Kubota lawn tractor safety 6

Kubota lawn tractor


One of the most important but underrated safety features of driving a Kubota lawn tractor is the clothing or apparel that the operator or the driver of the tractor is wearing. This may seem slightly odd in one sense.


This is a very practical but important safety issue. Whatever clothes the operator is wearing they must be such that there is no risk of any part of them getting caught in any of the operating machinery, especially the blades, of the Kubota lawn tractor.


Ideally, overalls or similar types of clothes would be worn, but given that the Kubota lawn tractor will primarily be used in a residential or semi-residential typesetting, it is much more likely that the operator or driver of the tractor will wear every day’s household or leisure clothes.


As such, perhaps it is worth mentioning a couple of specific items. Loosefitting clothes and jewellery and similar unattached clothing items such as scarves can easily get caught in things and should be avoided.


It is important to wear sturdy solid shoes or boots’s when driving or operating a Kubota lawn tractor. The Kubota lawn tractor should never be used by someone who is not wearing any shoes i.e. is barefoot, or wearing sandals or slippers.


It is always important for the operator or driver of the Kubota lawn tractor to wear protective eye goggles or eye glasses. There is always a danger, however careful the operator is, that the operator or driver of the Kubota lawn tractor can be hit in the face by an object in someway discharged by the motion or action of the tractor.


This is an inherent risk when using any type of garden tractor or non-tractor and should be allowed for by doing whatever it is possible to minimise the risk.


Protective eye goggles can literally help prevent real damage being done by an obstacle being thrown up by the blades of the Kubota lawn tractor.


There is also a danger of grass being inadvertently discharged incorrectly in some way this, and this ending up in a very forceful manner being directed towards some part of the operators face or eyes. Obviously protective eye goggles again could be an important factor in preventing serious damageto someone’s face or eyesight, whilst driving the Kubota lawn tractor.