Kubota tractor – Tachometer

The instrument panel on a Kubota tractor will give the driver or operator of the tractor significant amount of important information about how they are driving or using the Kubota tractor, and if there are any conditions that need to be monitored and taken care of.

One of the most important gauges or pieces of information on the instrument panel is that of the tachometer, also known as the engine speed indicator. The tachometer shows revolutions per minute, which is an important guide for the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor to take note of.

It is important when using a Kubota tractor to make sure that the revolutions per minute are correct or in direct relation to the nature of the work being done.

Kubota will advise on the correct recommendations for engine speed selection, and this advice should be adhered to and taken note of particularly in relation to information given on your Kubota tractor by the engine speed indicator or tachometer.

Incorrect revolutions per minute can have a serious and damaging effect on your Kubota tractor. This can lead to potential damage of the engine of your Kubota tractor, leading either to an expensive rebuild or possibly a new engine or a new Kubota tractor.

Incorrect revolutions per minute can also affect the nature of the work being done by the Kubota tractor and pose a potential hazard or risk to the driver operator of the Kubota tractor or anyone else in the vicinity.

The two most important scenarios to pay attention to concerning the use or the correct use of revolutions per minute in relation to work carried out are as follows.

Using your Kubota tractor at a low engine speeds whilst being in a higher gear can stall the engine if you are beginning to pull or pulling a heavy load with your Kubota tractor.

Obviously stalling the engine is not good, and is something that should be avoided wherever possible. Not only are you stalling the engine on your Kubota tractor you are potentially putting a long-term strain on it, which will impair the effective use of your Kubota tractor and could lead to expensive maintenance and servicing work.

The other scenario is that where you are using a Kubota tractor at relatively high speed in a low gear, whilst attached to or carrying a heavy load . In this scenario there is a real danger of your Kubota tractor overturning or tiny backwards is going up the slope.

Either scenario is potentially extreme dangerous. Both can be avoided by correct use your Kubota tractor and paying attention to the information displayed on your tachometer.