Kubota M7060 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota M7060

The Kubota M7060 is one of the leading agricultural tractors on the market today. It has a high range of specifications, that set new standards of professional agricultural tractors. It has exceptional versatility, power and all-round capabilities.

It offers high levels of performance, is very versatile, is able to do a wide range of demanding tasks, is economical and very cost efficient.

It is able to operate in tough field conditions and can perform a number of difficult and demanding tasks.

It is powered by the renowned Kubota engine, that is efficient and powerful, but at the same time is one of the leading and most fuel efficient engines on the market today.

It has additional power reserved for maximum performance, but at the same time consuming less fuel than its predecessors.

It employs state of the art technology and meets all current emission standards.

The Kubota transmission system is solid and reliable, and has proven itself hugely popular over the years.

In addition the Kubota hydraulic system offers massive lifting capacity, and the hydraulics and lifting gear are optimally matched for the highest level of performance.

Kubota M7060 specs

There area number of variants of the Kubota M7060 Model

Kubota M7060 HF – 2WD ROPS 8 SPeed

Kubota M7060HFC – 2WD Cab 8 Speed

Kubota M7060HD – 4Wd ROPs 8 Speed

Kubota M7060HDC – 4WD Cab 8 Speed

Kubota M7060 HD12 4WD ROPS 12 Speed

Kubota M7060HDc12 4WD Cab 12 Speed

The Kubota M7060 is a powerful utility tractor, first built by Kubota in 2013.

It has a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, with a liquid cooled in-line capacity of just over 3 L. It has a common rail direct injection fuel system, an exhaust gas recirculation emission system and an electric starter system.

It has an ROPS fuel capacity of 70l, and a cabin fuel capacity of just over 90l. It has a rear type three-point hitch system, with a position control and top link draw sensing. It has a rear lift of approximately 3307 lbs, and has telescopic lower link ends for the rear arms.

It has an independent rear PTO, an electro hydraulic clutch, and a rear RPM of approximately 540.

Dimensions are approximately between 3 and 85 inches or the wheelbase, and it weighs between 5000 and 5400 lbs.

The Kubota M7060 has a hydrostatic power steering system, a wet disc braking system and the two post-foldable ROPS. Some models have an optional ultra-grand cab with air conditioning, and an optional and Wright Street and sound system.

All details relating to specifications, parts and attachments are approximate and should be checked with the manufacturer before any purchase or repair is made.

This in part is because changes can be made to a particular model over the years of production, and also a number of websites carry detailed technical information, which can sometimes slightly differ.

When checking exact specifications for a Kubota M7060, there are a number of areas to check :

Kubota M7060 engine

  • Type
  • Model
  • Engine grows HP at 3200 rpm
  • PTO horsepower at 3200 rpm
  • Displacement
  • Fuel tank capacity

Kubota M7060 drive train

  • Transmission
  • Drive method
  • Brakes
  • PTO– rear
  • PTO – mid

Kubota M7060 hydraulics

  • Pump output
  • Three point hitch
  • Lift capacity at 24 inches behind pin
  • Steering

Kubota M7060 tire size

  • Front – turf/bar/industrial
  • Rear – turf/bar/industrial
  • Travelling speed – forward
  • Travelling speed – reverse

Kubota M7060 Dimensions

  • Length with three point hitch
  • Width
  • Height with ROPS
  • Wheelbase
  • Ground clearance
  • Tread – front
  • Tread – rear
  • Turning radius
  • Tractor weight

Kubota M7060 backhoe  specifications (if appropriate)

  • Bucket cylinder digging force
  • Dipperstick cylinder digging force
  • Boom swing mechanism
  • Shipping weight
  • Transport height
  • Loading height
  • Digging depth
  • Swing pivot to rear axle centre line
  • Reach from swing pivot
  • Buckets rotation
  • Swing arc
  • Angle of departure

Kubota M7060 Loader specifications (if applicable)

  • Maximum lift height to bucket pivot pin
  • Dumping clearance
  • Dumping reach at maximum lift height
  • Maximum dump angle
  • Reach with bucket on ground
  • Bucket roll back angle
  • Digging depth
  • Bucket width
  • Lift capacity
  • Breakout force
  • Raising time/lowering time – with and without load
  • Bucket roll back time/dumping time

Kubota M7060 Problems

Problems can occur with any tractor, either new or secondhand. Sometimes these problems are to do with defects in the machine, or with parts and sometimes they are to do with poor maintenance or simple checks and remedies.

Below are listed some of the most common problems with the Kubota M7060 tractor, and some general ideas as to how these problems can normally be dealt with.

M7060 Tractor won’t start

Check the following

  • Check the transmission gear shift lever. It may not be in the right position. Place the range shift lever into neutral and check the engine throttle lever is not put forward. Move the throttle half or full impulse.
  • Check and see if the battery connection is loose or corroded. Check connections and retighten it necessary
  • Check and see if the fuel shutoff valve is closed.
  • Check and see if the fuel is either stale, or at an improper fuel level. Drain the tank if necessary of all fuel and refill.
  • Check if the engine oil viscosity is correct or not, and if not completely change the oil in the tractor.there
  • Check and see if the fuel filter is plugged, and if necessary place.
  • check if the air intake filter is plugged, and if it is clean or if necessary replace the air filter elements.
  • Checked to see if any of the fuses have blown and if necessary replace one or all of them.

 M7060 Tractor won’t start, just clicks

Check the following

  • Could be potential battery issues. Check that all the motor and battery connections are clean and tight.
  • Check the battery voltage and its holding power and replace it necessary.

 M7060 Tractor cranks but will not start

  • The fuel may not be getting to the cylinder. check the fuel level, the shutoff valve and the fuel filter.
  • Check the air filter. It may be too cold for the cylinder to combust mixture of air and fuel.
  • Move the throttle back to idle and then half throttle and attempt to restart

Starting diesel engines in cold weather

  • Use proper seasonal diesel blends. Winter blends have certain additives to ensure that they remain liquid when it is cold.
  • Watch and check for bio diesel percentages
  • idle the engines for a time before using, this increases its efficiency and range.
  • Maintain the cooling system properly. Check the overall level and quality of coolant.
  • Use various engine starting aids if necessary. Some of the most common are glow plugs, intake preheaters and block heaters.
  • if the engine fails to start, this could be due to the cold start system malfunctioning, the fuel injectors may be dirty or there may be a faulty switch.

 M7060 Engine problems.

Either the engine went start, or it is hard to start or start and then stalls. Check the following :

  • There may be no fuel flow. check the tank, hoses, feel shutoff valve and fuel filter. Make sure they are all functioning properly and that there are no leaks from any of them.
  • The exhaust smoke may be black. This may be due to too much oil, a clogged air filter or dirty fuel.
  • The exhaust smoke may be blue or white. This may be due to fuel inside the muffler, a clogged fuel injection nozzle, poor quality fuel, a defective thermostat or that may be sediment in the fuel which may also be stale.

 M7060 Engine may be overheating.

Check the following

  • The engine may be overloaded, in human terms too much may be asked of it. Lighten the load or shift to a lower gear
  • The coolant level may be low check and see if it needs refilling and also check the hoses and radiator to make sure there are no links or loose connections.
  • There may be a blockage in the coolant system that is affecting its flow. Best thing to do is to completely flush the whole coolant system and replace as necessary.
  • The fan belt may be loose or damaged. It should be easy to check for wear and tear and any tension and replace as necessary.
  • The radiator core or screens and dirty and simply cleaning them maybe enough to solve the problem.

 M7060 Steering issues

Normally the steering either feels a bit loose or may pull to one side.

  • Check the steering fluid. Check the hydraulic oil level, and check for any leaks.
  • Tires may be a bit low or flat. Check for low tire pressure and reinflate all replaced if needed.
  • The steering linkage may be in need of lubrication.
  • If there is too much play in the steering wheel, and none of the above again difference them advice and assistance should be sought from the nearest Kubota dealership, as this could be a real safety concern.

 M7060 Troubleshooting

The manual for the Kubota M7060 is likely to have a section entitled troubleshooting or something similar. This information is also often found on a number of major websites either entitled troubleshooting, resources or FAQ.

It’s mainly contains questions and answers on common problems and questions relating to Kubota machines generally can be a really useful source of advice.

Below are some of the main areas that are covered :

  • How to obtain replacement owners manual or parts catalogue
  • Free start-up checks. This can include removing debris from surrounding areas, checking oil levels and using fresh fuel.
  • Follow all safety recommendations
  • A recommended maintenance schedule
  • How to change oil
  • How to clean machine
  • How to find the right spark plug
  • How to lubricate gears
  • How to maintain pistons and cylinders
  • How to maintain air filters
  • How to store when not in use
  • Tire maintenance
  • Which attachments are available
  • How to obtain a wiring diagram
  • Tracking adjustment if machine is putting to one side
  • Type of fuel
  • Warranty information, normally the type of coverage available depending if manufacturer or dealership warranty, and the length of the warranty as well.
  • PTO problems
  • Loader problems
  • Steering box issues
  • Starting problems
  • How to fix attachments
  • Optional extras as listed below
  • Engine block heater
  • Work lights, front and rear enabling high visibility at night
  • Back buzzer
  • Toolbox
  • Horn
  • Double acting remote hydraulic control valve
  • Three point hitch
  • Drawbar
  • Top and filter kit

Kubota M7060 maintenance and servicing

One of the best ways to prevent a lot of common problems is to make sure that the M7060 is regularly serviced, and all the recommended checks are carried out in accordance with the schedule laid out in the sservice manual.

Check the owners service and parts manual for full details

  • Check all the service intervals. These are normally something like daily checks every 50 hours, every 100 hours, every 200 hours, every 400 hours, every 800 hours, every 15:00 hours, every 3000 hours, every one year, every two years and service as required.
  • Maintenance of loader, including daily checks, lubrication and tire inflation.
  • How best to store tractor, in terms of inside/outside, draining of fuel, maintenance of battery and electrical systems etc.

Kubota M7060 and Biodiesel Fuels.

Many people like to use bio diesel fuels in their Kubota M7060 , but it is an area that is slightly complicated it’s. Anyone wanting to use this type of fuel should look into it carefully, check the nature of biodiesel fuels, check manufacturers advice on whether or not to use it into engines and check potential problems it may cause. Below is a list of some of the things to consider.

  • What is biodiesel
  • Is it safe to use biodiesel in M7060 engines – check with the manufacturer
  • What are the advantages of biodiesel
  • Biodiesel fuel storage guidelines
  • How does using biodiesel fuel affect the engine warranty
  • Potential drawbacks to using biodiesel fuel
  • Cold weather flow degradation
  • Stability and storage issues
  • Possible filter restriction and plugging
  • Possible fuel leakage through seals and hoses
  • Possible reduction of service life of engine components
  • Possible coaching/block injector nozzles
  • Possible crankcase oil pollution
  • Potential corrosion of fuel injection system
  • Possible seizure of internal components
  • Possible formation of sludge and sediments
  • Possible thermal oxidation of fuel at elevated temperatures
  • Possible steel and gasket material degradation
  • Possible compatibility issues with other materials used in fuel handling distribution and storage equipment
  • Possible reduction in water separator efficiency
  • Potential high acid levels within fuel system
  • Potential damage to paint is exposed to bio diesel
  • Emissions – check engine year of manufacture
  • Emissions – how to find engine emissions certificates
  • Emissions – check engines horsepower rating.

Buying a second hand Kubota M7060 checklist

Many problems arise with a Kubota M7060 when it is brought second-hand. Below is a checklist of things to look out for when buying a used second-hand machine which if followed, may help to alleviate some of the more common problems.

  • Check vehicle documents and service book, warranty documents, year of manufacture, any chassis number and any outstanding finance.
  • Check tires and wheels for wear and tear. Make sure the tires are the same type on any one axle, check for rim damage and check we’ll attachment for weights
  • Check gearbox, especially if any grinding noises during steering. Check differential lock engages and disengages, functional rear and front power takeoff, PTO shaft condition and any unusual noises.
  • Check lifting mechanism, the hydraulic pump system, any hoses and cylinders
  • Check all electrical systems, make sure it is a functional lighting system and test all electrical elements
  • Engine and battery – check for leaks in the unusual noises when starting or idling, any abnormal exhaust colouration. Check battery maintenance and emission control
  • Oils and liquids – check for any oil leaks and liquid levels, check engine oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, servo oils and gearbox
  • Cabin and visibility – condition of drivers seat, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, display indicators working, front and rear windows free of damage and check windscreen wipers and mirrors are working properly.
  • Overall condition – check the signs of repairs, proof that spare parts and accessories are original, check for any corrosion or rust and any unusual alterations to paintwork.

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Kubota M7060 Attachments / Implements

There are a number of attachmentsavailable for Kubota tractors, a general list of which is published below, and more detailed information beneath.

  • Backhoe
  • Mower Deck
  • All Purpose Seeder
  • Pallett Forks
  • Box Blade
  • Grooming Mower
  • Finishing Mower
  • Fertilizer Spreader
  • Rotary Tiller
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Rear Blade
  • Wood Chopper
  • Landscapr Trailer
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Landscape Rake
  • Grapple
  • Lawn Aerator
  • Bush Hogg
  • Finish Mower
  • Soil Pulveriser
  • Plow
  • Trailor Mower
  • Land leveler
  • Garden Bedder
  • Lawn Plugger
  • Cultipacker
  • Bale Spear
  • Auger
  • Blades / Box Scraper
  • Bucket
  • Field Cultivators
  • Disc Harrows
  • Power Harrows
  • Ploughs
  • Vertical Tillage
  • Round Balers
  • Disc Mower Conditioners
  • Plain Disc Mowers
  • Rakes
  • Tedders
  • Wrappers
  • Spreaders

Kubota M7060 Implements

  • A G 15 series arena graders
  • BB 12 series box scrapers
  • BB 05 series box scrapers
  • CA05 series core aerators
  • CA15 series core aerators
  • DH 10 series disk harrows
  • DRG drag harrows
  • G505 series grading scrapers
  • third function valves
  • SGC0554 claw grapples
  • SGC0548 claw grapples
  • LR 16 series landscape rakes
  • LR05 series landscape rakes
  • MP 10 and MP 20 series mold board
  • SA 20 series post hole digger
  • HD 25 series post hole diggers
  • PD 10 series post hole diggers
  • RP16 series rear blades
  • RB 15 series rear blades
  • RB05 series rear blades
  • SF 25 series scarifiers
  • SBR series seed bed rollers
  • SP 20 series soil pulverisers
  • FDR 16 series grooming mowers
  • QH 10 series quick hitches
  • QH05 quick hitches
  • QH 15 series quick hitches
  • BSR 10 series bail Spears
  • BS and BSE 30/40/50 series bail Spears
  • BS and BSE 10/20 series bail Spears
  • CB05 series combination bucket
  • PFL 20 series pallet forks
  • P F10 and PF 20 series pallet forks
  • WC1504 wood chippers
  • WC 1503 woodchipers
  • RCR 12 series rotary cutters
  • RTA 12 series rotary tillers
  • RTR 12 series rotary tillers
  • RTR 05 series rotary tillers
  • FPS series food plot seeders
  • PDS series pull type spreaders
  • FSP series spreaders
  • STB05 series snow trip blades
  • WB 10 series weight box
  • SPL 05 series loader Mount Snow
  • SB 10 series snowblowers
  • front loader
  • Swift connect backhoe

Kubota M7060 for Sale / Prices

The standard manufacturers retail price for a Kubota M7060 should come in at just above US$30.000. This is always a difficult price to gauge, as there are so many differentials that can be negotiated concerning finance and credit, attachments etc.

There are also a significant number of new models available on sites such as eBay and tractor house these show you to vehicles ranging in price from US dollars 15,000 up to $29/$30,000.

When buying a used tractor of any type, it is important to check the hours it has been used, the type of land has been used on, and the type of work if used for.

These are pretty standard checks that should be carried out. When buying any used agricultural equipment, it is a good idea to take the same approach as if buying a used or second-hand car or truck

Kubota M7060 –  Craigslist

Craigslist is a huge and popular marketplace for a wide range of agricultural products, including tractors such as the Kubota M7060.

The advantage is the ability to search locally by state, and by county. This means the practicality of inspecting the tractor is much greater, and also finding out its history and work detail.

The downside is that searching by locality limits the number of tractors that may be available, although if someone is willing to buy out of state then it broadens the search area significantly.

Kubota M7060 Attachments

There are a number of attachments for the Kubota M7060, a general list of which is published below.

In addition there is the main loader type is a Kubota LA1154. All measurements are estimates and should be checked with the manufacturer for specific data.

The loader has a height of between 115 inches and 135 inches.

It has a clearance for the dumped bucket of between 85 and 102 inches it has a dump reach of between 18 inches and 36 inches, and a dump angle of between 43 and 60°. It has a rollback angle of 43°. The lift to full height at pin is between 2400lbs and 2950 lbs.

Kubota M7060 Backhoe

Kubota M7060Mower Deck

Kubota M7060 All Purpose Seeder

Kubota M706 Pallett Forks

Kubota M7060 Box Blade

Kubota M7060 Grooming Mower

Kubota M7060 Finishing Mower

Kubota M7060 Fertilizer Spreader

Kubota M7060 Rotary Tiller

Kubota M7060 Rotary Cutter

Kubota M7060 Rear Blade

Kubota M7060 Wood Chopper

Kubota M 7060 Landscapr Trailer

Kubota M7060 Post Hole Digger

Kubota M7060 Landscape Rake

Kubota M7060 Grapple

Kubota M7060 Lawn Aerator

Kubota M7060 Bush Hogg

Kubota M7060 Finish Mower

Kubota M7060  Soil Pulveriser

Kubota M7060 Plow

Kubota M7060 Trailor Mower

Kubota M7060 Land leveler

Kubota M7060 Garden Bedder

Kubota M7060 Lawn Plugger

Kubota M7060 Cultipacker

Kubota M7060 Bale Spear

Kubota M7060 Auger

Kubota M7060 Blades / Box Scraper

Kubota M7060 Bucket

Kubota M7060 Field Cultivators

Kubota M7060 Disc Harrows

Kubota M7060 Power Harrows

Kubota M7060 Ploughs

Kubota M7060 Vertical tillage

Kubota M7060 Round Balers

Kubota M7060 Disc Mower Conditioners

Kubota M7060 Plain Disc Mowers

Kubota M7060 Rakes

Kubota M7060 Tedders

Kubota M7060 Wrappers

Kubota M7060 Spreaders


Kubota M7060 Reviews  – Common Questions

There are numerous reviews available online, ranging from full-length video reviews on sites such as YouTube, through to discussion forums such as tractor by net. the value of video reviews ifsthey show the tractor at its best, as most of these reviews are done by dealerships, or very enthusiastic customers.

Discussion forums tend to be more focused and constructively critical. They are a wide source of valuable information and normally have most issues concerning this tractor covered already, or have a wide range of users who are willing to the help with most detailed problems and questions

Kubota M7060 Owners Service Manual

The owners manual and the service manual for the Kubota M7060 are normally quite easy to obtain. If buying a new tractor then the manual will come with it, or should come with it, either as a hardback book, or as a downloadable PDF

If buying a used tractor and the handbook or manual is not available, then you can normally be obtained either from a dealership, or a number of sites online that offer it either as a free download, or available at a nominal charge.

Owners manuals and service manuals can also often be obtained from sites such as eBay and Amazon.