Kubota Excavator – Prices, Specs, Attachments, Parts

Kubota Excavator

Kubota make a range of excavators, the most powerful of which is considered to be the R 30 series, detailed below, which they also refer to as their wheel loaders.

They are incredibly powerful and efficiently designed, are fitted with quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics, meaning they can operate a significant number of different attachments efficiently and quickly.

Kubota R30 series excavators are specifically designed to operate in the most difficult type of construction land environments, and have what they refer to as articulation and frame oscillation.

This means the excavator can operate with a much greater sense of stability in very difficult conditions, giving the operative much greater control over the entire process of work that the excavator is involved in.

Kubota R30 Excavators also employ what they refer to as a hybrid link system This combines both a Z link and a parallel link system, optimising the strength of the bucket when being used, and providing a smooth and even path for the lifting operation of the excavator.

Kubota Excavators also have a system whereby the control lever operates all the main functions of the excavator, that is, speed control, movement control i.e. forwards and backwards, differential lock and the auxiliary hydraulics.

Kubota Excavator Prices / For Sale

Prices for the Kubota excavator R range are at the high end of the scale, reflecting the fact that they are some of the most powerful and versatile excavators available.

New models have a price range of between US$65000 / US$90,000 , depending upon the model, accessories etc. All prices are likely to be negotiable, and the above are a range based on prices from a main US Kubota dealership in December 2020.

There is a limited used market for these excavators, the majority of those that are available seem be 2020 models. As such, a lot of dealerships are reluctant to give any price guide, urging the customer to call instead.

With prices in this significant range, it is important to establish the hours used by the machine, the type of work it has been used on, the type of land has been used on, and who has been using it i.e. a company or an individual.

This can give some indication of its likely condition.

2020 models that are for sale through auction sites are likely to be new ones, or newish ones with little traction behind them.

These may well prove to be good bargains in terms of price, but make sure that the original warranty is the place, and transfer of ownership does not affect it.

Kubota Excavator Specs / Sizes

The R range of Kubota excavators are some of the most powerful around, and the specifications reflect that.

There are certain categories of specifications that are important to different people, and these should be carefully looked at. They Include :

Type of ROPS / FOPS




Auxiliary circuit

Drive system

Lifting specifications

Operational specifications

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Working range


Bucket specifications

Backhoe specifications

Kubota Excavator Models

Below are a list of current R series Excavators, as of December 2020, although models available may vary by country.

Kubota R Series

Kubota R420

Kubota R520

Kubota R430

Kubota R530

Kubota R630

Kubota Excavator Attachments

Below are a list of the most common attachments available for all Kubota excavators, some of which may be approprite for Kubota R series excavators.

Kubota Blades

Kubota Booms

Kubota Breakers

Kubota Brooms

Kubota Buckets

Kubota Carriers

Kubota Cutters

Kubota Forks,

Kubota Graders

Kubota Grapples

Kubota Grinders

Kubota Hitches

Kubota Landscape Rakes

Kubota Planers

Kubota Post Hole Diggers

Kubota Pullers

Kubota Rippers

Kubota Seeders

Kubota Silage

Kubota Defacers

Kubota Snowblowers

Kubota Snow Pushers

Kubota Tillers

Kubota Trenchers

Kubota Excavator Bucket

Kubota excavators come with their standard bucket, which for many people would be all they need. There may be other buckets that are more appropriate in some instances, and these can be explored prior to purchase.

The important thing to look for with any bucket is what it is made of, its width, it’s teeth and make sure that is compatible with the excavator it is intending to be used with.

Kubota Excavator Parts

Spare parts will likely be needed when a  regular service or maintenance work is done on the excavator.

If the excavator is still under warranty, then it is likely that manufacturers parts will be needed, otherwise aftermarket parts may be a possibility. Listed below are some of the main parts regularly needed for an excavator.

  • Sprocket

  • Roller aftermarket final drive

  • Case Idler

  • Tension idler

  • Undercarriage with tracks

  • Rubber tracks

  • Track and sprocket combo

  • Bottom track roller

  • Steel tracks and rubber pads

  • Steel track group with rubber pads

  • Loader rubber tracks

  • Bottom track roller

  • Upper roller

  • Aftermarket drive motor

  • Replacement tension idler

  • Front idler

  • Other carrier roller

  • Lower roller

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler

The Kubota excavator quick coupler is the system used for changing or attaching all implements within the Kubota range of machines, including excavators.

It is primarily used for changing buckets and bucket sizes, and is designed to make the process is quick and easy as possible.

Kubota’s system means that there is relatively little loss of power to the bucket, which can sometimes be the case with other manufacturers.

Kubota Excavator Dealer

Most Kubota dealerships carry a wide range of tractors and construction equipment. They are relatively easy to find either by doing a search online, or via the main company website.

This can also be located by local knowledge, or the old-fashioned way of looking through a phone book.

Kubota dealerships will sometimes specialise in certain areas of work, such as agriculture and construction.

Whilst most carry a wide range of Kubota machines, their management and personel are likely to have significant experience in certain fields.

It is sometimes a good idea to seek out a Kubota dealership that has extensive experience in the field of work that the excavator is to be used on.

This can not only guide the purchaser towards the right type of excavator to buy, but also can give them practical advice regarding certain areas of work.