Kubota garden tractors – Mulching

When driving or using a Kubota garden tractor, it is important to think about the discharge of the grass that is being mown, and where that grass is going to go.

How the discharge of grass is handled will have been a consideration when buying either the Kubota garden tractor or some type of accessory such as a mulcher to fit into the tractor.

Whatever type of solution has been decided upon to deal with the discharge of grass from the Kubota garden tractor, make sure that the appropriate cover or fitting is securely in place, and working effectively.

If it is not then grass that has been discharged from the Kubota garden tractor could inadvertently be discharged in the wrong place and in the wrong manner.

Perhaps the most important piece of safety advice concerning a Kubota garden tractor, is to never put your hands or any other part of your body anywhere near the blades that are an integral part of the Kubota garden tractor.

This piece of advice applies even if the Kubota garden tractor is switched off and you think there is no possibility of the blades moving.

With certain types of snowblowers there is a residual energy buildup within the blades meaning that the blades can still move even though the machine is turned off.

With a Kubota garden tractor this is a principle that is worth adhering to, irrespective of whether the Kubota garden tractor is being used on lawn or has been adapted to be used as a snow blower.

In terms of environment, it is important to turn off the blades and stop them functioning when going over land that could damage them.

This primarily applies to times when the Kubota garden tractor could be crossing a gravel path a road or at any time when it is not actually cutting grass.

Be aware of any point where you might need to cross a public highway for any reason. It may be that if you’re using a Kubota garden tractor on a piece of land that has a highway running through it, you need to cross a public raid to continue your work.

A Kubota garden tractor is not designed to be used on public highways, and such usage where it is essential should be kept to a minimum.

In the event that you need to be in the vicinity of any public path, highway or intersection whilst using the Kubota garden tractor, make sure you are fully aware of any potential obstacle or person or vehicle that might come into contact with you.

Bear in mind it is unlikely that they will be expecting a Kubota garden tractor to be on the road, and thereby it’s unlikely they will have anticipated having to manoeuvre such an obstacle.