Kubota Tractor – Yellow to go

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, which come with different engine sizes and are intended for differing levels of severity of work, and different types of land. However they have one thing in common which is that they are all Kubota tractors.

A Kubota tractor will have an instrument panel or control panel that contains a number of instruments or controls that give the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor a significant amount of information about how to operate and control the tractor.

These controls also give the driver warning signs that there might be a problem or a potential danger with the functioning or operation of the Kubota tractor in advance. Such a warning allows the driver or operator to take action to stop such a problem or hazard occurring thus preventing damage to the Kubota tractor and themselves and possibly other people.

Because there are so many controls on a Kubota tractor, and because of their importance, it is necessary to understand the logic of why they are coloured and positioned the way they are.

It has become common within the agricultural industry for tractors to be standardised by way of colour coding for the different controls that exist on any tractor. This applies to new tractors and some older tractors, but there will be many much older tractors that this does not apply to.

The advantage is that any current Kubota tractor, as well as any tractor made by another manufacturer should have standardised colour coding for the different controls.

This means it is much easier for anyone operating a Kubota tractor to know what the controls do, especially if they are used to using another Kubota tractor which has a similar colour coding system, or they are used to driving a tractor made by another manufacturer.

This is an important safety protocol it has been developed and makes obvious sense. The important thing to realise is to know and understand what the different colours do and what they mean.

As a brief guide, the colour red first to stopping the engine on a Kubota tractor. The colour orange refers to what is known as ground motion – engine speed, Park – lock transmission.

The colour yellow first to power engagement, i.e. engaging PTO on a Kubota tractor and the colour black refers to controls that affect the positioning and adjusting the tractor such as checking the engine or turning the lights on.

If the Kubota tractor is old to the point where it doesn’t have a colour-coded system for any of these controls, then it is important that the operator or driver of the Kubota tractor takes time to familiarise themselves with what the controls are and what they do prior to using or operating the Kubota tractor.