Kubota garden tractors – driving age

It is important to remember that a Kubota garden tractor is a piece of industrial/agricultural machinery that people drive in the same way that you would drive a car/automobile van/truck etc.

It is vitally important that whoever drives the Kubota garden tractor is of an age that is appropriate to the use of such a machine.

Because the Kubota garden tractor will often be used in a residential setting, there is a tendency to assume that age appropriate driving might not necessarily apply.

This is incorrect and could be extremely dangerous.

A Kubota garden tractor has potential to be dangerous, indeed fatal, if driven in an unsafe or haphazard manner. As such the Kubota tractor should only be used by a responsible adult, who is fully aware of both the machine and any issues concerning the environment on which the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.

Some manufacturers may put an age specific requirement in the manual, which can serve as a guide, but should not be taken as an absolute rule. How responsible a teenager can be varies widely, and it is a determination that only a responsible adult can make.

The issue of age appropriateness in terms of driving the Kubota garden tractor should in many ways refer or relates to the ability of said person to read and understand the operations manual that comes with the Kubota garden tractor. 

Also to be in a position to fully comprehend how the controls work, and the potential hazards and dangers that could be encountered.

If the person is age-appropriate, and has enough awareness to comprehend these issues, that is normally a sufficient requirement for someone to undertake the use of a Kubota garden tractor.

In the event that a parent deems an adolescent to be age-appropriate to drive or use the Kubota garden tractor, then that adolescent should be guided and trained and supervised by a parent at all times.

Such parental supervision is advised as a safety requirement, purely because however responsible the adolescent may be, they may encounter hazards or problems whilst using the Kubota garden tractor that only an adult would be able to fully understand and deal with.

In many ways this applies to a responsible adult as well. Whoever operates the Kubota garden tractor should have read the instruction manual and be fully aware of how to use the tractor, and what to do in the event of there being a problem or an emergency.

Whoever uses the Kubota garden tractor on a regular basis will probably undertake these duties.

In the event that another responsible adult is entrusted to use the Kubota garden tractor, it should be established that they have a similar understanding of the safety protocols and operations that are clearly defined in the manual that comes with the Kubota garden tractor.