Most people when considering buying a Kubota tractor or other type of Kubota product such as a Kubota rtv, will automatically consider going to a Kubota dealer as a first port of call. This is a natural assumption and on the whole makes most sense.

There will be other people who will consider buying a Kubota tractor or other Kubota product second-hand or used, either online from a site such as eBay or from a local ad or a local contact.

Even if someone buys a Kubota tractor second-hand, they at some point will public need to contact a Kubota dealership in order to either have the Kubota tractor serviced and maintained, or to have the Kubota tractor checked over to begin with.

In any event, Kubota have a wide range of dealerships or dealers. It may be possible to buy a Kubota tractor from another dealer, but care should be taken as they may not have full access to the Kubota range of parts and maintenance warranty factors.

A Kubota dealer should have quite a lot of flexibility concerning finance, warranty, maintenance and servicing of a Kubota tractor. They should also be fairly knowledgeable about the capabilities of a Kubota tractor, both past and present, as well as being able to give you a fair degree of advice concerning the type or best type of Kubota tractor available to you.

It is worth considering approaching a Kubota dealer in the same way that you would approach a car dealership if you’re buying a new or used auto. Many Kubota dealers will sell both new and used Kubota tractors, although there will be different terms and conditions and warranties available depending on whether it is new or used.

It is important to recognise that you can negotiate firmly with a Kubota dealer. They will have margins like every other business, and they will want a sale. Price is one factor concerning Kubota tractor but there are other important considerations. One of them concerns servicing and maintenance and warranty factors.

It is likely to be a term and condition of your warranty that the Kubota tractor is maintained and serviced regularly in accordance with the owners manual terms and conditions. This will mean that in reality the Kubota tractor will have to be serviced by a Kubota dealer.

This can be a practical problem especially if the dealership is some way from where you live. Although your Kubota tractor can probably be driven on the road, unless it is a K lawn tractor, this could take quite a while given the speed range of a Kubota tractor.

It may be possible to transport your  Kubota tractor  on a low loader lorry of some sort. In any event or Kubota dealer will have, or should have quite a wide range of experience of dealing with issues like this, and be able to advise you on this and a lot of other practical concerns that may affect how you use your Kubota tractor, or what type of Kubota tractor you buy from them.

Locating a Kubota dealer should be fairly straightforward. If you have Internet access you can go onto the Kubota website for your country and they will have a search box where you enter your home town or area and they will give you the nearest Kubota dealer relative to where you live.

If you do not have Internet access, go where you can get it, and want to have it you can look up on the Kubota website where your nearest Kubota dealership is. Failing that you have to look in your phone book, under Kubota, where you will find details of the nearest Kubota dealership