Kubota U55 Mini Excavator – Specs, Prices, Attachments, Parts

Kubota U55

The Kubota U55 is one of the most popular mini excavator is on the market, both for sales and rental. It combines Kubota’s reputation for building small but incredibly powerful agricultural machines.

It is a mini excavator that has a high torque engine. This controls the timing and the amount of fuel injection in very specific ways, which creates less engine noise and much fuel efficiency.

Kubota have always paid attention to the interior of the excavators. They recognise that people spend a lot of time on them, and they need to be very comfortable and efficient at the same time

The Kubota U55 has what Kubota described as a deluxe interior. This combinea a specifically designed ergonomic seat with a wide entrance and great legroom

There are easy to use features which include the seat, wrist rests, a cup holder, a two speed travel switch, air conditioning, and easy to open front slide window and a two patent protection system.

The Kubota U55  has a newly signed digital display panel, which shows an hour meter, coolant picture, clock, the fuel level and the engine RPM, as well as other features.

There is a service mode, a warning mode, an operation history record and a maximum oil flow setting.

Kubota U55 Prices / For Sale

Manufacturers recommended places can be slightly misleading, in that normally possible to obtain quite a decent discount from the dealership, in addition to any national discounts or schemes that Kubota are  running.

There is also a significant rental market for mini excavators, as many people require them only for short periods of time, or for specific jobs. Rentals can be obtained either from dealerships or from stores such as HomeDepot.

As an indication, prices for the Kubota U55 start at approximately US66,000 and rise to approx US$77,000  for new modelsFor used and second-hand models, there is also a significant market both online and through Kubota dealerships.

They vary considerably depending on the age of the excavator, the  hours it has been used for, the type of work it has been used for and the type of land it has been used on.

All Information relating to standard equipment, optional equipment and specifications should be taken as a general guide only, and specific figures should be checked with Kubota before entry into a purchase or rental agreement. All figures are approximate and should not be taken as literally exact.

Kubota U55 Standard equipment

Kubota U55  Safety system

  • Engine start safety system

  • Travel motor with disc brake

  • Swivel motor with disc brake

  • Kubota original antitheft system

  • All hydraulic control

Kubota U55 Working equipment

  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit

  • Two working lights on cabin and one light on boom

  • Dozer  blade with float function

  • Thumb bracket and relief valve

Kubota U55 Operators space

  • ROPS / FOPS canopy

  • Weight adjustable full suspension seat

  • Retractable seatbelt

  • Hydraulic pilot control leaders

  • Travel levers with foot pedals

  • Two pattern selection system

  • Digital panel

  • 12 V power source

  • Cup holder

  • Horn

Kubota U55 Engine/fuel system

  • Double element air filter

  • Auto idling system

  • Water separator drain cock

Kubota U55 Undercarriage

  • Dozer blade with float
  • 350 mm rubber track
  • One times other track road
  • Four double flange track rollers on each side
  • Two speed travel switch on dozer lever
  • Two speed travel with auto down shift

Kubota U55 Hydraulic system

  • One pump load sensing system

  • Pressure accumulator

  • Hydraulic pressure checking points

  • Straight travel circuit

  • Third line hydraulic return

  • Auxiliary Switch


  • Toolbox

  • Grease gun holder

Kubota U55 Optional equipment

  • Six in one blade with float function
  • Angle played with float function
  • Cab with A/C
  • Canopy lights
  • Beacon lights
  • Steel track
  • Travel alarm

Working range : 5580mm / 4020mm / 3615mm

Lifting capacity : 2.6 ft / 2.9 ft / 3.7 ft / 4.07 ft /

Kubota U55 Specs :

Model U55

Type of ROPS / OPG : Canopy / Cab

Type of tracks : Rubber / Steel

Kubota U55 Engine

  • Model V2607 -CR -E4

  • Output 49.5hp

  • Displacement 159 cu in

Kubota U55 Dimensions

  • Overall length – 5500 mm

  • Overall height – 2550vmm

  • Overall width – 1960 mm

  • Minimum ground clearance – 310 mm

Kubota U55 Hydraulic system

  • Pump capacity – 14.8 gpm

  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow – 19.8 gpm

  • Maximum breakout force

  • Bucket – 5070 kgf

  • Arm –  2840 kgf

Kubota U55 Drive system

  • Travel speed – 1.83 / 3.1 mph

  • Maximum traction force – 14480 lpf

  • Tumbler distance 1990 mm

  • Crawler length 2500 mm

  • Shoe width 400 mm

Kubota U55 Swing system

  • Unit swing speed –9.3 rpm

  • Boom swing angle – 70/55 degrees

Kubota U55 Blade

  • Dimensions

  • Width – 1960 mm

  • Height – 410/ 425 mm

  • Angle – 25 degrees right

Kubota U55 Hydraulic oil reservoir  11.9 /20.9 gallons

Kubota U55 Fuel reservoir 18 Gallons

Kubota U55 Operating weight ( including operators weight estimated at 175 lbs)

  • Rubber – 5494 kg

  • Steel –  5795 kg

Kubota U55  Parts

  • Sprocket

  • Roller aftermarket final drive

  • Case Idler

  • Tension idler

  • Undercarriage with tracks

  • Rubber tracks

  • Track and sprocket combo

  • Bottom track roller

  • Steel tracks and rubber pads

  • Steel track group with rubber pads

  • Loader rubber tracks

  • Bottom track roller

  • Upper roller

  • Aftermarket drive motor

  • Replacement tension idler

  • Front idler

  • Other carrier roller

  • Lower roller

Kubota U55 Attachments

Kubota Blades

Kubota Booms

Kubota Breakers

Kubota Brooms

Kubota Buckets

Kubota Carriers

Kubota Cutters

Kubota Forks,

Kubota Graders

Kubota Grapples

Kubota Grinders

Kubota Hitches

Kubota Landscape Rakes

Kubota Planers

Kubota Post Hole Diggers

Kubota Pullers

Kubota Rippers

Kubota Seeders

Kubota Silage

Kubota Defacers

Kubota Snowblowers

Kubota Snow Pushers

Kubota Tillers

Kubota Trenchers

and  a more detailed list below

  • Hydraulic thumb kit

  • Hydraulic breakers

  • Flail brush shredder

  • 24 inch frost ripper

  • Grading blade

  • Solid trinr grapple

  • Excavating rake

  • Vibratory Compactor

  • Compaction wheel

  • Hydraulic auger

  • Travel alarms

  • Canopy light kits

  • Strobe light kit

  • Mirror kit for cabins

  • Block heater kits

  • Steel track kits

  • Wide steel tracks/dozer blade extension kit

  • Additional counterweight kit

  • Brush guard kit

  • Two-way service support kit

  • Seat Belt kits

  • Travel pedal kit

  • Radios

Kubota U55 Reviews

Kubota U55 reviews can be found online, either on sites such as YouTube, or in discussion forums such as tractor by net.

Reviews should be treated with some degree of caution, but can also be very valuable in certain other ways. In number of reviews on you tube are done by manufacturers and dealers, and as suchour from unapologetic sales pitches.

These reviews do however show off the excavator at its best, and are valuable because of that.

Other reviews on discussion forums tend to be more objective in that they usually posted by users, satisfied or dissatisfied customers.

When reading reviews it important to distinguish between people who have had structural problems with the excavator, whether or not they have been sorted and what the outcome was.

Sometimes structural problems are down to the manufacturer, other times to the dealership.

The other thing to look out for is whether or not users are unhappy because the excavator did not meet their requirements in terms of the work they wanted it to do.

This may well be done to the user not having researched properly what their requirements were before buying or renting the excavator, in which case the review needs to be read in that context