Kubota MX5200 Parts and Parts Manual PDF

Kubota MX 5200 Parts and Specs


  1. Engine: The MX5200 is powered by a 4-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged Kubota diesel engine.
  2. Engine Power: It typically delivers around 52 horsepower (HP) at the engine, and approximately 44 horsepower at the PTO (Power Take-Off).
  3. Transmission: It features a reliable and smooth hydrostatic transmission (HST) with three ranges.
  4. PTO (Power Take-Off): The tractor is equipped with a live, independent PTO, allowing you to operate various implements such as mowers, tillers, and balers.
  5. Hydraulics: The hydraulic system has a high capacity, enabling efficient operation of implements requiring hydraulic power. It usually provides around 16.7 gallons per minute (GPM) of hydraulic flow.
  6. Three-Point Hitch: It comes with a Category I and Category II three-point hitch (3PH), allowing for easy attachment of implements.
  7. Weight: The MX5200 weighs around 3,650 to 4,100 lbs (depending on configurations), providing stability during operation.
  8. Tires: It’s available with various tire options suitable for different terrains and applications.
  9. Cab Options: Depending on the model and configuration, it may come with an open station platform or an optional enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning for operator comfort.
  10. Dimensions: Dimensions may vary slightly depending on tire size and other options, but generally, the MX5200 is compact enough for maneuverability in tight spaces while offering sufficient power for various tasks.

Kubota MX 5200 Parts Diagram

You can find the parts diagram for the Kubota MX5200H and MX5200DT tractors on the Messicks website.

The parts diagrams are available for the MX5200H (4WD HST TRACTOR W/FOLDABLE ROPS) and the MX5200DT (4WD TRACTOR W/FOLDABLE ROPS) models.

Additionally, you can also find OEM parts for the Kubota MX5200H on the Kubota USA website.

If you need to look up specific part numbers, you can use the Kubota Parts Lookup on the PartsByNet website or the Kubota Parts Finder on the Kubota Canada website.For the parts diagram, you can visit the following links:

  1. Kubota MX5200H Parts Diagram
  2. Kubota MX5200DT Parts Diagram

If you need to look up part numbers or order specific parts, you can use the following resources:

  • Kubota Tractor MX5200H OEM Parts (Kubota USA website)
  • Kubota Parts Lookup (PartsByNet website)
  • Kubota Parts Finder (Kubota Canada website)

Kubota MX 5200 Parts Manual PDF

  1. Introduction: This section provides an overview of the manual, including instructions on how to use it effectively and safely.
  2. Illustrated Parts Breakdown: This section typically contains detailed exploded diagrams or illustrations of the tractor and its components. These diagrams help users visually identify parts and their respective numbers.
  3. Part Number Index: This section lists part numbers alphabetically or numerically, making it easy for users to look up specific parts quickly.
  4. Parts Catalog: The main portion of the manual usually consists of a comprehensive parts catalog. It lists all the parts available for the tractor, organized by category (such as engine, transmission, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.).
  5. Part Descriptions and Specifications: Each part listed in the catalog is accompanied by a description and specifications, including dimensions, materials, and any other relevant information.
  6. Cross-Reference Guide: Some manuals may include a cross-reference guide, which helps users identify alternative or substitute parts that are compatible with the tractor.
  7. Special Tools: This section may list any special tools or equipment recommended for servicing or repairing the tractor.
  8. Appendices: Additional information, such as torque specifications, fluid capacities, or wiring diagrams, may be included in the appendices.
  9. Index: An index at the end of the manual helps users locate specific information quickly by listing key terms and the pages on which they appear.

Kubota MX 5200 Weight

The weight of a Kubota MX 5200 tractor can vary depending on the transmission type and configuration. Here are the weights for the two most common configurations:

  • MX5200 HST: 3,716 pounds (1,681 kg)
    MX5200 Gear: 3,474 pounds (1,576 kg)

Kubota MX 5200 Problems

Here are a few potential problems that MX5200 owners may encounter:

  1. Electrical Issues: Some owners have reported occasional electrical problems, such as issues with lights, switches, or wiring connections. These can often be resolved by checking and tightening connections or replacing faulty components.
  2. Hydraulic Leaks: Hydraulic leaks can occur in the hydraulic system, leading to a loss of hydraulic fluid and reduced performance. Inspecting hoses, fittings, and seals regularly can help prevent leaks, and prompt repair is necessary if any are detected.
  3. Transmission Problems: While the hydrostatic transmission in the MX5200 is generally reliable, some owners have reported issues with transmission slipping or difficulty shifting. Regular maintenance, such as changing the transmission fluid and filters, can help prevent these problems.
  4. Engine Issues: Although Kubota engines are known for their durability, occasional issues such as overheating, loss of power, or starting problems may occur. Regular maintenance, including changing the oil and filters, can help keep the engine running smoothly.
  5. PTO Malfunctions: Problems with the Power Take-Off (PTO) system, such as engagement issues or unusual noises, can occur. These may be caused by worn or damaged PTO components, and inspection and replacement of any faulty parts may be necessary.
  6. Steering and Suspension: Some owners have reported issues with steering and suspension components, such as loose or worn steering linkages or ball joints. Regular inspection and maintenance of these components can help prevent problems and ensure safe operation.
  7. Fuel System Problems: Issues with the fuel system, such as fuel leaks, clogged filters, or injector problems, may occur. Regular inspection and cleaning of the fuel system components can help prevent these issues.

Kubota MX 5200 Lift Capacity

The Kubota MX 5200 has two different lift capacities depending on what you’re lifting:

3-Point Hitch: This refers to the lift capacity at the rear of the tractor, where you can attach implements like mowers, plows, and backhoes. The MX 5200 has a 3-point hitch lift capacity of 2,310 lbs at 24 inches behind the lift point. This means it can safely lift and lower 2,310 lbs of weight as long as the center of gravity of the load is 24 inches behind the point where it’s attached to the tractor.

Loader: The MX 5200 is also compatible with a front-mounted loader attachment, which allows you to lift and move materials with the bucket. The optional LA1065 loader has a lift capacity of 2,275 lbs. This means it can safely lift and dump 2,275 lbs of material.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the Kubota MX 5200’s lift capacity:

  • The lift capacity will decrease as the distance between the load and the lift point increases.
  • The weight of the tractor itself and any attachments will also affect the lift capacity.
  • It’s always important to consult the owner’s manual for the specific lift capacity of your tractor and loader combination.
  • Never exceed the rated lift capacity of your tractor or loader, as this could lead to serious injury or damage.

Kubota MX 5200 Fuel Filter

The Kubota MX 5200 uses a spin-on fuel filter with the part number 1J800-43170. It’s located on the right side of the tractor, near the engine block.

Here’s some additional information about the Kubota MX 5200 fuel filter:

  • Service interval: The Kubota MX 5200 fuel filter should be replaced every 500 hours or annually, whichever comes first.
  • Replacement filters: You can use genuine Kubota filters or equivalent filters from other brands like Donaldson, Fleetguard, Baldwin, etc. Just make sure the replacement filter is compatible with your tractor model and has the same micron rating as the original filter.
  • Tools needed: To replace the fuel filter, you will need a wrench or socket to loosen the filter housing. You may also need a container to catch any spilled fuel.

Kubota MX 5200 Oil Filter

The Kubota MX 5200 tractor uses two different oil filters depending on the engine model:

  • HH164-32430: This filter is compatible with MX5200, MX5200DT, MX5200HST, MX4800, MX4800DT, MX4800HST models.
    • HH1J0-32430: This filter is compatible with MX5200, MX5200DT, MX5200HST models only.

    Here are some additional details about the Kubota MX 5200 oil filter:

    • Service interval: The oil filter on the Kubota MX 5200 should be replaced every 50 hours or 3 months, whichever comes first, during the break-in period. After the break-in period, the oil filter should be replaced every 250 hours or annually, whichever comes first.
    • Replacement filters: You can use genuine Kubota filters or equivalent filters from other brands like Donaldson, Fleetguard, Baldwin, etc. Just make sure the replacement filter is compatible with your tractor model and has the same micron rating as the original filter.
    • Tools needed: To replace the oil filter, you will need a wrench or socket to loosen the filter housing. You may also need a container to catch any spilled oil and an oil filter wrench to remove the old filter.

Kubota MX 5200 Reviews

Here are some common themes found in reviews:

  1. Reliability: Many owners appreciate the MX5200 for its robust construction and dependable performance. They often mention that it holds up well to heavy use in various agricultural and landscaping tasks.
  2. Power and Performance: The tractor’s 52 horsepower engine, combined with features like a smooth hydrostatic transmission and powerful hydraulics, make it capable of handling a wide range of tasks efficiently. Owners often mention that it provides ample power for tasks such as tilling, mowing, and hauling.
  3. Versatility: Owners appreciate the MX5200’s versatility, as it can be equipped with a variety of implements and attachments for different tasks. Its three-point hitch and PTO system allow for easy attachment of implements such as loaders, mowers, and backhoes.
  4. Comfort and Ergonomics: Many reviewers praise the tractor’s comfortable seating, intuitive controls, and ergonomic design. They often mention that it provides a comfortable and user-friendly operating experience, even during long hours of use.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: Some owners mention that the MX5200 is fuel-efficient compared to other tractors in its class, resulting in lower operating costs over time.
  6. Service and Support: Kubota’s reputation for excellent customer service and support is often cited in reviews. Owners appreciate the availability of replacement parts and the assistance provided by Kubota dealerships and service centers.

Kubota MX 5200 Service Manual

  1. Safety Precautions: This section outlines safety guidelines and precautions to follow when servicing or operating the tractor to prevent accidents or injuries.
  2. Introduction: An introduction section may provide an overview of the tractor, its specifications, and general maintenance procedures.
  3. Maintenance Schedule: A maintenance schedule outlines recommended service intervals for different components of the tractor, including engine oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections.
  4. Engine System: This section covers the engine system, including specifications, troubleshooting procedures, and repair instructions for components such as the fuel system, cooling system, and exhaust system.
  5. Transmission and Drivetrain: Information on the transmission system, including the hydrostatic transmission, clutch, and differential, as well as troubleshooting and repair procedures.
  6. Hydraulic System: This section covers the hydraulic system, including the hydraulic pump, valves, cylinders, and hoses. It includes information on hydraulic system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.
  7. Electrical System: Information on the tractor’s electrical system, including wiring diagrams, specifications, troubleshooting procedures, and repair instructions for components such as the battery, alternator, starter, and switches.
  8. Chassis and Body: Information on the tractor’s chassis, frame, and body components, including maintenance, inspection, and repair procedures.
  9. Steering and Suspension: This section covers the steering and suspension systems, including maintenance, adjustment, and repair procedures for components such as the steering gear, linkage, and axle.
  10. Brakes: Information on the tractor’s braking system, including maintenance, adjustment, and repair procedures for components such as the brake pedals, master cylinder, and brake discs.
  11. Implement Attachment: Information on attaching and detaching implements, including safety precautions and procedures for using the tractor with various implements.
  12. Troubleshooting Guides: Troubleshooting guides provide step-by-step procedures for diagnosing common problems with the tractor’s systems and components.
  13. Special Tools: A list of special tools and equipment recommended for servicing and repairing the tractor.
  14. Torque Specifications: Specifications for torque settings for various bolts and fasteners throughout the tractor.
  15. Index: An index at the end of the manual helps users locate specific information quickly by listing key terms and the pages on which they appear.

Kubota MX 5200 Rear Remote Hydraulic Kit

A rear remote hydraulic kit allows you to control hydraulic implements at the rear of your Kubota MX 5200 tractor from a remote location, such as a joystick or switchbox. This can be useful for operating implements like backhoes, tillers, and wood chippers, as it gives you more control and flexibility than using the manual levers on the tractor.

There are several different rear remote hydraulic kits available for the Kubota MX 5200, so it’s important to choose one that is compatible with your specific tractor model and needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a kit:

  • The number of spools: This refers to the number of independent hydraulic circuits that the kit provides. A two-spool kit will allow you to control two implements, while a three-spool kit will allow you to control three implements.
  • The flow rate: This refers to the amount of hydraulic fluid that the kit can deliver per minute. Make sure the flow rate of the kit is sufficient for the implements you will be using.
  • The type of control: Some kits use joysticks, while others use switchboxes. Choose the type of control that you are most comfortable with.

Here are some popular rear remote hydraulic kits for the Kubota MX 5200:

  • Summit Hydraulics Rear Hydraulic Valve Kit with Front Third Function: This kit is a good option if you need two or three rear remote functions and one front function. It includes a joystick, hoses, and all the necessary hardware.

    • Boss Industrial Rear Remote Kit for Kubota MX Tractors: This kit is a more basic option that provides two rear remote functions. It includes a switchbox, hoses, and hardware.

    • Kubota Genuine Rear Remote Kit: This kit is the most expensive option, but it is also the most reliable and easiest to install. It includes all the necessary parts and is backed by Kubota’s warranty.

    It is important to install your rear remote hydraulic kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can take your tractor to a qualified mechanic to have it installed.

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind when using a rear remote hydraulic kit:

    • Make sure that the hydraulic fluid level is correct before operating the kit.
    • Never exceed the rated capacity of the kit.
    • Inspect the hoses and fittings regularly for signs of wear or damage.
    • Be aware of your surroundings when operating the kit, and avoid hitting any people or objects.

Kubota MX 5200 Backhoe Attachment

The Kubota MX 5200 tractor is compatible with the BH92 backhoe attachment, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tasks around your property, from digging trenches and foundations to landscaping and installing utilities.

Here’s a closer look at the Kubota MX 5200 backhoe attachment:


  • Digging depth: Over 9 feet (2.74 meters)
  • Bucket width: 16 inches (40.6 cm) (optional 12-inch and 24-inch buckets available)
  • Swing arc: 180 degrees
  • Hydraulically operated boom, dipper, and bucket for precise control
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Quick and easy attachment/detachment with the 2-lever quick coupler

Benefits of using a backhoe attachment on your Kubota MX 5200:

  • Increased versatility: Makes your tractor more capable of handling a wider range of tasks.
  • Improved efficiency: Allows you to complete jobs faster and easier than with manual labor.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminates the need to rent or hire additional equipment.
  • Greater convenience: Keeps all your equipment in one place.

Things to consider before purchasing a backhoe attachment:

  • The size and weight of the attachment: Make sure your tractor is powerful enough to handle the attachment. The Kubota MX 5200 weighs 3,474 pounds (1,576 kg) in the gear configuration and 3,716 pounds (1,681 kg) in the HST configuration, so it should be able to handle the BH92 backhoe, which weighs approximately 1,800 pounds (816 kg).
  • Your needs and budget: Consider the types of tasks you will be using the backhoe for and how often you will be using it. Backhoe attachments can range in price from $5,000 to $10,000 or more.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the backhoe attachment is compatible with your specific Kubota MX 5200 model.

Kubota MX 5200 Engine Oil Capacity

The engine oil capacity of your Kubota MX 5200 depends on whether you have the gear drive or HST transmission model:

Gear Drive: With the gear drive model, the engine oil capacity is 4.7 US quarts (4.4 liters).

HST: For the HST model, the engine oil capacity is 5.3 US quarts (5.0 liters).

It’s important to note that this is just the initial fill capacity. When changing the oil, you may need to add slightly more oil to reach the appropriate level on the dipstick. Always consult your Kubota MX 5200 owner’s manual for the specific oil capacity and recommended oil type for your tractor model.

Kubota MX 5200 Seat

The Kubota MX 5200 comes with a standard vinyl seat that is designed for comfort and durability. The seat has a high back with lumbar support and an adjustable suspension system. It also has armrests and a retractable seat belt for added safety.

However, there are a few different options available for those who want to upgrade their Kubota MX 5200 seat:

Kubota Deluxe Seat: This seat offers additional features such as heating, ventilation, and a wider base for even more comfort.

Grammer MSG85: This aftermarket seat is a popular choice for Kubota MX 5200 owners who want a more customizable and comfortable seat. It offers a variety of features such as adjustable lumbar support, heating, and ventilation.

Universal Seat Covers: If you want to protect your existing seat from wear and tear, you can purchase a universal seat cover. These covers are available in a variety of materials and styles.

Kubota MX 5200 Water Pump

The Kubota MX 5200 tractor uses a water pump to circulate coolant throughout the engine block and cylinder head, keeping the engine at an optimal operating temperature. Here’s what you need to know about the Kubota MX 5200 water pump:

Type: Centrifugal water pump

Location: Front of the engine, on the right-hand side

Part number: 1C010-73030 (also compatible with 1K011-73034, 1C010-73032)

Replacement interval: The Kubota MX 5200 water pump does not have a specific replacement interval. However, it is recommended to inspect the water pump for signs of wear or damage at every regular service interval, and to replace it if necessary.

Signs of a failing water pump:

  • Overheating engine: If the water pump is not circulating coolant properly, the engine will overheat.
  • Leaking coolant: If the water pump seal is damaged, coolant will leak from the pump.
  • Noise: A failing water pump may make a grinding or whining noise.

Replacing the water pump: Replacing the water pump on a Kubota MX 5200 is a relatively complex task that requires some mechanical knowledge and tools. It is recommended to consult a qualified mechanic to have the water pump replaced.