Kubota BX 1860 – technical

The Kubota BX 1860 is also known as the Kubota BX 1863. The engine is made by a Kubota and is one of the standard diesel engines stop model number is the 7 to 2 it is known as a liquid cooled three cylinder diesel engine and has four cycles it has three cylinders and its aspiration is natural.

Its displacement is 43.9 in.³ aka 719 cc has an 18 power horsepower engine gross act rpm has a 16.6 HP engine net at rpm and 13.7 PTO at rpm.It has a liquid cooled cooling systemwith a pressurised radiator and has glow plugs as a cold weather start a. As an under the hood muffler with side exhaust has a paper filter with Cyclone Prix cleaner air filter and has a replaceable treated paper element while filter, explained fully throughout kubotakubota.net

The Kubota BX 1860 has a forced lubrication cooling system and has a reverse air flow radiator situated away from the operator. The tractor has a 6.6 gallon fuel tank capacity, a 2.6 gallon cooling system capacity, and a 3.1 gallon transmission oil capacity.The Kubota BX 1860 is a hydrostatic early power steered has a shaft drive and wet disks break type.

The drive transmission is hydrostatic, to range. The HST pedal is a single pedal rocker type. The cruise control is available for the BX 1860 but only as an optional extra.

In terms of speed, which isn’t something you normally satiate with tractors but actually you should do it has a maximum forward speed of 7.8 mph or 12.5, it is in our and has a maximum reverse speed of 5.7 mi./h or 9.2 km/h. Important to know that

The hydraulic system is of a type known as open centre with a gear pump as its main pump. The power steering pump is a hydraulic pump. The total hydraulic flow is 6.3 GPM or gallons per minute or so 24 L and it. The auxiliary hydraulic flow is 4.2 gallons per minute or 16 L per minute.

Kubotakubota.net explains how the three-point hitch comes as standard category one and there is a lift capacity of mine hundred and £92 or 450 kg act in this points and a lift capacity of £661 or 300 kg at 24 inches behind live point.

The electrical system of the BX 1860 is that it has a standard automate. It’s charging system capacity is 40. Its battery voltage and capacity is 12 V there. There is an optional block heater and an electric key shut-off. It has standard dash mounted switch indicator lights and an illuminated instrument panel. It has two very bright halogen headlights and an optional rear worklight can be fitted.

The dimensions of the Kubota BX 1860 are its height is 69.4 inches it overall length with the three-point hitch is 92.1 inches it overall width is 44.5 inches its wheelbase is 52.6 inches its ground clearance is 9 inches, it’s turning radius without break is 7.2 feet, and its weight how unit is 1255 pounds.

The safety equipment on the BX 1860 is it has a standard ROPS, an electrically shot of the engine test, standard retractable seatbelts, parking brakes are standard, grab handles that entry and X it is standard, brakes as standard, and that operators presents control as standard.