New Kubota plant in Georgia

Lots of excitement about a new Kubota manufacturing facility costing $73 million being opened in Jefferson, Georgia.

Aside from the good news in terms of jobs in Georgia, it is actually also good news for people who own or intend to buy any type of Kubota tractor.

This is largely because it shows a vote of confidence by Kubota, based in Georgia and in the United States generally.

This type of commitment is important especially for Kubota tractors and agricultural machinery generally in part because of the longevity of use of the equipment.

Kubota tractors can last easily 20/30 years, the issue becomes servicing and maintenance and Kubota parts.

This type of investment and opening of a manufacturing plant shows that Kubota is looking forward.

Kubota also hint that they want to expand significantly within all of the US, which is at least an indication that they are committed for the long-term.

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