What are Kubota tractors ?

The term Kubota tractors refer to a wide range of both tractors and agricultural machinery such as construction and compact loaders that are made by Kubota. Kubota is originally a Japanese company, although now a multinational with numerous dealerships throughout the world.

Kubota made its name largely by having to develop tractors that are relatively small in size given that they had to be used in a relatively small island, but were nevertheless extremely powerful and effective tractors.

Kubota tractors can be used for a wide variety of different agricultural and gardening tasks.

Many people have a fairly standard idea of what they believe a tractor to look like, and whilst this is essentially true to an extent a Kubota tractor can vary hugely in terms of its capabilities and potential workload.

Kubota tractors at one end of the spectrum are known as garden tractors or lawn tractors and are used for home at mirroring and grounds maintenance in larger residential settings. Kubota tractors also do a wide range of traditional agricultural and industrial work, as well as being involved in heavy duty construction and trenching work.

Kubota tractors tend to be classified by Kubota under various categories such as compact, subcompact etc. These headings can be useful to a degree, but also slightly misleading. It is better to be clear yourself as to what type of work you want a Kubota tractor to do, and then evaluate which type of Kubota tractor is best suited to your needs.

Kubota tractors – Dealers

Kubota tractors can be bought through a network of Kubota dealers or dealerships, or can be bought online through auctions such as eBay or other multiple listing sites.

The advantage of buying from a Kubota dealer is that you have some room for negotiation over price, warranty servicing etc. You are likely to pay more for a Kubota tractor from a dealer but get these benefits in return.

Kubota tractors will need regular servicing and maintenance, details of which for each specific model should be available by the when you buy a Kubota tractor or from your national Kubota website. If in any doubt you can consult any Kubota dealer who should be able to advise you.

There are also practical considerations about servicing when buying Kubota tractors. Whilst Kubota tractors can be driven on the road. Many of them not really suited for on road trips.

As such it is important to consult a Kubota dealer when buying a Kubota tractor as to the most practical option regarding servicing and maintenance and any repair work that may need doing.