Kubota command center

The instrument or control panel on any Kubota tractor can seem fairly daunting, as does the instrument or Control Panel on any modern day tractor. As with any piece of agricultural machinery, a modern day Kubota tractor will have a number of display units giving the driver of the Kubota tractor a huge amount of information about the safe and efficient operation of the tractor.

Most modern day tractors of all models have a number of colour-coded systems for identifying the groupings of controls that to certain functions on the tractor. This is an important safety feature, and means that it is easier for someone who has not used or not familiar with a Kubota tractor to identify what the various controls are and what they do.

Even with a colour-coded system, the various controls and control panel can seem quite daunting, and it is important that whoever is driving or operating the Kubota tractor understands what the various controls are and what they do.

The colour-coded system of controls on a Kubota tractor includes the colour orange. Orange is used as a colour to identify a number of controls that include the engine speed, the transmission controls, the parking brake and also the independent emergency brake. These are known in tractor speak as ground motions controls.

A Kubota tractor will be colour-coded if it is new or newish. Older models may not be colour-coded – as such should be carefully checked to see what the various controls are and what they do.

Colour coding is intended to make it easier for the driver of a tractor to automatically relate to certain mechanisms in the instrument panel of the Kubota tractor that are important to know.

The various braking mechanisms and controls that apply in a Kubota tractor are obviously important. Depending on the type and make of the Kubota tractor, it is likely to have both a handbrake and a foot brake or foot pedal. Its layout may well be similar to that of an automobile.

However it is important and ultimately the responsibility of the driver of the Kubota tractor to familiarise themselves with the layout of the cab of the Kubota tractor that they are using, and to know and understand where the various breaking control mechanisms are located.