Kubota Snowblower Attachments

Kubota Snowblower

When winter arrives, one of the most challenging tasks is clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. A Kubota snow blower can be a valuable tool for both residential and commercial snow removal needs. Designed to be easy-to-use and efficient, Kubota snow blowers offer exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Front Mount Design: Kubota’s snow blowers are front-mounted, allowing for better visibility and maneuverability while clearing snow
  • Various Sizes and Capacities: Kubota offers a range of snow blower sizes and capacities to suit different tractor models and applications. For example, the B2650 has a snow blower upper limit of 60 inches and 500 lbs
  • Durable Construction: Kubota snow blowers are built to last, with high-quality materials and components. Genuine Kubota parts should be used for any necessary replacements

Benefits of a Snow Blower vs. a Snow Blade

Snow blades and snow blowers are two common tools for snow removal, but they have distinct differences in terms of functionality and efficiency. While both tools can clear snow, a snow blower offers several advantages:

  • Throwing Distance: Snow blowers can throw snow much farther than a snow blade, allowing for more efficient clearing of larger areas
  • Versatility: Snow blowers can handle various types of snow, including wet and heavy snow, while a snow blade may struggle with these conditions
  • Faster Clearing: Snow blowers can clear snow more quickly than a snow blade, thanks to their ability to throw snow and their wider clearing paths.

Choosing the Right Snow Blower

When selecting a snow blower, consider the following factors:

  • Size and Capacity: Choose a snow blower that is compatible with your tractor’s specifications and can handle the amount of snow you typically receive. For example, a 52-inch blower may weigh around 400 to 500 pounds.
  • Terrain and Obstacles: If you have a hilly or uneven terrain, opt for a snow blower with adjustable skid shoes and a floating hitch to ensure proper clearing. Additionally, consider the presence of obstacles such as curbs or rocks and choose a snow blower with a robust auger and impeller system to handle these challenges
  • Maintenance and Service: Look for a snow blower that is easy to maintain and has readily available parts and service support. Kubota snow blowers are known for their reliability and can be serviced with genuine Kubota parts

Kubota make a wide range of compact and utility tractors, skid steers and utility vehicles, many of which can also be used as very powerful and effective snowblowers.

Kubota make a number of attachments and implements that are specifically designed to work with their machines and maximize their powerful capabilities.

Below are listed current snowblower implements, which can be used on a variety of machines, both new and second hand. Please check compatability before purchase, or useage.

A Kubota tractor that is used as a snowblower can be used for residential or commercial purposes.

Snow can be either a nuisance or a disaster. In either event a Kubota Snowblower can provide a clean , effective and safe solution.

Kubota BX Front Mount Snowblower

Kubota make a range of BX tractors which are renowned for their versatility and reliability, and especially their ease of use when attaching and detaching implements, notably the BX2750, the BX2782, the BX2380, the BX5450

A Kubota BX tractcor can  be turned into a snowblower or snowblade with  relative ease.

Kubota BX Front mounted snowblowers have  a two lever coupler system that is designed to speed up and simplify the changing of all front end implements.

The new BX80 series features asystem for being able to attach and detach all four hydraulic lines at the same time, designed to make it even easier to attch front ended implements, including a snowblower or snowblade.

Kubota Front Mount Snowblower

There are a wide range of Kubota tractors that can be used as snowblowers, by the use of a front mount snowblower attachment. These attachments can be bought as manufacturer parts, or aftermarket parts from third parties.

Whichever type of attachment is going to be used, there are a number of specifications that need to be looked at. But virtually all front Mount snowblowers are two stage snowblowers, and have a cutting width between 60 inches aand 108 inches.

There is normally a range of cutting height of approximately 30 inches and 36 inches.

The auger is likely to be either open flight or dual, and is likely to have a diameter of about 15 to 18 inches.

The fan is likely to have four blades, and normally has a diameter of between 20 and 30 inches. The discharge chute is normally a hydraulic rotator of approximately 270°.

Other options that may be considered can include an hydraulic deflector, an electric deflector, hardened skid shoes, urethane skid shoes, urethane cutting edge and a rubber cutting edge.

Kubota Snowblower Attachments

There are a huge range of kubota snowblower attachments available, many of them currently being used on quite old Kubota Tractors. They can be found on sites such as craigslist and tractorhouse.com.

Current Kubota Snowblower Attachments

50 inch Two-stage residential snow blower – Part number BX2816

Available Accessories

  • BX2818A – Hydraulic chute rotation
  • BX2819A – Electric chute rotation kit
  • BX 2820A – electric chute deflector kit
  • B2821A – Hydraulic chute deflector kit
  • BX 2817 – Hard plastic shoes and cutting edge
  • GR 2714 – Drift cutters

48 inch Two stage commercial snow blower – Part number BX2830

Available Accessories

  • BX 2820A – Electric chute deflector kit
  • B2821A – Hydraulic chute deflector kit
  • BX2831  – Hard plastic shoes and cutting edge
  • BX5447 – Drift cutters

50 inch To stage residential snow blower – Part number BX2816

Available Accessories

  • Bx2818A – Hydraulic chute rotation
  • BX2819A – Electric chute rotation kit
  • BX2820A – Electric chute deflector kit
  • BX2817 – Hard plastic  shoes and cutting edge
  • Gr2714 Drift cutters

48 inch two stage commercial snow blower – Part number BX2830

Available Accessories:

 • BX2820A Electric Chute Deflector Kit
• BX2821A Hydraulic Chute Deflector Kit
• BX2831 Hard Plastic Shoes and Cutting Edge
• BX5447 Drift Cutte

60 inch blade – Hyd. angle – Part numbe BX2812A

Available Accessories:
• BX2825 Skid Shoes
• BX2813 Rubber Edge• BX281

50 inch Two stage Residential Snow blower – Part number BX2816

Available Accessories:
• BX2818A Hydraulic Chute Rotation
• BX2819A Electric Chute Rotation Kit
• BX2820A Electric Chute Deflector Kit
• BX2821A Hydraulic Chute Deflector Kit
• BX2817 Ha• BX2817 Hard Plastic Shoes and Cutting Edge
• GR2714 Drift Cutter

48 inch two stage commercial snow blower  – Part number BX2830

Available Accessories:
• BX2820A Electric Chute Deflector Kit
• BX2821A Hydraulic Chute Deflector Kit
•BX2831 Hard Plastic Shoes and Cutting Edge
• BX5447 Drift Cutters

60 inch Blade – Hyd angle – Part number BX2812A

Available Accessories:
• BX2825 Skid Shoes
• BX2813 60″ Rubber Cutting Edge

63 Inch Residential 2 stage snowblower – Part Number LX 2963

Available Accessories:
• BL7522 Hydraulic Chute Deflector
• BX5447 Drift Cutters
• LX2943 Hard Plastic Cutting Edge & Adjustable Skid Shoe

51″ Commercial 2-Stage Snowblower – Part Number: LX2970

Available Accessories:
• BL7522 Hydraulic Chute Deflector
• BL7524 Drift Cutters
• LX2944 Hard Plastic Cutting Edge & Adjustable Skid Shoes
• B2799 3″ Side Ex• B2799 3″ Side Extension Kit

60″ HD Snow Blade – Part Number: LX2960

Available Accessories:
• B2776 72″ Rubber Cutting Edge

72″ HD Snow Blade Part Number: LX2972

Available Accessories:
• B2776 72″ Rubber Cutting Edge

64″ Two-Stage Commercial Snowblower Part Number: BLMX316

Available Accessories:
• BL2666A Hydraulic Chute Deflector Kit (Requires Hydraulic Chute
• B2516A Electric Chute Deflector
• L2177 Width Extension Kit, adds 5″ Overall Cut

72″ Commercial Straight Blade Part Number: V5290

Available Accessories:
• V5250 Marker Kit
• 77700-V5255 F• 77700-V5255 Front Grill Guard Adapter

72″ V-Plow Front Blade Part Number: V5291

Available Accessories:
• V5250 Marker Kit
• V5256 V-Blade Curb Guard Kit
• 77700-V5255 Front Grill Guard Adapter

66″ Rotary Broom Part Number: V5266

Available Accessories:
• V5298 4 Pt Hitch Upgrade Kit
• 77700-V5278 Front Guard Adapter Kit
• V5• V5269 50/50 Poly& Steel Brush Kit

There are also 74 inch and 84 inch snowblade attachments avaialble for skid steer machines.

The importnat thing is to check the compatability with the Kubota tractor you are thinking of using it on. As examples, a Kubota B2551 can have a 51″ snow blower attcahment with 540 PTO, 3 point hitch, adjustable chute, a 3-blade 2 stage fan and a complete PTO chute.

It is also worth checking the weight of the snow blower attachment, and any shipping costs that may be incurred if buying out-of-state.

Range of attachments  that fit Kubota B2650, B2761B, B772, B2781, B2782, BL2660, L ‘series, RTV’s, etc.

Kubota Snowblower Attachment Specifics

Kubota make two specifc snowblower attachments for its construction equipment, the 76″ snowblower and the 84″ snowblower. These are intended for work such as clearing parking lots, driveways, feedlots and residential and commercial land and paths. They are available for the following tractors :

  • Kubota SSV65
  • Kubota SSV75
  • Kubota SVL65-2
  • Kubota SVL75-2
  • Kubota SVL95-2s

Kubota Snowblower B2660

The Kubota snowblower for B2660 is made up of anumber of component parts, all of which need to be checked and serviced or replaced on older version, or those not working properly. These include

  • Driveshaft
  • Retainer Bearing
  • Bearing assy
  • Shaft, Chain Red
  • Housing Reduction
  • Skid Shoe
  • Bearing GearBox

Kubota B2650 Snowblower

The kubota B2650 is a new range of Kubota tractor which is specifically designed to be an incredibly versatile front and back loader.

Specific snowblower attachments include a Mechanical Snow Blade 60″ and 72″, and a Hydraulic Snow Blade 60 ” and 72″.

The KubotaB2650 Snowblower has anumber of specific features designed to makeattaching and detaching implements easy and safe to do.

  • PTO Power
  • Telescoping Stabilizers
  • Teslescopic Lowerlink Ends
  • Ratchet Type Lift rod
  • Mid PTO

Kubota 3 Point Snowblower  and  Kubota Rear Mount Snowblower

Kubota Tractors  have  a sophisticated  3 Point Hitch system that allows for easy and safe attachment and detachment of all rear mounted snowblower implements. It is hydraulically controlled, and can easily be operated from the cab of the tractor.

Kubota RTV Snowblower

Kubota makea wide range of RTV’s and Utility vehicles that are recognised as the most durable and powerful machines available.

The Kubota RTV-X1100C is  aclassic example of how a Kubota RTV can quickly be turned into an effective snowblower.

Kubota use a uniqe sytem, known as a K- connect 4  point hitch, which allows for easy attachment of four snowblowing attachments :

  • 66 inch snowblower
  • 78 inch straight blade
  • 78 inch V-plow
  • 66 inch rotary broom

Kubota Snowblower Parts

Obtaining spare parts for a Kubota tractor that had been used as a snowblower is not normally too difficult, if a couple of suggestions are followed.

firstly is to make sure that the specific part is correct. This may sound a bit obvious, but parts and part numbers for different models can be quite similar, and may not work correctly if the wrong one is bought.

Secondly is to try and obtain a parts diagram, that shows how the part is to be fitted. This may sometimes be available from the dealership where the part is bought, or from a manual for the tractor itself available online.

These are some of the main sections where spare parts are often needed

Safety decals

Snowblower head

Chute and deflector

Manual Chute rotation

Electric chute rotation

Electric deflector

Kubota Tractor Snowblower Models

Kubota Gr2120 Snowblower

Kubota B2750 snowblower

Kubota BX 2380 Snowblower

Kubota BX 25 Snowblower

Kubota Snowblower Shear Bolts

Kubota B2782 Snowblower

Kubota BX 2200 Snowblower

Kubota BX 2750 Snowblower Manual

Kubota RTV1100 Snowblower

Kubota Bx23 Snowblower

Kubota B260 Snowblower

Kubota Bx 1880 Snowblower

What Snowblower will fit a Kubota GR2100

Kubota’s GR2100 is a riding mower, not a tractor or garden tractor, so it typically does not have a snowblower attachment available directly from Kubota. However, there may be third-party manufacturers or aftermarket attachments that can be adapted to fit the Kubota GR2100.

  • GR2846A: This is a snowblower model that has been installed on a Kubota GR2120, which is a similar model to the GR2100. It is not clear if this model is compatible with the GR2100, but it may be worth considering.
  • GR2728 and GR2707: These are snowblower options that have been mentioned for GR series machines, including the GR2100 and GR2120. The differences between these models are not specified in the search results.
  • BX5450: Although not specifically mentioned for the GR2100, the BX5450 is a 50″ snowblower model that may be compatible with the GR2100.

To find a snowblower attachment that will fit your Kubota GR2100, you can try the following steps:

  1. Contact Kubota: Start by contacting your local Kubota dealer or the Kubota customer support to inquire if they have any official snowblower attachments or recommendations for compatible third-party attachments for your specific model.
  2. Measure Your Mounting Points: You’ll need to measure the mounting points on your GR2100 to determine the dimensions and specifications required for a snowblower attachment. This includes the front hitch or frame where the snowblower would attach.
  3. Search Aftermarket Options: Look for aftermarket snowblower manufacturers or dealers who specialize in attachments for riding mowers and lawn tractors. Some companies produce universal snowblower attachments that can be adapted to fit various mower models. Make sure to provide them with your measurements and specifications for compatibility.
  4. Consult Online Forums and User Communities: Online forums and user communities related to Kubota equipment can be valuable resources for finding information on compatible snowblower attachments. Other GR2100 owners may have already found solutions and can provide recommendations.
  5. Professional Installation: Once you’ve found a potential snowblower attachment, it’s advisable to consult with a professional or a Kubota technician to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your GR2100.

What Snowblower Subframe is needed for a Kubota B2650 hsd?

To determine the appropriate snowblower subframe for a Kubota B2650HSD, you can consider the following information:

  • The Kubota B2650HSD is compatible with a front mount snowblower. The B2782 (63″) front mount snowblower is one option that can be used with this tractor
  • The snowblower subframe for the B2650HSD is designed to be easily attached and detached. It typically requires only one bolt and a pin to secure the subframe
  • The B2650HSD can also be equipped with a quick attach subframe, which allows for the operation of a front-mounted snowblower or a hydraulic angling snow plow
  • When looking for a snowblower subframe, make sure to choose one specifically designed for the B2650HSD model. Using a subframe intended for a different tractor, such as the B7500, may not be compatible
  • You can refer to the tractor’s user manual or consult with a Kubota dealer to ensure you select the correct snowblower subframe for your B2650HSD.

How to attach a Kubota front mount Snowblower

Attaching a Kubota front mount snowblower to your Kubota tractor involves several steps. Keep in mind that the specific instructions may vary depending on your tractor model and the snowblower attachment, so always refer to your tractor and attachment manuals for detailed instructions. Here’s a general overview of the process:

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Kubota tractor
  • Kubota front mount snowblower attachment
  • Operator’s manuals for both the tractor and snowblower
  • Safety gear, such as gloves and safety glasses

Steps to Attach a Kubota Front Mount Snowblower:

  1. Prepare the Tractor:
    • Park your Kubota tractor on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
    • Shut off the engine and remove the key for safety.
  2. Inspect and Prepare the Snowblower:
    • Ensure that the snowblower attachment is in good condition and all parts are present.
    • Check that all bolts and fasteners are tightened and secure.
  3. Adjust the Snowblower Height (if applicable):
    • Some snowblowers have adjustable height settings. Adjust the height to your desired level based on the depth of snow you need to clear.
  4. Position the Tractor:
    • Position the tractor so that it is facing the snowblower attachment.
    • Align the tractor’s front hitch with the snowblower’s mounting bracket.
  5. Attach the Snowblower:
    • Follow the instructions provided in your tractor and snowblower manuals for specific attachment procedures.
    • Typically, you will need to use the tractor’s hydraulic system to raise the front hitch to the appropriate height to align it with the snowblower’s mounting bracket.
    • Engage the tractor’s PTO (Power Take-Off) to provide power to the snowblower.
    • Carefully back the tractor up until the front hitch and the snowblower’s mounting bracket connect.
    • Secure the attachment using the provided pins, clips, or bolts. Make sure they are properly fastened to ensure the snowblower is securely attached.
  6. Check for Proper Attachment:
    • Ensure that the snowblower is securely attached to the tractor and that there is no excessive play or movement.
    • Verify that all safety mechanisms and latching mechanisms are engaged.
  7. Connect Hydraulic Hoses (if applicable):
    • If your snowblower requires hydraulic power, connect the hydraulic hoses from the snowblower to the tractor’s hydraulic ports, following the instructions in the manuals.
  8. Inspect and Lubricate:
    • Inspect all moving parts and lubricate them as necessary, following the maintenance guidelines in the manuals.
  9. Test Operation:
    • Start the tractor and engage the snowblower to test its operation without snow. Ensure that all components are functioning correctly.
  10. Adjust and Fine-Tune (if necessary):
    • If needed, make any necessary adjustments to the snowblower’s height and angle to ensure it clears snow effectively.
  11. Operate Safely:
    • Always follow safety guidelines provided in your tractor and snowblower manuals.
    • Wear appropriate safety gear and exercise caution while operating the snowblower.

Remember that these are general instructions, and it’s crucial to refer to the specific manuals for your tractor and snowblower models to ensure a safe and proper attachment. If you are unsure about any steps or encounter difficulties, consult your Kubota dealer or a qualified technician for assistance.

What model front mount Snowblower fits a Kubota L 3410

The L3410 tractor is a four-wheel-drive model with a category 1 three-point hitch and a PTO. It is compatible with various attachments, including a 72″ mid-mount mower deck, a snowblower, a blade, a front-end loader, and a backhoe.

Finding the right front-mount snowblower attachment for a specific tractor like the Kubota L3410 can be a bit challenging because it depends on various factors, including the tractor’s compatibility, power requirements, and the specific model of the snowblower.

Consult the Kubota Dealer: The best way to find a compatible front-mount snowblower for your tractor is to contact your local Kubota dealer.

They can provide you with the most up-to-date information on available attachments and compatibility with your specific tractor model. They can also recommend the appropriate size and specifications based on your needs and local weather conditions.Check the Kubota Owner’s Manual:

The owner’s manual for your Kubota L3410 tractor should include information on compatible attachments, including front-mount snowblowers. Refer to the manual for guidance on which models are recommended for your tractor.

What is a drift cutter on a Kubota Front Snowblower?

A drift cutter on a Kubota front snowblower, or on any snowblower for that matter, is a helpful accessory designed to assist in cutting through deep snow drifts and packed snow. Snow drifts can be a significant challenge when clearing snow, as they are often denser and more difficult to remove than loose snow.

The drift cutter typically consists of two adjustable metal or plastic bars that are mounted on either side of the snowblower’s front housing, near the intake chute.

These bars can be raised or lowered to the desired height. When lowered, the drift cutters act as guides, helping to direct snow and ice into the snowblower’s intake chute. This makes it easier to break up and move large snow drifts effectively.

The main purpose of drift cutters is to prevent snow from spilling over the sides of the snowblower housing, which can happen when you’re dealing with deep snow drifts. By containing the snow and guiding it into the blower, drift cutters improve the overall efficiency and performance of the snowblower, allowing you to clear snow more effectively and evenly.

When using a Kubota front snowblower with drift cutters, it’s essential to adjust the cutter height based on the depth of the snow and the specific conditions you’re working in to achieve the best results.

What size of Chain is on a B2750 Kubota Snowblower

The B2750 Kubota snowblower uses a #40 chain with 37 PI (pitches per inch).

How to install a new Chain on a Kubota Snowblower

To install a new chain on a Kubota snowblower, follow these general steps:

  1. Prepare the snowblower: Ensure the snowblower is turned off and the engine is cool. If necessary, remove any attachments or covers that may obstruct access to the chain.
  2. Loosen the tension: Locate the tensioning mechanism for the chain. This may be a tensioner bolt or an adjustable idler sprocket. Loosen the tension to create slack in the chain.
  3. Remove the old chain: Carefully remove the old chain from the sprockets, making note of its orientation and how it was threaded through the snowblower.
  4. Thread the new chain: Take the new chain and thread it through the sprockets, following the same path as the old chain. Ensure the chain is properly aligned with the sprockets and not twisted.
  5. Tighten the tension: Gradually tighten the tensioning mechanism to remove the slack in the chain. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the appropriate tension for your specific snowblower model.
  6. Test the chain: With the snowblower still turned off, manually rotate the auger or impeller to ensure the chain is properly engaged and functioning smoothly.
  7. Reassemble the snowblower: If you had to remove any attachments or covers, reattach them securely.

To replace the chain on a Kubota snowblower, you may need the following tools:

  • Socket set: A socket set with various sizes of sockets and a ratchet handle will be useful for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts.
  • Wrenches: Depending on your snowblower model, you may need a set of wrenches to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts.
  • Pliers: Pliers can be handy for holding and manipulating small parts during the chain replacement process.
  • Screwdrivers: A set of screwdrivers, both flathead and Phillips, may be needed for removing and reattaching covers or other components.
  • Chain breaker tool: If your new chain does not come with a pre-installed master link, you may need a chain breaker tool to remove a link from the chain and create a new master link.
  • Chain tensioning tool: Some snowblowers may require a specific tool for adjusting the chain tension. Check your snowblower’s manual or consult a Kubota dealer for the appropriate tool.
  • Lubricant: A lubricant, such as chain oil or spray, can help keep the chain running smoothly and prevent premature wear.

How to Grease a Kubota Snowblower

Greasing a Kubota snowblower is an essential maintenance task that helps ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the machine. Follow these steps to properly grease your Kubota snowblower:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Grease gun
  2. Grease suitable for your snowblower (check your owner’s manual for specifications)
  3. Safety gloves and eye protection


  1. Safety First: Before you begin any maintenance on your snowblower, ensure it is turned off and disconnected from the power source (if electric) or the engine is completely shut down (if gas-powered). Also, wear safety gloves and eye protection to protect yourself from grease and debris.
  2. Locate Grease Fittings: Kubota snowblowers typically have several grease fittings (also known as grease nipples) located at key points on the machine. Consult your owner’s manual to find the specific locations of these fittings. Common locations include the auger shaft, gearbox, and the impeller shaft.
  3. Clean the Fittings: Before applying grease, use a cloth or rag to clean the grease fittings. This helps prevent dirt and debris from contaminating the grease.
  4. Prepare the Grease Gun: Load the grease gun with the appropriate type of grease recommended for your snowblower. Make sure the grease gun is in good working condition.
  5. Apply Grease: Attach the nozzle of the grease gun to one of the grease fittings. Pump the grease gun handle until you see fresh grease coming out around the fitting. Continue pumping until you see clean, new grease, which indicates that you’ve pushed out any old or contaminated grease.
  6. Repeat for All Fittings: Move on to the other grease fittings one by one, repeating the process for each. Be sure to apply grease until you see clean grease emerging.
  7. Check Owner’s Manual: Refer to your owner’s manual for any specific greasing intervals or recommendations for your snowblower model. Some snowblowers may require more frequent greasing than others.
  8. Inspect for Leaks: After greasing all the fittings, inspect the snowblower for any signs of grease leaks. If you notice excess grease around a fitting or elsewhere, wipe it away and check for loose or damaged fittings.
  9. Reassemble and Test: Once you’ve finished greasing and checked for leaks, reassemble any parts that you may have disassembled for better access. Then, start your snowblower and run it for a short period to ensure that everything is working smoothly.
  10. Clean Up: Properly dispose of any used grease cartridges and clean your grease gun for future use.

Kubota Snowblower Hydraulic Chute Rotator Kit

The Kubota snowblower hydraulic chute rotator kit is an accessory that allows you to convert your manual crank snowblower chute into a hydraulic version, making it easier to adjust the direction of the snow discharge. Here are some details about the kit:

  • The kit includes a hydraulic motor, hoses, and other necessary components for the chute rotation
  • The model number for the kit may vary depending on the specific Kubota snowblower model. For example, the Kubota BX2754A is compatible with the BX2754A (HYD SNOWBLWR CHUTE ROTATION KIT) while the Kubota B2784 is compatible with the B2784 HYDRAULIC ROTATION (HYD SNOWBLWR CHUTE ROTATION KIT)
  • The hydraulic chute rotator kit can be purchased from various sources, including Kubota dealers, online retailers, and manufacturers like WoodMaxx