Kubota Tractor – Run Overs

When considering Kubota tractor safety, the incidences of runover are an important factor, both in terms of research in showing that these are a significant number in terms of farm accidents, and also in terms of showing that to a large extent they are preventable, if certain basic safety protocols are adhered to by the operator of a Kubota tractor.

The dangers of a Kubota tractor run over fall into three main areas. The first is when a Kubota tractor is carrying more than one person, and that person falls off and is injured or damaged by being run over by the Kubota tractor.

It is perhaps one of the most basic rules of tractor safety that only one person should be sitting or driving the tractor at any one point. Kubota tractors are designed to be used only by one person, and the dangers and risks of having another person on the Kubota tractor at the same time can be severe.

Kubota B Series Tractor Safety

There may be more than one person on a tractor for a number of reasons. It may be that if the driver of a Kubota tractor is either young or inexperienced, there may be another person standing next to them on the tractor giving advice or showing them how they should be driving it.

It may be that a Kubota tractor driver wants to have a friend along and now sharing the cab all the seat with them.

It may also be that the Kubota tractor driver wants to have one of their children or siblings along with them whilst driving the tractor. It cannot be stressed too much, that all of these scenarios are potentially extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

A Kubota tractor is designed specifically to have one person on at any time and only one person.

The other danger of run overs is to the operator or operative of the Kubota tractor themselves. Accidents of this type happen when for any reason the operator of the Kubota tractor is knocked off the tractor whilst it is in motion and subsequently run over. This quite often happens on older tractors where there is no rollover protective system, and the driver can be knocked off the tractor by a low hanging branch or other obstacle or hazard.

Kubota BX Series Tractor Safety

An operator of a Kubota tractor can also be run over if they leave the tractor in order to do any type of adjustment or work on the tractor, without first having made sure that the engine is switched off and that any parking protocols are in place so the tractor cannot move.

Often an operator will do things quickly because they are in a rush, but this but this is an area where great care should be taken.

The other type of runover incident involves the driver of a Kubota tractor either hitting or being in collision with a person on the ground that they are unaware of. This can quite often happen with young children or adolescents who are attracted to the sight or noise of a tractor and want to see it up more closely.

The really important safety feature here is the realisation that driving a Kubota tractor of being aware that other people are in the vicinity where it is being used, and to make absolutely sure that there are no children or adolescents anywhere near the Kubota tractor when it starts up or whilst is being used.

Risks such as this are a real reminder to the driver of a Kubota tractor that a farm is a very real workplace and there is a need for very real health and safety understanding, both when using a Kubota tractor, and for an understanding of the environment around where the Kubota tractor is being used,

This applies both in terms of the actual environment of land and buildings, and the people who live or work on the farm as well.