Kubota L3800 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota L3800

The Kubota L3800 is a standard L-series compact utility tractor, first made by kubota in approximately 2011, and produced through to 2014.

Like many of the compact utility tractorsmade by Kubota, the L3800 is still widely regarded as a high performing tractor,  that at the time set new standards of professional agricultural tractors.

It continues to have a solid base and following, and are seen as a perfect all-rounder of homework requirements.

It offers exceptional versatility, power and all-round capabilities. It can be used for demanding tasks as well as all types of farm work requirements.

It has a powerful lift and load capacity, takes advantage of modern engine technology, is cost efficient as well as being environmentally friendly.

It can be used in a wide variety of markets both for tough commercial jobs as well as small chores. It has great manoeuvrability as a vehicle, can be used all year round, and is often used as an example of what is meant by the term precision farming.

At the time of its initial production it was seen as one of the first service friendly agricultural tractors that was able to provide maximum efficiency in all its operating conditions with perfect driving speeds combined with the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The Kubota L3800 has an efficient powerful engine which at the same time consumed less fuel than previous versions of this engine.

It has additional power reserves and is designed to meet most if not all current emissions standards. At a practical level, it is both efficient and quiet which is an important factor when driving any tractor for a considerable period of time

The hydraulics offer a strong lifting capacity, and the combination of hydraulics and lifting gear are optimally matched the highest possible performance.

Kubota L3800 specs

The Kubota L3800came in three original versions, the Kubota L3800F, the Kubota L3800DT and the Kubota L3800HST. the first is a two wheel drive gear variant, the second a four-wheel drive gear variant on the third is a four-wheel-drive Hydro variant.

The Kubota L3800has a 1.8 L three cylinder diesel engine, with a fuel capacity of approximately 10 gallons. The hydraulic system has a capacity of just over 7 gallons for the gear variant and a six: capacity for the Hydro variant.

There is a three-point hitch system contractor with a real lift of between 1400 and 2000 lbs. it has a wheelbase of just over 60 inches, and waves2500 approximatelylbs.

The engine power of the  Kubota L3800 is estimated to be between 30 hp and just over 35 hp, and the PTO power is approximately 30.

There is also a realist ended differential lock, a hydrostatic power steering system, a wet disc braking system and a foldable to post ROPS.

The transmission system on the Kubota L3800 is a constant mesh gear type, with a dry clutch and eight forward and four reverse gears

Kubota L3800 for sale / prices

The original price for the Kubota L3800 was approximately US$14,000 for the two wheel drive gear version, and just under US$17,000 for the four-wheel-drive Hydro version.

As of October 2020, there are approximately 6 districts is listed on tractor house.com, although there are of course many more listed on other websites.

As an indication of price, one with 423 hours is listed at US dollars 24,000, one with 238 hours is listed at US$15,600, one with 72 hours is listed at US$18,800 and one with 1145 hours is listed at US$13,500.

These prices can vary considerably depending upon the hours of use, the tractors age and type of work it was used for, and the conditions or the type of land was used on.

All these are questions should be asked and taken into account when deciding to buy any Kubota L3800 online.

Kubota L3800 – Craigslist

Many people like using craigslist, for two main reasons.

Firstly people tend to trust it, and secondly because it can be used by simply on a geographical basis to locate and by a Kubota L3800.

There is often a huge advantage in terms of locality when buying a second-hand tractor, in that it makes it much more possible to physically view it and check out its history and if I was buying one a long distance away.

The only downside to this is that it obviously limits the number of tractors available, and limits the choice available from which to buy. The other important thing to realise if buying online, especially from out-of-state, is the shipping cost of the tractor, and who is going to pay it.

Kubota L3800 Attachments

The main attachments for the Kubota L3800 are a front end loader and a backhoe. It has a Kubota LA524 loader type with a height of just over 90 inches, a clearance for a dumped buckets of 76 inches, a dog reach of just over 20 inches and a dump angle of 40°.

The  Kubota L3800 has a Kubota BH77 backhoe type with a 2 foot flat the in-depth just over 90 inches, the rich from private or just over 120 inches and a loading height of just under 70 inches

Front End Loader – height, clearance, dump reach, bucket width


Mower Deck

All purpose seeder

Pallett Forks

Box Blade

Grooming Mower

Finishing Mower

Fertilizer Spreader

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Cutter

Rear Blade

Wood Chopper

landscapr Trailer

Kubota L3800 parts

The most common parts include :

Accessories and service parts

Brake parts

Cooling water system

Electrical system


Front axle

Fuel system

Kubota B7800 -manuals

Kubota L3800 reviews / problems – common questions

Owners manual

Finding an owners manual for a Kubota L3800 is a relatively important thing to be able to do.

If you are lucky, then the person you are purchasing from may still have the original, if not it is usually not that difficult to obtain one online, although it may require a bit of research and digging.

The advantage of a manual is twofold. Firstly it gives a lot of vital information about the servicing and maintenance of a tractor, and also gives extensive diagrams of how and where parts need to be fitted or maintained.

If unable for any reason to obtain a manual, then specific advice and possibly parts of a manual may be obtained from one of the many discussion groups available online, such as tractor by net or orange tractors.com.