Kubota Skid Steer – Prices, Specs, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota Skid Steer

A Kubota skid steer is an incredibly powerful, yet easily manoeuvrable, piece of agricultural machinery, that can be used with a wide range of attachments to perform numerous industrial and agricultural work, on commercial lands, job sites or farms.

The skid steer is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, with lift arms immediately beside the driver’s cab, with the pivotal points being situated behind the driver’s shoulder.

Kubota have engineered a vehicle with a number of factors in mind.

The Kubota Skid Steer has an outstanding level of performance when compared with other manufacturers and models, a design of both engine and cab which makes maintenance will be simple to perform, and all routine checks  easy to perform.

It has also put much thought into the comfort and durability of the cab itself, as this is not only a major safety feature, but is also a practical reality of the operative performing the work.

Kubota Skid Steer for Sale / Price

Below are listed guide prices for new current Kubota Skid Steer models, as of December 2020, based on prices advertised by a main US Dealership :

Kubota SVL65 : US$52/58,000

Kubota SVL75 : US$57/67,000

Kubota SVL95 : US$72/82,000

Kubota SSV65 : US$41/42,000

Kubota SSV75 : US$47/47,000

There are normally significant discounts to be had on this price, especially if you are willing to shop around different dealerships.

There are normally discounts that can also be had on the servicing and maintenance plans for a skid steer, including a possible deal on transportation.

As with all Kubota  tractors and agricultural machinery, there is potential for significant savings to be made if the finance is thought through and done carefully, consistent with an approach to Kubota credit

Used Kubota Skid Steer

There area large number of used and second hand skid steer’s available, either on sites like Tractorhouse, or Machinerypete. The important thing to look for is what hours they have been used for, what sort of work they have been used for, and what type of land they have been used on.

Kubota Mini Skid Steer

People sometimes assume that the Kubota mini skid steer is a smaller version of an excavator. In fact, this is not true. The power and the versatility of the skid steer it as efficient as many wheel and track loaders, made by Kubota and other manufacturers.

The attraction of the skid steer to many people is that it can be used in fairly confined spaces, and its versatility is due to its design and build. This often gives it an added benefit over normal size and mini excavators.

The Kubota skid steers all of a similar size, although they do differ slightly. The main difference is in speed and load power.

Kubota Skid Steer SVL95

Kubota Skid Steer Quick Attach System

Kubota skid steer loaders use the universal skid steer quick attach system, along with many other major manufacturers such as John Deere, Mahindra, Ford etc.

Not only does this mean that there is a quick, safe and efficient system to use and change attachments with, it also means because it is a universal system that can be used by other makes of skid steer as well, that there are a significant number of attachments built that can be used.

This add significantly to the capability and versatility of the Kubota skid steer loaders, and enhances significantly the range and capability of the work they are able to do.

Kubota Skid Steer Problems

If buying a new Kubota skid steer, then it is worth making sure all your details are registered with the Kubota dealership, in case there are any problems or any product recall that you need to be notified of.

Otherwise Internet discussion forums such as tractorbynet and Agtalk can give a good insight into any mechanical problems that may occur, or any practical issues that people may have.

This is normally regarding things such as easy access or not to interior of the cab, other safety issues, whether to use tires or tracks, any problems relating to maintenance or accessibility of parts, and normally discussion on the ease or accessibility of controls that the operative has to use to use the skid steer

Kubota Skid Steer Attachments

The Kubota Skid Steer models, The Kubota SSV65 and theKubota SSV75 , can both have a wide range of attachments fitted, which effectively determine the work they can do.

The three main types of attachment or known as a bucket, a pallet fork and a bale spear. There are a number of smaller attachments known as an auger, a brush cutter, a broom, a breaker, a grapple, a power rake, a sweeper, a stump grinder, a snow blade, a snow blower, a Snow pusher and a tiller.

Below is a selection of attachments currently avaialble, with a brief description, and an estimated guide price :

Kubota AP-HD68LLT -68″ Heavy Duty, Teeth, Side Cutter :MSRP: $1,479.00

Kubota AP-HD68LLC- 68″ Heavy Duty, Cutting Edge, Side Cutter – MSRP: $1,480.00

Kubota AP-HD74LLT – 74″ Heavy Duty, Teeth, Side Cutter – MSRP: $1,702.00

Kubota AP-HD74LLC – 74″ Heavy Duty, Cutting Edge, Site Cutter – MSRP: $1,763.00

SGC2072 – 72″ Claw Grapple – MSRP: $4,678.00

RG3068 – 68″ Root Grapple – MSRP: $3,768.00

RG3074 – 74″ Root Grapple – MSRP: $4,169.00

UB25 – Stump Bucket – MSRP: $1,216.00

TC2536 – 36″ Skid Tree Carrier – MSRP: $1,428.00

SC2572 – 6′ Skid Cutter – MSRP: $4,369.00

SC4060 – 5′ Skid Cutter – MSRP: $4,720.00

SC4072 – 6′ Skid Cutter – MSRP: $5,572.00

PFL5548 – 48″ 5500LB Pallet Forks – MSRP: $1,181.00

PFL5560 – 60″ 5500LB Pallet Forks – MSRP: $1,510.00

RP30 – 30″ Skid Ripper – MSRP: $1,796.00

STP25 – 25 Series Tree/Post Puller – MSRP: $1,994.00

TR48 – 48″ Trencher – MSRP: $7,061.00

TH35 – Tilt Hitch – MSRP: $2,659.00

There are also a selection of trailers available

HOOPER 7′ X 20′ TRAILER – 18′ Flat 2′ Dove Tail/ Wood Floor/ 7000lb Axles/Ramps – MSRP: $4,975.00

TOW MASTER T-12D 20′ TRAILER – 20′ Ramp Trailer – MSRP: $9,795.00

TOW MASTER T12DT 20′ TRAILER – 20′ Tilt Bed Trailer  – MSRP: $10,950.00

Kubota Skid Steer Reviews

There are numerous online reviews for current and previous Kubota skid steers, ranging from Amazon to eBay, to other tractor and agricultural machinery sites.

The problem with all online reviews about any product is being able to verify that they are genuine customer reviews, both good and bad.

Manufacturers and their competitors have been known to post both good and negative reviews on certain sites in order to either boost in sales or damage to sales of the competition.

No one is suggesting that Kubota has done this, but the general climate does put a cloud over the  whole nature of reviews.

There are two solutions to this. Firstly to go to YouTube and watch reviews of Kubota skid steers, which  on the whole are unashamedly produced by Kubota dealerships.

Whilst they are unlikely to flag up any problems or defects, they do give a healthy view of what the Kubota Skid Steer is like if everything is going well.

The second placed to go is Internet forums, such as Tractorbynet, where there is a huge amount of valuable and normally unbiased opinions and experience about Kubota Skid Steers and other Kubota tractors and agricultural machinery.

Kubota Track Skid Steer

A Kubota skid Steer loader can come either with tracks or with wheels. The main reason people would choose track is the type of land that the skid Steer is going to be used on.

Given the weight of the loader, having one with tracks instead of with wheels can make work on certain types of land such as grass and soft land easier.

Having a skid steer with track does not affect its performance when compared one that uses wheels and tyres, it is easier on the land, which can make a significant difference to private grounds, garden centres and other types of land management.

Kubota Skid Steer SVL75

Kubota Skid Steer Specs

Kubota currently has two models for sale, the Kubota SSV65 and the Kubota SSV75. Both have different specs and prices as detailed below, and there are a number of older models also available, many can be bought from Kubota dealerships, others from different dealerships and online.

The Kubota SSV65 and the Kubota SSV75 both have Kubota engines that are powerful and reliable. There is a common rail system and diesel particulate filter ( DPF) muffler, and automatic regeneration system built in to keep the muffler clean and safe.

There are two multi-function levers, a left control lever and a right to control lever that lets the operative access all controls and attachment operations from the safety of the cab. This includes the main hydraulic line and the three electrical lines.

There is an optional high flow hydraulic system which is designed to be able to be used with certain attachments which may require additional hydraulic power.

There is also a dial type hand throttle available, which can be used for certain tasks that need a constant engine speed, such as cold planning, trenching and snow blowing.

There is a hydraulic driven cooling system, which allows the fan to vary its speed and maintain appropriate water and oil temperatures. This also allows the engine to more quickly when the weather is cold.

Kubota Skid Steers have a type of vertical lift design which has a self levelling function. What this means in practice is that when the attachment is raised, but self levelling function keeps the position of the bucket stable. This means there is no need to manually adjust the attachment during the process.

Both the Kubota SSV65 and the TheKubota SSV75 have features which make for an enhanced travel performance. There is a standard to speed travel option, effected by shifting from low to high gear at speeds of approximately 7 – 11 mph.

There is also an option to have Kubota shoclkess ride fitted ( KSR), both have heavy duty tires and high ground clearance.

The interior of the cab has a number of features, which make it both comfortable and safe  for the operative using the skid steer. There is clear visibility all around, including the whole of the bucket.

This means the operation can be viewed and assessed in a completely safe manner. There is a front post switch panel on both the left and right side, a 12 V power socket that can be used for recharging smartphones and other electronic prices, a suspension seat and an obligatory cupholder.

There is a rear view mirror adding to the enhanced visibility of the, an air conditioning system that allows both hot and cold to be blown through the cab, depending upon the weather conditions, and certain functions make sure the interior windows do not freeze during the winter months.

The cab itself is built with safety in mind.

There is a sliding front door for easy access at all times, an ROPS / FOPS cabin and the cab itself is pressurised to make sure that insects, dust and any other debris from the workplace environment cannot enter the cab, causing distress and possible injury to the operative.

Both the Kubota SSV65 and theKubota SSV7 require daily routine checks, as well as more routine maintenance and servicing. All the components that need to be accessed to perform these checks and maintenance can be easily accessed at all times.

These include :  engine oil filler tube, engine oil dipstick, battery, engine oil filter, diesel fuel filter cube, air cleaner indicator, a norex, coolant reserve tank, water separator, fuel filter and door lock.

The radiator and oil cooler are  mounted on top of the engine, again designed for easy access.

Kubota Skid Steer Radio

having an efficient radio system is a crucial element of being able to operate  a skid steer safely. The operative is in the cabin for significant period of time, without an ability to speak to other human beings.

In addition the visibility of a skid steer is not always great, especially when the bucket is raised to any significant height. It is important that the operative is able to communicate with people outside of the skid steer at all times, both for their safety as well as the safety of the people around them.

Doing any type of construction work has real dangers, and all the evidence and research shows that communication between people can play a major part in preventing some of the major accidents.

The skid steer should have capacity for an inbuilt radio system, and if it does not come with one, that one should be fitted as possible.

It is also good practice for there to be a controller at the other end of a radio, who can communicate with anyone operating machinery such as skid steer and excavators in the relevant work area

Kubota Skid Steer Parts

A wide range of different parts can be needed any skid Steer loader. Below are listed some of the main ones, which can normally be obtained, either through a Kubota dealership, or through a number of sites online.

If the loader is still under warranty, then it is likely that the warranty will insist that manufacturers parts be used, either to replace faulty parts, or as part of a standard servicing and maintenance plan.

If out of warranty, then aftermarket parts may be an option, but care should be taken to make sure they are a reliable and trusted source.

Air Conditioning

  • Drier

Fuel System

  • Fuel solenoid

Axles, Drives, Hub, Undercarriage

  • Hydraulic boom cylinder
  • Hydraulic tilt cylinder
  • Idler and spring
  • Track idler
  • Track roller assembly
  • Track sprocket assembly


  • Hydraulic cylinder bushing
  • Hydraulic seal kit

Cab Parts/Glass

  • Cabin glass, front and center
  • Mirror kit
  • Gas Strut Spring Cylinder


  • LED Headlights

Engine Parts

  • Crankshaft
  • Cylinder Head

Sheet Metal and Body Parts

  • Cylinder Cover
  • Engine Door
  • Step
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Cover


  • Filter outer. air element


  • Water Pump

Weights and Brackets

  • Weight Counter

Kubota Wheel Skid Steer

A Kubota skid steer that uses wheels or tyres so simply because of the type of land is going to carry out work on.

Wheels will sink into the ground more heavily, meaning it is more suitable for work done on tarmac or other types of solid base land.

Having a skid steer that uses tyres or wheels can also be cheaper if one needs replacing, rather than having to replace an entire track system.