Kubota BX – implements – standard cut

Kubota tractors can be fitted with a wide range of implements that are designed to be particularly useful in certain areas of farm work or ground maintenance work. One of these is what is known as a standard cut. This is a mower deck designed and built by a Kubota and intended to be used on their BX series range of tractors., as detailed in kubotakubota.net

The standard cut deck is designed to be fitted to all of the Kubota BX series tractors and is intended to build cut grass quickly and safely. It has what is known as a tunnel deck design which means that it lives the grass at its cutting and then discharges it quickly to the right-hand side.

There are certain features that make this especially useful for all types of groundwork and lawn maintenance stop there is a motoring height adjustment dial on the back which adjusts the height of the mother in one quarter inch increments as your cutting. This gives the operator of the tractor in great deal of flexibility as to how high the grass is cut and this can be changed very easily.

The Kubota BX tractors have a fairly high clearance level of about 6 inches off the ground, which means that is much easier to know when going over difficult areas of land that are bit bumpy all-weather grass is uneven it gives the operator much greater flexibility when using the tractor as to how to approach and deal with certain difficult areas of land maintenance work.

Some of the specifications of the standard cut are as follows, and are explained more fully throughout kubotakubota.net The deck model is known as eighty eight – 188X, also as  K54 – 238X, and also as K608238X.

It is a side discharge deck type with three blades and has a mounting method known as suspended linkage. The cutting width is 48 inches – 54 inches – 6 inches.

The cutting height is between one and 4 inches One quarter of an inch increments. The overall height is 10.5 inches – 11 inches. The overall width is 60.8 inches – 66 1/2 inches – 76 inches. The weight is hundred £80 – hundred £89 – £250.