Kubota and the nature of a farm workforce

The issue of youth or young people (to be defined in a minute) is a hugely important issue in the context of farm safety and particularly in relation to Kubota tractor and other Kubota agricultural equipment safety.

A farm, perhaps unlike most other businesses, will often make extensive use of use or younger people as part of its workforce.

This is primarily because a farm will also be a home for a family, and children or young people will be involved in the running of the farm as a business from an early age. As such they will be exposed to the work of the form around Kubota tractors and other Kubota agricultural equipment.

Defining youth or young people is always difficult, and whilst there are guidelines available, ultimately defineing the age and subsequent responsibilities to do with the work of a Kubota tractor have to rest with a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian.

Whatever the actual work responsibilities of a young person in relation to a Kubota tractor, they will be exposed to the workings and therefore the subsequent safety of a Kubota tractor from an early age.

This does not mean they will be involved in driving a Kubota tractor. It does mean that they might be involved in work that also involves the use of a Kubota tractor, and as such need to be aware of the safety implications surrounding the use of driving or using a Kubota tractor.

There are a number of jobs that can be done and will be done by a Kubota tractor that can involve a young person actively being involved. This involvement can be either as the operator or driver of a Kubota tractor or in doing work adjacent to where the Kubota tractor is doing the work.

It is perhaps stating the obvious to say that it is unlikely a young person will have a lot of the capabilities to fully understand the safety implications of driving or using a Kubota tractor.

This in part is because, similar to driving a car, a lot of the understanding comes through experience and therefore progressive ageing. Equally a young person can often overestimate their own abilities (apologies if that sounds a bit patronising) but when driving or using a Kubota tractor this can be extremely dangerous.

Understanding how a Kubota tractor works, not just mechanically but in terms of its various capabilities and the potential dangers that stem from that is not something that can simply be learned from a book.