Kubota BX 1860

The Kubota BX 1860 is one of a series of tractors that Kubota make that they  assign to their category of rural lifestyle.

This  in effect means that they are tractors that can be used on small farms for grounds maintenance as well as for land mowing or gardening and are landscaping gardens as well.

The Kubota BX 1860 runs on a diesel engine as do all the Kubota tractors the diesel engine is a eating horsepower engine.

All Kubota tractors are powered by the own brand specifically built diesel engines which they claim the used typically less than between 20 and 30% less fuel. They also are meant to be more efficient.

Diesel engines are meant to be more powerful on the whole, and one advantage is that they don’t prove require that the fuel be replaced after long-term storage.

This can be particularly useful with certain types of tractors which are only used at certain times of the year.

All the Kubota BX tractors are featured with four-wheel-drive.

This is especially useful given the type of work they do and comes as standard on all their machines.

The BX 1860 also comes with a category ID3 – point H as standard this is hydraulically controlled it allows the tractor to have a wide range of implements attached to it which increase its use and versatility considerably.

The Kubota BX 1860 also comes with a quarter inch fouls which means that it allows the implements that are attached to the one three-point edge to be regulated much more easily because it gives them a much more specific basis on which to be attached and unattached, as explained in kubotakubota.net

Another feature of the Kubota BX 1860 is that it has the radiator positioned in the middle of tractor rather than at the front. This means that the hotair is pushed towards the front of the machine/tractor rather than remain in the middle. This means that the operator area of the Remains much cooler and also there is less chance of the engine overheating.

The operator area of the Kubota BX 1860 is particularly well thought out. It has a high back reclining seat easy to operate controls and is generally spacious. The BX 1860 has a true pedal HST operation which is especially useful. It also comes with hydrostatic power steering as standard on the BX 1860 and has a optional facility for cruise control, like most tractors written about in kubotakubota.net

The Kubota BX 1860 also comes with a space for a cup holder which is an essential part of any maintenance regime to allow you to keep your cup of coffee fresh and warm by law driving a tractor.