Kubota L175 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota L175

The Kubota L175 is a sub compact utility tractor, first manufactured in the early 1970s. It is a testament to Kubota that there are still a large number of these tractors in use, and a significant demand for spare parts that show they are still widely valued.

Allowing for its age, the Kubota L175 was one of the first small but highly productive tractors that came to market, quickly establishing kubota’s reputation in the compact utility market.

This chapter proved itself to be extremely manoeuvrable and a perfect all-rounder for all types of different homework requirements as well as being able to operate in tough field conditions.

It could veer between doing small chores with great ease, showing its class when doing tough commercial jobs, often in tough field conditions in a wide variety of markets.

Kubota L175 specs

The Kubota L175 had many of the specifications that later became standard in all types of Kubota’s agricultural machinery.

It had a classic kubota Z750 two cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine, with a relatively small fuel capacity of just over half a litre, with a power output of just over 15 hp

There was a three-point hitch rear type system, one of the earliest of its kind..

The Kubota L175 is a classic 4×2 2 wheel drive classic, with a manual steering system and an open operator station cabin. From a safety point of view, when buying one second-hand it is well worth seeing if it is viable to fit a standard foldable or static ROPS.

Kubota L175 for sale / prices

Whilst this has proved a very popular tractor, there’s not a huge market online for second-hand models. People on the whole tend to prefer for a second-hand tractor that is slightly newer.

Most of the market for a Kubota L175 tends to be for parts, which has allowed this tractor to maintain its life-cycle for an extraordinary length of time.

The fact that there is a significant demand for it does demonstrate the sense of loyalty that many Kubota owners value, and goes to show the tenacity of this brand.

Kubota L175 – Craigslist

Craigslist is a great marketplace all types of tractors, and well worth using given that it is possible to search by a very specific geographical basis. This can be really useful when looking for parts or attachments this tractor, or for the tractor itself.

Kubota L175 Attachments

Given that this was one of kubota’s earliest tractors, the range of attachments that can be used with it is probably more restrictive than later models.

Having said that, much ingenuity goes into people adapting a whole range of attachments for different usages, and so most things are possible.

Listed below are some of the standard attachments used on kubota tractors, some of which may be relevant.

When buying any attachment, either new or used, it is well worth checking the specifics of its make and model number, whether by via manufacturer or aftermarket, to make sure it is appropriate for a tractor of this age.


Mower Deck

All Purpose Seeder

Pallett Forks

Box Blade

Grooming Mower

Finishing Mower

Fertilizer Spreader

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Cutter

Rear Blade

Wood Chopper

landscapr Trailer

Post Hole Digger

Landscape Rake


Lawn Aerator

Bush Hogg

Finish Mower

Soil Pulveriser


Trailor Mower

Land leveler

Garden Bedder

Lawn Plugger


Bale Spear


Blades / Box Scraper


Field Cultivators

Disc harrows

Power harrows


Vertical tillage

Round Balers

Disc Mower Conditioners

Plain Disc Mowers





Kubota L175 Parts – see

Kubota L175 Reviews / Problems – Common Questions

Any tractor that was first produced in the 1970s is likely to have had a number of mechanical or engine related problems over the years, either related to servicing and maintenance or some type of breakdown

Probably the best place to go for advice regarding the tractor is is one of the many very active discussion forums online, such as tractor by net, which has a massive user base, is very active in terms of user input and normally has a lot of answers to different queries and problems.

Kubota L175 Owners Manual

Obtaining a manual for the Kubota L175may prove slightly tricky. It is likely that any manual that is available is going to be a PDF copy, and these are quite widely available online.

There are a number of dedicated sites that offer Kubota manuals, either for free or for a small price.

It is also often possible to obtain manuals from auction sites such as eBay or from Amazon.