What is a Kubota rtv ?

A Kubota rtv refers to a Krtv series of utility vehicles, a wide range of vehicles that can be used for a wide variety of different tasks alongside more recognisable Kubota tractors and agricultural machinery. The term utility vehicle means that it is a vehicle with potential for a large number of different uses.

A Kubota rtv is normally powered by a three cylinder Kubota diesel engine, which is widely regarded in the industry as one of the most reliable engines available.

A Kubota rtv is likely to be used off-road a lot of time, and most if not all Kubota rtv’s will be fitted with responsive hydrostatic power steering. Power steering is hugely important given the size of a Kubota rtv, but also given the nature of the land that is likely to be used on.

A Kubota rtv can also be used alongside tractors and agricultural machinery for various types of lifting and pulling work such as log carrying etc. For this reason it is important that a Kubota can be easily manoeuvred in different types of terrain and in difficult land management situations.

Kubota rtv – ROPS

A Kubota rtv is likely to be fitted with what is known as a rollover protective structure. These are standard on many new and current Kubota tractors and other pieces of Kubota agricultural machinery.

These are an essential part of the safety operation of a Kubota. In the event of the Kubota rtv overturning for any reason, the rollover protective structure will give some measure of additional safety against the driver or operative of the Kubota being crushed under the weight of the vehicle.

If the Kubota rtv has a seatbelt fitted, then this should always be used. If the Kubota but not have a seatbelt fitted, then it is a good idea to approach a Kubota dealer and request that one be fitted.

The operating area of a Kubota rtv has been designed with an understanding that the operative may spend a fair degree of time driving and operating the . To this end the seating and instrumentation layout of the Kubota rtv has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

A Kubota rtv should be seen and thought of as a utility vehicle that can be used as an addition to other types of Kubota tractor and agricultural equipment.

It can be used alongside tractors and construction equipment to facilitate the work that these other pieces of Kubota machinery do. This type of work can be done on larger residential or smallholding properties, on small farms, or for towing or material handling.

A Kubota rtv is an ideal fit for a rural lifestyle approach to managing land areas such as vegetable gardens or estate management. Small farms that do not have much leeway in terms of budget could find that a Kubotartv is an ideal fit for doing a certain amount of work that would otherwise be time-consuming and ineffective.