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Kubota make a wide range of generators, and are widely regarded as one of the most reliable and long-term provider of portable generators that are in use.

A Kubota generator have a number of different features that make them both easy to transport and use, and address ease of maintenance and safety issues, as well as an important but often forgotten necessity of noise.

Kubota Generator – J series

The J series of Kubota generators are well known for their ease of maintenance. All gauges and filters are easy to locate and use.

The J series of Kubota generators are also easy to transport, and they have special forklift openings at the base of the machine.

Kubota generators have a number of built-in safety measures including the generator automatically shutting the engine down if the water temperature gets too high or the oil pressure drops below a level considered safe, and also when the fan belt breaks.

The J series of Kubota generators also has access terminals for automatic transfer switches which are located and easy to find behind the control panel.

Kubota Generator – GL series

The Kubota generator GL series aka the lowboy 11 is, according to Kubota , is designed to have the minimum possible height while using the vertical diesel engine.

As with all types of Kubota generators there is easy maintenance with the oil gauge, the oil filter, the oil repairs report, fuel filter and the water reserve tank as well as the battery and air cleaner all been located on one side.

As with other Kubota generators there is an inbuilt safety measure, which means that the engine will automatically shutdown if the water temperature becomes excessive, or if the water should drop to below a certain level considered safe.

Transportability is important issue for generators and Kubota generators have a one-point lifting eye, making it easy to transport them. With the GL series of Kubota generators, a big emphasis is placed on reducing noise levels.

Kubota Generator – Uses

A Kubota generator can be an invaluable source of power, especially if needed as a backup source of power. Many people rely on generators for a variety of different reasons.

There are number of businesses that are completely reliant on the need for power sources and emergency power sources such as Kubota generators, especially institutions such as hospitals.

Hospitals will rely on a generator such as a Kubota generator not only for providing power that is needed for areas such as electricity and heating, but also the need for power to make sure that basics such as food in the kitchens is kept refrigerated and safe to eat.

A Kubota generator can be used in rural areas where there is a real issue about continuity of power or availability of power in the first place. The need for a Kubota generator to be safe and reliable is paramount, and this is evident in the reputation that Kubota have for their building and servicing of Kubota generators.

Many homes might rely directly or indirectly on a Kubota generator. To an extent depends where you live, but the need for a direct backup power supply is often crucial to life itself at the extreme. A Kubota generator can serve both as a lifesaver and as a friend.