What is a Kubota GF 1800 ?

A Kubota GF 1800 is a front mounted mower, that comes either as a four-wheel-drive model or as a two wheel drive model.

The two wheel drive model has a starting price of just over $11,000, and the four-wheel drive has a starting price of just over $13,000.

Both of these Kubota gf 1800’s have an 18 hp engine, have hydrostatic transmission and have access to a wide range of implements and accessories that make it an incredibly powerful mower.

The Kubota gf 1800 has an 18 hp diesel engine, which contains Kubota’s three vortex combustion system, making it a very economical mower to drive.

There is a multi-belt drive system, a short drive PTO and hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, making the operation of the Kubota gf 1800 relatively straightforward and easy to use.

The Kubota gf 1800 is well-known for its ease of manoeuvrability which is especially important in a front mounted mower, given the type of land that the Kubota gf 1800 is likely to be used on.

There is likely to be a need to access very confined areas, and the Kubota gf 1800 is ideally suited to do this.

There is an easy to see and use its front panel on the K which contains information pertaining to the hour meter, the coolant temperature gauge and the Kubota gf 1800 easy checker panel which monitors the preheat, the battery charge the oil pressure and notifies the operative of any low fuel level.

The Kubota gf 1800 also has a tilt steering wheel which allows much greater ease of use and comfort for the operative. There is also a highly back seat available for extra comfort.

Kubota GF 1800 –  operating

When using a Kubota gf 1800, it is important to remember that it is first and foremost a tractor, and care should be taken to operate it safely.

The safety of a Kubota gf 1800 relies on the operative being fully aware of how to use and maintain the Kubota gf 1800 themselves, and an awareness of the potential dangers that may lie in the environment surrounding the area where the Kubota gf 1800 is to be used.

Much emphasis is put on safety when using a Kubota gf 1800, primarily because there is an assumption that it will be used in a residential setting, and often people do not fully think through the safety implications of using a garden or lawn tractor at home.

There is a tendency to think of a Kubota gf 1800 as more of a household appliance rather than as an industrial or agricultural machine. For this reason it is really important when using a Kubota gf 1800, to be aware of the potential dangers that are incumbent upon the use of any tractor in an environment.

It is the responsibility of the operative of the Kubota gf 1800 to be fully aware of the operational limits involved in the work being done, and of the potential dangers in any environment with a Kubota gf 1800 is to be used.

Environment in this context can refer back to a physical environment in terms of land, and also environment in terms of other people such as family members or passers-by on a public highway been present.