Kubota – Orange Rules

The logic for colour coding controls on a Kubota tractor in terms of safety, is fairly self-evident. If there is a standardisation of colour representing certain controls or controlling types of mechanism, then there is more likely to be less confusion and less misunderstanding by people who drive or use a Kubota tractor.

The colour orange is used to designate a certain number of ground motion controls. These generally include the engine speed, the controls of the transmission, the main parking brake or parking lock, the differential lock and the independent emergency brakes.

Whilst the standardisation of colour controls helps anyone who is new or unsure of how to drive a Kubota tractor, such as the Kubota B series B 2320 HST, it is also important to note that the array of colours and the array of controls can still be extremely confusing someone.

It is important for anyone who is to drive a Kubota Tractor who does not have experience of driving before or driving another may contractor to seek advice and guidance prior to commencement of the operation of the Kubota tractor.

This may involve someone within them a practical lesson, it may involve them reading through the owners manual or a Kubota tractor if one is to hand, or it may mean consulting the main Kubota dealer for their advice and guidance.

Orange coloured controls on a Kubota tractor generally mean one of the following rules. The controls for regulating the speed of the engine tend to be operated by either the right hand or the right foot or both on a Kubota tractor. Differential lock controls tend to be made possible with either a forward or a downward motion.

Tractor safety is ultimately only as good as the person using it. To this end an understanding of the mindset of mentality behind the layout of controls on a Kubota tractor is really important.

Understanding that colour controls are meant to help the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor navigate which levers do what and how, is important. It is equally important that the operator of the tractor familiarise themselves with these controls prior to engagement of the tractor.

This may need to be done as a slow learning process, in which case the actions or usage of the Kubota tractor should be supervised by someone who is familiar with it and is in a position to advise and help someone learning the process.