Kubota – importance of manuals

The instrument panel on your Kubota tractor is an area that you need to get to know well and understand fully in order to be able to use and operate your Kubota tractor safely.

The Kubota instrument panel will have a number of lights, digital display units, buzzers or buttons etc, that will give you a significant amount of information about the operation and work worthiness and generally tell you what is going on with your Kubota tractor.

The layout and type of controls that there are on a Kubota tractor will vary depending on the model and type and age of Kubota tractor that you have.

In one sense the layout of the Kubota tractor instrument panel does not really matter, so long as the operator or driver of the Kubota tractor understands and knows where and what all the different controls do.

Where it might become more of an issue, is if a driver of a Kubota tractor is used to driving another type of tractor, either another Kubota tractor or a tractor made by a another manufacturer.

In that case not only is it likely that the layout of the instrument panel of the Kubota tractor will be different, but it may well be confusing as well.

If someone has never driven a Kubota tractor before, they will come to it fresh and look at the instrument and control panel with no preconceived idea of what the various control mechanisms are or what they mean.

If they have driven another Kubota tractor before, there will be an expectation that the layout and meaning of the various display controls will be the same or similar.

If the owner or operator of the Kubota tractor has been using a different manufacturer, then they will at least have an idea of the types of controls that will exist on the Kubota tractor they are now using. Where it may get confusing is that the layout of the instrument panel of the Kubota tractor will now be different.

Whatever the previous experience of the driver of the Kubota tractor, it is important that they spend time before using the Kubota tractor to read the operator’s manual, and fully understand the layout of the instrument panel, what controls that are and what they mean.

The instrument panel on a Kubota tractor will give vital and meaningful information about the condition and operation of the tractor, such information needs to be fully understood and integrated into the operation of the Kubota tractor by the operator. Understanding the instrument panel and what the various dials and knobs and digital display units mean is crucial.