Kubota lawn tractor – safety 1

Kubota Lawn Tractor Safety

When you buy a Kubota lawn tractor, if you buy a new one you should receive an operator’s manual with the tractor. If you buy a used or second-hand one there is a chance you will not receive one.

There are many practical reasons why it is important to have access to a manual for your Kubota lawn tractor. It will give you detailed guidance about how best to maintain and service the tractor, as well as a number of valuable safety and operating guides and tips.

Even if you do not have a manual for your Kubota lawn tractor, it is a good idea to find out your model number and make a note of it somewhere where it can easily be found.

In addition it is worth having the telephone numbers of your local Kubota dealer, as well as a national number for a Kubota customer care customer support team. If you need practical advice regarding your Kubota lawn tractor, those numbers will be invaluable.

There is also a significant amount of support available online. Kubota will have its own corporate website for the country where you live, which will give you a significant amount of relevant information, both for your specific make of Kubota lawn tractor, and information regarding maintenance and servicing and parts.

There is also a significant amount of information available on discussion forums and latest boards online. These can be discussion forums relating specifically to tractors, and also discussion forums relating to garden tractors. There will normally be sub discussion forums relation to specific manufacturers such as Kubota.

There are also sites available such as eBay, which are not only useful if you wish to purchase a used Kubota lawn tractor, but also are incredibly useful for buying spare parts for Kubota lawn tractors.

Whilst these can be considerably cheaper than new parts for Kubota tractors there are obviously risks. The main risk perhaps is that if you buy a used part of your Kubota lawn tractor it may potentially invalidate your warranty depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty as it applied when you bought a Kubota lawn tractor.

The terms and conditions of the warranty will depend on whether the Kubota lawn tractor you bought was a new or a used one, and whether or not you bought it from an authorised Kubota dealer.

There may have been terma and conditions of a national warranty that Kubota authorised, and in addition there may have been specific terms and conditions that your local Kubota dealer authorised.