Used Kubota Tractor – a basic guide

Kubota are one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machinery in the world today.

Originally a Japanese company , they have a significant worldwide presence nowadays, and have a big production base in the United States, as well as a big dealership network .

This is important when thinking of buying a used tractor for two reasons.

People need to be buying and re-buying new Kubota Tractors, in order for there to be a viable second hand market.

Also if buying a second hand Kubota tractor, having a wide range of dealerships and a production base is important because of the need for servicing and the need for genuine Kubota parts in order to comply with any warranty.

Used Kubota Tractors – the range

People often think of Kubota as making compact and subcompact tractors, which they do, but they also make heavy duty industrial and agricultural tractors for a variety of tasks and work.

Used Kubota tractor BX series – compact tractors ranging from 18/25 hp

Used Kubota B series tractors ranging from 18/32 hp

Used Kubota TLB Series tractors ranging from 21/59 hp

Used Kubota tractor L series ranging from 30/59hp

Used Kubota M series of tractors, ranging from 43/135 hp

Used Kubota tractors – Kubota mowers

Used Kubota T series – mowers with an engine range of 18/23hp

Used Kubota GR Series – mowers from 20/21 hp

Used Kubota F Series – mowers with an engine size of 25.5/36hp

Used Kubota Z series – 21/31 hp

Used Kubota Tractors – Utility Vehicles/RTV

Used Kubota RTV500

Used Kubota RTV900XT

Used Kubota RTV1100

Used Kubota RTV 11400CPX

Used Kubota Tractors – Construction equipment

Kubota also make a number of heavy duty industrial type tractors , whose uses can include

excavating, wheel loading, and compact track loading.

Used Kubota Tractor KX Series – 1/8 ton excavators

Usedv Kubota tractor U Series – 1.5/5 ton excavators

Used Kubota tractor R series – wheel loaders

Used Kubota tractor SVL series – 2300/31010 ROC, compact track loaders

Used Kubota tractor TLB Series, big tractors with engine size ranging from 21/59 hp