Kubota Track Loaders

Kubota SVL75 Specs, Attachments, Prices

The Kubota SVL75 is a compact tarck loader, 82 inches in height, 66 inches wide, weighing between 9000 and 9300 lbs and a turning radius of 53 inches.

It has a Kubota V3307, 4 cylinder diesel engine, with a gross power output of about 74 hp @2400rpm, a displacement of 203 cubic inches and a fuel capacity of 24.5 gallons. It has an hydraulic tank capcity of just over 9 gallons.

It has a tipping load of 6500 lbs and a lifting force of 4766 lbf.

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Kubota Excavator – Prices, Specs, Attachments, Parts

Kubota Excavator

Kubota make a range of excavators, the most powerful of which is considered to be the R 30 series, detailed below, which they also refer to as their wheel loaders.

They are incredibly powerful and efficiently designed, are fitted with quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics, meaning they can operate a significant number of different attachments efficiently and quickly. Continue reading