of a truck bed.

Kubota backhoe – design

A Kubota backhoe has been designed to specifically protect and display the various hydraulic hoses connected from the tractor through the arm. The design is intended to keep the various houses is safe and clear of other obstacles as possible.

Also they are much clearer to see thereby making it easier to see if there are any problems or they need repairing anyway.

The Kubota backhoe hydraulic cylinders are chrome plated, the primary advantage of this being that they are less prone to rust.

This can be a major issue for all types of agricultural equipment, especially on a Kubota TLB where the nature of the work means it is likely to be done in all weathers and in all types of terrain.

Kubota Backhoe – features

A Kubota TLB has what is known as a 20.3 angle of departure, which effectively means that the TLB backhoe stays relatively clear of the ground all the time.

This is really important from a practical point of view, because it allows easy or easier manoeuvrability from the backhoe and bucket to various trailers, and also when moving the TLB and its backhoe from one job to another.

One of the best features of a Kubota TLB tractor is that it has a reversible seat. When doing work of this nature a reversible seat is absolutely crucial.

It allows the operative of the TLB backhoe tractor to physically manoeuvre themselves into such a position that they have total visibility and control over the work they are doing with the backhoe.

The Kubota range of TLB’s will also include an important range of stabiliser lifting capacity.

This is a really important feature of increasing balance and making sure that the TLB is as stable as it is possible to be. Given the nature of excavation work and the nature of the type of terrain that a TLB be is likely to be used on this is very important.

Kubota backhoe – attachment

People sometimes think of attachments almost as optional extras. In a sense they are, but with a Kubota backhoe, this can be a slightly misleading impression.

The backhoe is an integral part of any tractor, and its design and usage is carefully linked to the overall design, maintenance and functioning of the tractor itself.

A backhoe will have very specific capabilities, including a specific weight, a transport height, a digging depth, a leading height, a bucket rotation, a bucket force and a dipperstick force.

Kubota backhoe price

If buying a backhoe as a separate attachment, it is important to make sure that it isn’t the right hitch, as some can be three-point and some can be four point.

It is also worth checking the size of the bucket that is wanted. Some packets can be 8 inch, some 10 inch, some 12 inch with some going up to 38 inch.

Prices for a backhoe can range from US dollars 5000 up to  US$14/15 000.

The price of a bucket can range from about this dollars 600 for a 10 inch bucket through to US$1 500 for a 38 inch bucket.

If buying online,  make sure that shipping costs are included in whatever price is quoted, avoid these can add a significant amount to the overall paid.

Kubota backhoe craigslist

Many people look to buy a variety of  kubota attachments including a backhoe on craigslist. In part, this is because it is very easy to use, and in part because it is easier to see what is available to buy on a geographical basis.

This can make transportation and cost of transportation of items a real deciding factor.

The only caution against craigslist is that it is an open marketplace, and there is no guarantee about the seller or the condition of the attachment being brought.

It can sometimes be a better deal to buy through an authorised dealer or online site like Tractorhouse, which have a reputable following, many of which include free shipping in all their prices.

What are Kubota tractors ?

The term Kubota tractors refer to a wide range of both tractors and agricultural machinery such as construction and compact loaders that are made by Kubota. Kubota is originally a Japanese company, although now a multinational with numerous dealerships throughout the world.

Kubota made its name largely by having to develop tractors that are relatively small in size given that they had to be used in a relatively small island, but were nevertheless extremely powerful and effective tractors.

Kubota tractors can be used for a wide variety of different agricultural and gardening tasks.

Many people have a fairly standard idea of what they believe a tractor to look like, and whilst this is essentially true to an extent a Kubota tractor can vary hugely in terms of its capabilities and potential workload.

Kubota tractors at one end of the spectrum are known as garden tractors or lawn tractors and are used for home at mirroring and grounds maintenance in larger residential settings. Kubota tractors also do a wide range of traditional agricultural and industrial work, as well as being involved in heavy duty construction and trenching work.

Kubota tractors tend to be classified by Kubota under various categories such as compact, subcompact etc. These headings can be useful to a degree, but also slightly misleading. It is better to be clear yourself as to what type of work you want a Kubota tractor to do, and then evaluate which type of Kubota tractor is best suited to your needs.

Kubota tractors – Dealers

Kubota tractors can be bought through a network of Kubota dealers or dealerships, or can be bought online through auctions such as eBay or other multiple listing sites.

The advantage of buying from a Kubota dealer is that you have some room for negotiation over price, warranty servicing etc. You are likely to pay more for a Kubota tractor from a dealer but get these benefits in return.

Kubota tractors will need regular servicing and maintenance, details of which for each specific model should be available by the when you buy a Kubota tractor or from your national Kubota website. If in any doubt you can consult any Kubota dealer who should be able to advise you.

There are also practical considerations about servicing when buying Kubota tractors. Whilst Kubota tractors can be driven on the road. Many of them not really suited for on road trips.

As such it is important to consult a Kubota dealer when buying a Kubota tractor as to the most practical option regarding servicing and maintenance and any repair work that may need doing.

What to consider when looking at a Kubota for sale

With the with the price the price of a new Kubota tractor potentially reaching US$60,000, and their lifespan being anything up to 40 perhaps 50 years, when looking at a Kubota for sale, there are numerous options and many possibilities to be considered.

A Kubota for sale can be either a new tractor or a used tractor. Kubota also make a wide range of agricultural and construction equipment which is also offered for sale, new or used.

The first thing to consider, is the type of work that you want the Kubota tractor to do. This will give you an indication of the best type of Kubota tractor to buy and allows you to evaluate different options.

A Kubota is both a tractor that can be bought either from a dealer local to you, a dealer some way away from you, or there are many options online.

A Kubota for sale online can be purchased either through an auction site such as eBay, or through other types of multiple listing sites.

Kubota for sale – what to look for

When deciding what type of Kubota tractor to buy, in some ways it is much the same process as when considering a new car or auto vehicle.

If buying a new Kubota that is for sale, then you pretty much have to buy it through a Kubota dealer. It is obviously easier to by a Kubota for sale from a Kubota dealer close to you, but it is possible to buy from another dealer out-of-state.

The advantage of buying a Kubota for sale from a dealer is that there is significant room for negotiation concerning price, warranty, servicing and possibly any credit arrangements.

These areas are your leverage prior to buying a Kubota for sale, and it is possible that an out of state dealer might be more receptive to your wishes. In any event that are likely to be a number of Kubota dealers in the vicinity where you live, all relatively close by giving you a number of good options.

If you buy a Kubota for sale online, then the advantage is normally one of price, although the obvious downside is you do not necessarily know the tractors history or usage.

If you are buying a used Kubota tractor for sale online, it is important to find out as much information about the tractor as you can.

A tractor can have a long shelf life, but it does depend a great deal on what type of land it has been used on, what area of the country it has been used and how well it has been maintained and serviced.

As a general rule of thumb it is probably fair to say that if you are buying a Kubota for sale online it is best that you have a good working knowledge of how Kubota tractors work and you are willing to maintain and service it yourself, or do any necessary repairs yourself.

Tractor Specs

Useful comparison spec site that covers a load of different types and manufacturers of agricultural equipment – asphalt, aggregate,concrete, construction equipment,forestry equipment, lifting and material handling equipment. mining and transportation equipment.


Gives detailed spec breakdown of tractors, Kubota and others, in very simple, easy to follow guide – useful , wherever you live.


Ritchie Specs

App for optimising crop spraying

An app, called the Ariel Spray Crop, has been developed by the Agricultural Research Service arm of the USDA, and has been designed to help make crop spraying more efficient.


There are a huge number of manufacturers of spray technology, with differing types of nozzles, different flow rats and different pressure setting ranges. This can make the whole process of spraying much more complex and inefficient than it need be,


This app is meant to help by introducing a easy to follow process that allows the sprayer to adjust the nozzle and setting to achieve their maximum effectiveness.


The full article explaining this can be found at the  Agweb web site, click here 


The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store, click here


The app can also be downloaded from Google Play , click here


For the USDA ARA, click here

2013 National Farm Machinery Show

Grain handling and storage equipment, latest in ICT – computers and electronics, all types of tractors and combines, tillage implements, latest advances in alternative energy sources and their different usage on farms, etc etc.


The 2013 National Farm Machinery Show runs from 13/Feb till 16/Feb at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, and with over 850 exhibitors has a huge array of different areas of interest for anyone involved in farming, agriculture or livestock.


Click here for the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show Website


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Kubota BX 1860

The Kubota BX 1860 is one of a series of tractors that Kubota make that they  assign to their category of rural lifestyle.

This  in effect means that they are tractors that can be used on small farms for grounds maintenance as well as for land mowing or gardening and are landscaping gardens as well.

The Kubota BX 1860 runs on a diesel engine as do all the Kubota tractors the diesel engine is a eating horsepower engine.

All Kubota tractors are powered by the own brand specifically built diesel engines which they claim the used typically less than between 20 and 30% less fuel. They also are meant to be more efficient.

Diesel engines are meant to be more powerful on the whole, and one advantage is that they don’t prove require that the fuel be replaced after long-term storage.

This can be particularly useful with certain types of tractors which are only used at certain times of the year.

All the Kubota BX tractors are featured with four-wheel-drive.

This is especially useful given the type of work they do and comes as standard on all their machines.

The BX 1860 also comes with a category ID3 – point H as standard this is hydraulically controlled it allows the tractor to have a wide range of implements attached to it which increase its use and versatility considerably.

The Kubota BX 1860 also comes with a quarter inch fouls which means that it allows the implements that are attached to the one three-point edge to be regulated much more easily because it gives them a much more specific basis on which to be attached and unattached, as explained in kubotakubota.net

Another feature of the Kubota BX 1860 is that it has the radiator positioned in the middle of tractor rather than at the front. This means that the hotair is pushed towards the front of the machine/tractor rather than remain in the middle. This means that the operator area of the Remains much cooler and also there is less chance of the engine overheating.

The operator area of the Kubota BX 1860 is particularly well thought out. It has a high back reclining seat easy to operate controls and is generally spacious. The BX 1860 has a true pedal HST operation which is especially useful. It also comes with hydrostatic power steering as standard on the BX 1860 and has a optional facility for cruise control, like most tractors written about in kubotakubota.net

The Kubota BX 1860 also comes with a space for a cup holder which is an essential part of any maintenance regime to allow you to keep your cup of coffee fresh and warm by law driving a tractor.

Kubota BX 1860 – technical

The Kubota BX 1860 is also known as the Kubota BX 1863. The engine is made by a Kubota and is one of the standard diesel engines stop model number is the 7 to 2 it is known as a liquid cooled three cylinder diesel engine and has four cycles it has three cylinders and its aspiration is natural.

Its displacement is 43.9 in.³ aka 719 cc has an 18 power horsepower engine gross act rpm has a 16.6 HP engine net at rpm and 13.7 PTO at rpm.It has a liquid cooled cooling systemwith a pressurised radiator and has glow plugs as a cold weather start a. As an under the hood muffler with side exhaust has a paper filter with Cyclone Prix cleaner air filter and has a replaceable treated paper element while filter, explained fully throughout kubotakubota.net

The Kubota BX 1860 has a forced lubrication cooling system and has a reverse air flow radiator situated away from the operator. The tractor has a 6.6 gallon fuel tank capacity, a 2.6 gallon cooling system capacity, and a 3.1 gallon transmission oil capacity.The Kubota BX 1860 is a hydrostatic early power steered has a shaft drive and wet disks break type.

The drive transmission is hydrostatic, to range. The HST pedal is a single pedal rocker type. The cruise control is available for the BX 1860 but only as an optional extra.

In terms of speed, which isn’t something you normally satiate with tractors but actually you should do it has a maximum forward speed of 7.8 mph or 12.5, it is in our and has a maximum reverse speed of 5.7 mi./h or 9.2 km/h. Important to know that

The hydraulic system is of a type known as open centre with a gear pump as its main pump. The power steering pump is a hydraulic pump. The total hydraulic flow is 6.3 GPM or gallons per minute or so 24 L and it. The auxiliary hydraulic flow is 4.2 gallons per minute or 16 L per minute.

Kubotakubota.net explains how the three-point hitch comes as standard category one and there is a lift capacity of mine hundred and £92 or 450 kg act in this points and a lift capacity of £661 or 300 kg at 24 inches behind live point.

The electrical system of the BX 1860 is that it has a standard automate. It’s charging system capacity is 40. Its battery voltage and capacity is 12 V there. There is an optional block heater and an electric key shut-off. It has standard dash mounted switch indicator lights and an illuminated instrument panel. It has two very bright halogen headlights and an optional rear worklight can be fitted.

The dimensions of the Kubota BX 1860 are its height is 69.4 inches it overall length with the three-point hitch is 92.1 inches it overall width is 44.5 inches its wheelbase is 52.6 inches its ground clearance is 9 inches, it’s turning radius without break is 7.2 feet, and its weight how unit is 1255 pounds.

The safety equipment on the BX 1860 is it has a standard ROPS, an electrically shot of the engine test, standard retractable seatbelts, parking brakes are standard, grab handles that entry and X it is standard, brakes as standard, and that operators presents control as standard.

Kubota BX 2360

The Kubota BX 2360 is a tractor in the BX series that Kubota make and is one of their smaller tractor is, but mother tractor in the category normally associated with gardenor small tractors.Kubota described its usage is described in kubotakubota.net as being for a rural lifestyle.

This can mean a number of things but is aimed primarily at people who have small farms and possibly larger grounds maintenance. People who need a tractor to do general agricultural duties but don’t need a heavy duty industrial machines. The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a number of standard Kubota appliances and features.

The Kubota BX 2360 is powered by Kubota as standard diesel engine debuts with all their tractors. Diesel engines recognise as generally being more powerful and Kubota estimates that there diesel engines use on average between 20 and 30% less fuel than typical gas engine.

The other advantage of a Kubota diesel engine is that they are on the whole require less maintenance. It is also not necessary to remove fuel when the tractor isn’t being used for long periods of time stop this is especially useful when the tractors individually used at certain times of year and stored at other times of the year.

This means that the fuel tank doesn’t have to be drained when it isn’t going to be used and can be left. The Kubota BX 2360 is a 23 hp engine, and comes as standard four-wheel drive. Being a four-wheel-drive tractor is pretty essential for most types of work and gives the Kubota BX 2360 a distinct edge on other competitors.

The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a number of implements that have to be bought as optional extras. The tractor itself has a three-point each which is hydraulically controlled and allows these implements to be fitted in a relatively easy and safe manner.

The operator control unit has access to a quarter inch fouls which means it has increments of a quarter of an inch at the lower link end which allowances implements to be controlled much more easily. Often when attaching and detaching implements they need to be done very slowly and very carefully and this quarter inch valve allows very small movements to be controlled.

BX 2060 has a reverse air flow radiator situated in the middle of the tractor rather than at the front of the tractor. This is standard on most Kubota BX tractors. It has two main advantages. One is that it keeps the area in the middle of the tractor much cooler, which is where the driver or operator of the tractor situated.

The other advantage is that the air is drawn to the front of the engine and as such helps to stop the engine from overheating.

As already mentioned the 2360 is power steered and its power steering is hydrostatic. This makes the driving and manoeuvring of the tractor much easier especially in fairly tight or small spaces. This is actually really important because it helps prevent fatigue and tiredness with the operator. Using a tractor will normally involve a fair level of stress, and the operator is quite likely to be in the tractor for a reasonable period of time, normally longer than you were so shaped with simple garden maintenance work.

Kubotakubota.net writes about the importance of having comfort and manoeuvrability both inside the tractor and outside is really important. The BX 2360 has a well thought out and designed interior operator control, with a high level of comfort and space. It has a fairly sturdy reclining high back seat.. 2360 also comes with cruise control as standard.

Kubota BX 2360

The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a standard Kubota diesel engine. This is a liquid cooled three cylinder diesel engine as is standard on all the Kubota B series tractor range. It has four cycles and is naturally aspired and comes with three cylinders as well.

The engine size of the BX 2360 is gross 23 hp engine nets 21 hp and PTO 17 1/2 hp. The cooling system is a liquid cooled system with pressurised radiator. The tractor also comes with glow plugs which are a coldweather starting a.Kubotakubota.net shows how  the tractor also has an under the hood muffler with side exhaust.

The air filter is a paper. With a cyclone preteen and the whole filter is a replaceable treated paper element.

With regard to fluid capacity is the fuel tank has a capacity of just over 6 1/2 gallons or 25 L. The cooling system capacity is 3 gallons Stover 3.3 gallons and the transmission oil capacity is 2.1 Karen. The travelling speed the Kubota estimate is a maximum travelling speed of 8.4 mph when going forward or 13.5 km/h.

The reverse maximum travelling speed which I wouldn’t recommend is 6.2 mph or 10 km/h. That she seems quite fast especially if you’re going backwards and can’t really see where you go silly quite careful with those speeds.

The hydraulic system is what is known as an open centre type with the main pump being a year pump, and the power steering pump being an hydraulic pump. The total hydraulic flow is estimated by Kubota at 6.3 GPM and the auxiliaries hydraulic flow as 4.2 GPM. There is a state optional standard loader valve.

Kubotakubota.net writes about how the dimensions of the BX 2360 are similar to the other tractors in the Kubota BX range. Its height is estimated at just over 17 inches its length is estimated at 95 1/2 inches and that includes three-point hitch. Its overall width is about 44 1/2 inches .

The Trent width of the BX 2360 is just over 35 inches at the front and 32 inches at the rear. The wheelbase is estimated at 55 inches and grandparents at 8.7 inches.

Safety is really important with all the Kubota tractors and the Kubota  BX 2360 comes with a standard rigid ROPS. There is a standard operators presence control, and electric key shut-off, and an optional spark arresting muffler.

Seat belts come as standard and retractable, the Kubota also has two very bright halogen headlights which are a really important safety feature. Tractors of this type are often used by the very early in the morning or quite late at night when the light is going, and having really powerful headlights action is a very important safety feature.