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Kubota KX121-3 Specs, Attachments, Prices, Rental

The KX121-3 is a Kubota made mini excavator, with a mximum cutting height of 17.8 ft, a maximum digging depth of 11.5 ft and a maximum loading height of 12.8 ft.

It has a V2203 engine, with a net power output of 42 hp, a displacement of 134 cubic inches and a fuel capacity of just under 17 gallons. It has an hydraulic pump flow capacity of 25 gallons per minute, an hydraulic system fluid capacity of 17.7 gallons and an operating weight of 9000 lbs

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Kubota SVL75 Specs, Attachments, Prices

The Kubota SVL75 is a compact tarck loader, 82 inches in height, 66 inches wide, weighing between 9000 and 9300 lbs and a turning radius of 53 inches.

It has a Kubota V3307, 4 cylinder diesel engine, with a gross power output of about 74 hp @2400rpm, a displacement of 203 cubic inches and a fuel capacity of 24.5 gallons. It has an hydraulic tank capcity of just over 9 gallons.

It has a tipping load of 6500 lbs and a lifting force of 4766 lbf.

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Kubota RTV500 – Specs, Attachments, Prices

The RTV 500 is a Kubota made utility vehicle, designed both to haul cargo and transport people.  It has a liquid cooled, 2 cylinder, 4 cycle, Kubota GZ460 gas engine, with a power output of 15.8 hp at 456 rpm.

It has a standard differential lock, with a maximum travel speed of approx 0-25 mph. It has a towing capacity of approx 1102 lbs, and  a maximum cargo bed load of 440 lbs.

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Kubota B6100 : Specs, Problems, Attachments

The Kubota B6100 is a B series sub-compact utility tractor, first produced in about 1978, and in production for roughly 6/7 years. It has a 0.7 litre, 3 cylinder diesel engine, with a power output of about 14 hp, and a PTO of approx 12 hp. It has a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons

It has hydrostatic transmission, power steering and a wet disc braking sysytem.

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Kubota GF1800 – Specs, Problems, Attachments

The Kubota GF1800 is a lawn and garden tractor , first manufactured by Kubota in approx 1994, and was in production forabout 10/12 years. It has proved highly popular, and still has a significant user base today.

It had an 18 hp, 720cc, 3 cylinder diesel engine, a mower deck of 42 / 60 inches, a fuel capacity of 5 gallons and hydrostatic transmission.

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