Kubota SVL75 Parts – New and Aftermarket

The SVL75 is a Kubota SVL skid steer. It is powered by a V3307DI, a water cooled 4 cycle, 4 cylinder diesel engine with a total dispalcement of 203 cubic inches. It has a power output of approx 75 hp (gross) with a rated speed of 2400 rpm and a low idling speed of 1150 rpm.

Performance and safety is key to any skid steer, and obtaining and fitting the correct parts is a crucial element in maintaining its longevity as a machine, and its safe usage whenever it is in operation.

When looking for parts, it is often a good idea to try and obtain a copy of a pdf manual as well.

When buying parts for the Kubota SVL75 , it is a good idea if possible to have the chassis number of the skid steer, as well as being able to be as specific as possible as to which part is actually required.

This will help to track the part, and also help in locating a manual if needed which will contain diagrams for the specific part, and greatly help in being able to fit it properly.

Replacement parts made by another manufacturer are normally referred to as aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts should perform the same function as a standard manufacturer part, but will normally be cheaper.

If the Kubota SVL75 is still under warranty, then it is likely to be part of the warranty conditions that manufacturer parts are used. A number of people also prefer manufacturer parts because there are specifically designed to be used with the appropriate excavator.

Below is a breakdown of the main systems used, and their component parts, in most Kubota skid steers. It is really important to check the specific item needed prior to purchase, especially if bought online. Please be aware that measurements of all parts and all product details are approximate only and should be verified with the manufacturer before any purchase.

Kubota skid steer parts online catalogue

Kubota SVL75 manual PDF

The operator and service manual for the Kubota SVL75 is most easily accessed as a PDF document, and can be downloaded either from the main Kubota website, or from a number of other websites online, either as a free download or normally at a minimal cost

The manual is a crucial document in terms of advising both how to operate the skid steer in a safe and efficient way, and at the same time keeping its operating parts running smoothly and effectively as possible

The Kubota parts diagrams that are part of the manual are important in helping anyone to fit or repair a replacement part, either as part of a routine service, or because the part has become defective.

The Kubota SVL75 PDF manual has a number of sections, which would normally cover the following areas of operation and servicing

  • Safety operations
  • dealer service
  • technical data
  • description of machine parts
  • instrument panel and control elements
  • checks before starting – daily checks, checking devices
  • cabin type machines
  • air-conditioner
  • operation of the engine – starting the engine
  • starting with an auxiliary battery
  • stopping the engine
  • skid steer operation
  • running in of the new skid steer
  • starting
  • driving
  • turning
  • up and down, driving
  • parking on a slope
  • operation of the skid steer
  • two pattern selection system
  • operation of the boom
  • operation of the arm
  • operation of the bucket
  • unit swing and boom swing operation
  • auxillary port operation
  • how to release pressure trapped in the hydraulic system
  • important information on skid steer operation
  • transporting the skid steer on a vehicle
  • lifting of the skid steer
  • skid steer maintenance – maintenance intervals
  • purging of the fuel system
  • adjustment of tracks
  • changing the bucket
  • fuses
  • operation under cold weather conditions
  • long storage
  • recommended oils
  • lifting capacity

Kubota SVL75 Safety system

  • Engine start safety system
  • Travel motor with disc brake
  • Swivel motor with disc brake
  • Kubota original antitheft system
  • All hydraulic control

Kubota SVL75 Working equipment

  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit
  • Two working lights on cabin and one light on boom
  • Dozer  blade with float function
  • Thumb bracket and relief valve

Kubota SVL75 Operators space

  • ROPS / FOPS canopy
  • Weight adjustable full suspension seat
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Hydraulic pilot control leaders
  • Travel levers with foot pedals
  • Two pattern selection system
  • Digital panel
  • 12 V power source
  • Cup holder
  • Horn

Kubota SVL75 Engine/fuel system

  • Double element air filter
  • Auto idling system
  • Water separator drain cock

Kubota SVL75 Undercarriage

  • Dozer blade with float
  • 350 mm rubber track
  • One times other track road
  • Four double flange track rollers on each side
  • Two speed travel switch on dozer lever
  • Two speed travel with auto down shift

Kubota SVL75 Hydraulic system

  • One pump load sensing system
  • Pressure accumulator
  • Hydraulic pressure checking points
  • Straight travel circuit
  • Third line hydraulic return
  • Auxiliary Switch


  • Toolbox
  • Grease gun holder

Kubota SVL75 Optional equipment

  • Six in one blade with float function
  • Angle played with float function
  • Cab with A/C
  • Canopy lights
  • Beacon lights
  • Steel track
  • Travel alarmkx161

Air Conditioning

  • Drier

Fuel System

  • Fuel solenoid

Kubota SVL75 Axles, Drives, Hub, Undercarriage

  • Hydraulic boom cylinder
  • Hydraulic tilt cylinder
  • Idler and spring
  • Track idler
  • Track roller assembly
  • Track sprocket assembly

Kubota SVL75 Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic cylinder bushing
  • Hydraulic seal kit

Kubota SVL75 Cab Parts/Glass

  • Cabin glass, front and center
  • Mirror kit
  • Gas Strut Spring Cylinder
  • Complete cabins
  • Windows and pains
  • Window sealing profiles
  • Replacement seals
  • Seat parts
  • Steering knobs
  • Dashboards
  • Meters
  • Battery discharge indicators
  • Switches
  • Joysticks
  • Electronic accessories
  • Mirrors
  • Windscreen wipers


  • LED Headlights

Kubota SVL75 Engine Parts

  • Crankshaft
  • Cylinder Head
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder sleeves
  • Valves
  • Con roads, camshaft bearings
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Hardware – bolts, nuts, studs
  • Water and oil pumps
  • Timing parts – V belts, chains, chain tensioners
  • Ignition, injection and fuel filters

Sheet Metal and Body Parts

  • Cylinder Cover
  • Engine Door
  • Step
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Cover


  • Filter outer. air element


  • Water Pump

Weights and Brackets

  • Weight Counter

Hour Meters

Rubber Pads

  • Air filters
  • Air filter elements
  • Complete air cleaner assembly
  • Pre-cleaners
  • Cabin/air-conditioner filter elements
  • Oil mist separators
  • Breather filters
  • Oil bath filters
  • Filter dryers for air-conditioners
  • Indicators and accessories

Kubota SVL75 Oil filters

  • Spin on oil filters
  • Oil filter elements
  • Transmission filters
  • Bypass filters and elements
  • Centrifugal oil filters

Kubota SVL75 Fuel Filters

  • Spin on fuel filters
  • Fuel filter elements
  • pre-and final fuel filters
  • Water in fuel separator filters
  • Universal in-line fuel filters

Kubota SVL75 Hydraulic Filters

  • return line filters and elements
  • suction filters and elements
  • suction strainers
  • medium and high pressure in line filters and elements
  • spin on hydraulic filters
  • breather filters/caps

Kubota SVL75 Loader Starters

  • windings
  • brush holders
  • Spring loaded brush septs
  • bearings
  • starter motor pinions
  • electromagnetics



  • FEM Forks
  • DIN Forks
  • PIn-Type Forks


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