Kubota tractor – instrument lights

The instrument panel on a Kubota tractor will display a wide range of important information concerning a number of gauges.

They will most likely be a charge indicator or ammeter on the instrument panel of your Kubota tractor which will give you information as to whether your alternator or generator is charging your battery correctly.

This is obviously important to note both from a practical point of view and a safety point of view. The battery is a key element in starting mechanism of your Kubota tractor, and you need to know that it is charging properly during usage. Incorrect use of this information could lead to all Kubota tractor becoming difficult to use, or not be able to start at all next time you try and use it.

The instrument panel on a Kubota tractor will also have an oil pressure light or indicator. This is one of the most important indicator controls on your instrument panel. It is similar in many ways to an oil light on an automobile.

If the oil pressure light indicator starts to show on your Kubota tractor. It means there is a problem with the oil in the tractor. This is either because of an oil leak or center because oil levels have fallen to a dangerously low level.

In either event if the oil indicator lights on your Kubota tractor starts to display you should stop using the Kubota tractor immediately. You should check the level of oil on your Kubota tractor, and also check to see if there are any obvious oil leaks. You should fill or refill the oil to its appropriate level for reusing or starting to use Kubota tractor again.

In the event that the oil indicator light goes off, it is probably safe to start using your Kubota tractor again, but it would be well worth checking very regularly to make sure that there is still sufficient oil in the Kubota tractor to allow it to function properly. It is probably not a good idea simply to rely on the oil pressure indicator light again.

If the oil indicator light comes on can you continue to use your Kubota tractor without checking oil levels or for an oil leak, you risk doing severe damage to the engine of Kubota tractor.

This could result in an extremely dangerous situation in terms of your ability to use or maintain or operate the Kubota tractor safely. It is also highly likely that in the event of the engine becoming seriously damage and needing work or replacement, your Kubota warranty would be invalidated by the fact that you had not taken proper precautions to make sure that the Kubota tractor worked effectively.

Without proper levels of oil in Kubota tractor and engine can effectively seize up. As such the oil indicator light is one that should never be ignored. If you think any of the lights including the oil indicator light on the instrument panel of your Kubota tractor are faulty, then it is important to get the electrics and all the inner workings of your Kubota tractor checked by an authorised Kubota dealer, and any replacement Kubota parts obtained as necessary.