Kubota lawn tractor safety 5

Kubota lawn tractor


A Kubota lawn tractor will primarily be bought to cut grass and mow lawns, although certain models can also be adapted so they have other functions and other uses, such as being turned into a snow blower.


When primarily being used as a Kubota lawn tractor, one of the most important safety considerations is, is to be aware of the discharge of the grass or the snow if it is being used as a snow blower, as to where the grass is going to go.


There are many different options as to what to do with the grass that is being cut or ejected from underneath the mainframe of the Kubota lawn tractor, but there is an important consideration concerning discharge.


This is to be aware, especially if using the Kubota lawn tractor anywhere near any pedestrians or public highways all roads, that any discharge or ejection of grass from the Kubota lawn tractor should not get anywhere near anywhere where it could cause a hazard either directly or indirectly to other people or traffic or any vehicle that might come into contact with such a discharge.


In this regard it is also important to be careful when using a Kubota lawn tractor anywhere near a building of any description.


This in part is because people could suddenly emerge from a building unexpectedly, and potentially pose a hazard or a risk to the safety operation of a Kubota lawn tractor. The other reason is simply that any building will have walls and windows of some description.


If there is a discharge of anything by the Kubota lawn tractor, it could either damage the walls or the windows of such a building.


Equally there is a danger that any object or discharge by the Kubota contract could bounce back off the walls or windows of a building and potentially hit or become an obstruction for the driver or the operator of a Kubota lawn tractor.


In this regard it is worth mentioning that it is often advised that the driver/operator of a Kubota lawn tractor should always wear protective goggles, or some type of protective eyewear when using the Kubota lawn tractor.


There are a number of good reasons for this. Perhaps the most important one is that with the amount of discharge of mown grass that’s going to be resulting from the work of the Kubota lawn tractor, there is always a risk of some of this grass blowing into the face and/or the eyes of the operator of the tractor.


Obviously this can be a real danger, and careful thought should be given to this, and protective eyeglasses or eyewear always used when anyone is using or driving the Kubota lawn tractor.