Kubota tractor – safety and environment

Young people, the age of which can be difficult to assess, are involved actively in the running of most farms, mainly owing to the fact that the majority of farms are family businesses as well, and as such children will be involved from a very early age in watching and wanting to be involved in the working elements of the farm, such as tractors.

Kubota tractors and other Kubota agricultural machinery will be actively used in the running and work of the farm. Much of this work can involve young people safely, if done with proper thought and care.

A Kubota tractor can be used for many tasks and jobs around a farm some of which are outlined below.

A Kubota tractor can be used for mowing land, such as pastures,fields, lanes, tracks and any other piece of agricultural land such as a smallholding that may be part of a farm. It is important to remember that the term a Kubota tractor can refer to a small garden or lawn tractor as well.

Often these small Kubota tractors are involved in land maintenance work of differing varieties.

A Kubota tractor can also be used for towing a wagon that carries a number of commodities that will be found on a farm. This can range from anything such as grain to hay, which can need telling either from field to field or to a storage container, or to a barn.

A Kubota tractor can actively be involved in all aspects of towing these commodities, as well as they work to harvest them the first place.

A Kubota tractor can also be used for bailing hay and straw, depending on the type of Kubota tractor used in the various attachments that are fitted to it.

A Kubota tractor can also be used to pick up rocks and other obstacles of debris from land that the Kubota tractor is to be used on. This is often done if the K tractor is fitted or comes with a front end loader.

This is one of many attachments that could possibly be fitted to a K tractor. For a full range of Kubota tractors and various attachments contact your local Kubota dealer.

A Kubota tractor can also be used as a form of ground clearance machinery, by being used to pull debris out of land that needs clearing. This often applies to things such as pulling wanted tree stumps and old fence posts out of land where they are no longer needed or used.

A Kubota tractor can be ideal for this type of work,But obviously if young people are being used either in the driving or operation of the Kubota tractor or in the land maintenance or clearance work, then extra safety precautions may will need to be taken.