Kubota tractor- overturns

When driving a Kubota tractor, being aware of the risk of overturning on any type of land is hugely important, as this is one of the major factors of Kubota tractor safety.

Tractor overturns generally, account for approximately one half of all fatalities that occur on farms that are caused by or affected by tractors.

Tractor overturns as they are known tend to be when the tractor either falls on its side or falls backward. Obviously this type of fall is extremely dangerous for the operator of the Kubota tractor, and great care should be taken to avoid situations where a potential overturn could happen.

Kubota  B Series Tractor Safety

There are a number of common scenarios when driving a Kubota tractor that can potentially cause the Kubota tractor to overturn. Being aware of these in advance can give the driver of a Kubota tractor a mindset which will hopefully prevent them putting themselves in a situation that could lead to a potential fatality.

Many tractor overturns occur when the driver of the tractor is turning or driving too close to the edge of a bank or a ditch, or on any type of land where there is a sudden slope, or fall off. It is important to remember when driving a Kubota tractor, that whilst you may be on flat land most of the time, it is not like a road.

Driving too close to a ditch, or the edge of a field where there is a dip can be extremely dangerous if you’re driving a Kubota tractor.

Driving on open roads and lanes can also be extremely dangerous, on a Kubota tractor, partly because driving a capital contractor on a road is a very different proposition to driving an automobile on the road. Kubota tractors will not have the suspension or driveability of an automobile and needs to be driven much more slowly than you would drive a car.

Kubota tractors will often be used on open roads and lanes, both for accessing other parts of the farm, and for transporting goods and materials to other areas of land within the farm. Great care needs be taken when driving Kubota tractors on open road.

Kubota BX Series Tractor Safety

Great care need to be taken when driving up or down a slope of any size or angle, when using a Kubota tractor. It is very easy to underestimate the real angle of a slope, and the driver will not realise it until they are on the slope and unable to get off.

It is really important when driving a Kubota tractor never to go up or down the slope is too steep, but find some other mechanism for doing the work required of such a slope.

The other type of overturn that can happen with a Kubota tractor, as with any type of tractor is when a Kubota tractor suddenly turns sharply, whilst it has a front end loader that is raised quite high.

When using a front-end loader on a Kubota tractor, it is extremely important to realise that the height and angle of the loader will make the Kubota tractor potentially more unstable, and needs to be driven with much more care.

Most if not all modern Kubota tractors will be fitted with what is known as a rollover protective structure which can help prevent serious injury to the operative. A Kubota tractor should also be fitted with a seatbelt that the operative wears at all times.

Both these factors are perhaps two most important safety elements for a Kubota tractor driver to adhere to in order to prevent serious injury in the event of an overurn.