Kubota BX 2360

The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a standard Kubota diesel engine. This is a liquid cooled three cylinder diesel engine as is standard on all the Kubota B series tractor range. It has four cycles and is naturally aspired and comes with three cylinders as well.

The engine size of the BX 2360 is gross 23 hp engine nets 21 hp and PTO 17 1/2 hp. The cooling system is a liquid cooled system with pressurised radiator. The tractor also comes with glow plugs which are a coldweather starting a.Kubotakubota.net shows how  the tractor also has an under the hood muffler with side exhaust.

The air filter is a paper. With a cyclone preteen and the whole filter is a replaceable treated paper element.

With regard to fluid capacity is the fuel tank has a capacity of just over 6 1/2 gallons or 25 L. The cooling system capacity is 3 gallons Stover 3.3 gallons and the transmission oil capacity is 2.1 Karen. The travelling speed the Kubota estimate is a maximum travelling speed of 8.4 mph when going forward or 13.5 km/h.

The reverse maximum travelling speed which I wouldn’t recommend is 6.2 mph or 10 km/h. That she seems quite fast especially if you’re going backwards and can’t really see where you go silly quite careful with those speeds.

The hydraulic system is what is known as an open centre type with the main pump being a year pump, and the power steering pump being an hydraulic pump. The total hydraulic flow is estimated by Kubota at 6.3 GPM and the auxiliaries hydraulic flow as 4.2 GPM. There is a state optional standard loader valve.

Kubotakubota.net writes about how the dimensions of the BX 2360 are similar to the other tractors in the Kubota BX range. Its height is estimated at just over 17 inches its length is estimated at 95 1/2 inches and that includes three-point hitch. Its overall width is about 44 1/2 inches .

The Trent width of the BX 2360 is just over 35 inches at the front and 32 inches at the rear. The wheelbase is estimated at 55 inches and grandparents at 8.7 inches.

Safety is really important with all the Kubota tractors and the Kubota  BX 2360 comes with a standard rigid ROPS. There is a standard operators presence control, and electric key shut-off, and an optional spark arresting muffler.

Seat belts come as standard and retractable, the Kubota also has two very bright halogen headlights which are a really important safety feature. Tractors of this type are often used by the very early in the morning or quite late at night when the light is going, and having really powerful headlights action is a very important safety feature.