Kubota Tractor – Power Take Off Entanglement

Many people will have heard of what is known as power take off, often referred to as PTO, a term which can give a slightly misleading impression as to what it actually means.

Kubota tractor safety has a big part to play in understanding that a power take off stub, is a stub that transfers power from the tractor to any type of machinery that the Kubota tractor is powering.

The issue of Kubota tractor safety concerning a power take off stub, relates to the danger of an operative of the Kubota tractor getting their hand or another part of their body entangled in the PTO stub itself.

A PTO stub can rotate at approximately anywhere between nine and 17 times per second, so obviously is extremely fast. Any part of a human being that gets caught or entangled with a power takeoff shaft at that speed is likely to experience severe damage.

Kubota B Series Tractor safety

Most modern tractors, including Kubota tractors, have a guard that is fitted over the PTO shaft, that should prevent anyone touching it or getting near it and thereby preventing any damage to the operative of the Kubota tractor.

The real issue, as with much Kubota tractor safety, relates to older tractors, which will not have a power take off shaft or stub fitted, and it is up to the operative of the tractor to have one fitted themselves.

A similar issue arises with the rollover protection sstructures, which are fitted as standard to most modern day tractors including Kubota tractors, but which were not and are not fitted to many older tractors. Age of a tractor is an issue, for two main reasons.

Firstly is that Kubota tractors last, and are often used for anything up to 40 or 50 years, although such length of service is quite rare nowadays. Secondly is the issue of cost in terms of replacing tractors.

Kubota BX Series Tractor Safety

The cost of a new Kubota tractor can seem prohibitive in relation to the cost of maintaining and servicing an existing tractor, even if it is quite an old one. One of the real dangers with all tractor safety, is that people think that accidents only ever happen to other people, never to themselves.

This is certainly part of human nature, but can be a dangerous attitude in terms of safety both to oneself, family, employees and friends.

It is worth recognising that Kubota tractors are designed, manufactured and sold with a very heavy emphasis on safety.

This is in large part is because Kubota recognise that the safe use of an agricultural machine is as important in relation to every area of work as is the safety aspect of any automobile, van truck or other driveable machine.