Kubota Side by Side

Kubota Side by Side

A Kubota side-by-side refers to a utility vehicle that is used by many agricultural and the farm operators for a wide priority of differing manual and loading jobs. It is sometimes referred to as a utility terrain vehicle, or a recreational off-highway vehicle.

Its name comes from the fact that seats in the vehicle are literally side-by-side, i.e. next to one another, as opposed to single vehicle seats which are behind each other.

Safety is a key element of a Kubota side-by-side, and as with most utility vehicles comes with a roll over protection structure, which can literally be a lifesaver in the event of an accident.

Different types of utility vehicles, with different structures. Some of hardtops, some have windshields and some have cab enclosures. Some of these are optional extras on different models, and all are geared to ensuring the safety of the people in the vehicle.

Kubota Side by Side Prices

The price of a Kubota side-by-side varies according to the type and model, whether it is new or used, and what discounts are available by appropriate Kubota dealership.

Current Kubota models are categorised into three sizes, compact or mid-sized, full-size and RTV-XG.

They all have different engine sizes and powers, and different operator platforms. The compact or mid-sized side-by-side is likely to start at around US dollars 12,000, the full-size RTV is likely to start at around US dollars 17,000, and the RTV-XG is likely to start at around US dollars 22,000.

These prices can vary, depending upon whether individual lives.

As when buying a new or used vehicle of any type, the dealer has a list price and the price at which he will sell to the customer.

They are likely to have a range of discounts available, possibly deals on credit or finance, and possibly into deals on a warranty or servicing and maintenance costs. All these should be taken into account when looking at the list price of the vehicle.

Kubota Side by Side Diesel

Some Kubota side-by-side models run on gasoline, others on diesel. For most people it is really an individual choice at which they prefer. It is worth pointing out that a lot of governments are actively trying to discourage diesel is a form of fuel, and this may present some problems for owners in the future.

In terms of performance, diesel Kubota RTV’s perform well as compared to other manufacturers, and generally are well liked by customers. They should not be any significant difference in terms of the effect on the engine or its running power in terms of whether the side-by-side runs on diesel or gasoline.

Kubota Side by Side Accessories

One of the great attractions of a Kubota side-by-side is that any model can be used for a wide priority of different tasks.

Often this can be done without any attachment or another implement, but there are a number of accessories available that can significantly extend its usage.

Some of these include

Arm Guard

Bed Extender

Cargo Bed Rail

Deluxe RTV Cargo Box

Heavy Duty Winch

Led Highlight

Mud Guard

Poly Flip windshield

Rear Bumper

60” electric Blades





Kubota Side by Side Reviews

Reviews on a Kubota side-by-side can be easily found online, either on auction sites such as eBay, on Amazon, and on the many tractor websites that sell new and second-hand agricultural vehicles.

By far the best way to get real reviews of any agricultural vehicle is to go to the various discussion forums, such as tractor by net, where real-life tractor owners are more than happy to share real-life experiences, normally in a fairly unbiased but truthful manner.

People don’t pull their punches, but they are generally fair and should give any prospective purchaser a fairly good idea of what they are likely to get for their money.

Used Kubota Side by Side for Sale

Buying a used Kubota side-by-side can be easily done, and there are a huge number of used vehicles available, online, through dealerships and through private sale from individuals.

The same principles apply to buy a used side-by-side as a do when buying a used vehicle any sort. The one additional thing that should be looked into is what type of usage the Kubota has been used for.

With a side-by-side type of work has been used for, and the type of land has been used on both really important factors in determining its general state of wear and tear.

In addition, things like it service history, number of owners and any accidents or incidents has been involved in always worth knowing.

The nature of any utility vehicles in their is a fair chance it has had some knocks, but these shouldn’t be a big worry if they are minor.

Some of the most common questions people ask when looking to buy a new or used Kubota side-by-side :

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