Kubota – why black is the new red

A Kubota tractor is by its very nature a far more complex industrial piece of machinery and many people will assume it to be.This is in part because of the technological advances both in terms of the nature of the work that a modern day Kubota tractor is expected to do, but also in terms of the nature of the design and manufacture of the Kubota tractor itself.

In addition there are a wide range of implements attachment that can be used on a Kubota tractor that will either transform the nature of the work that needs to be done, or make such work possible in the first place.

Thinking about safety on a Kubota tractor, such as the Kubota B series B 2320 HST, is built into the design and manufacture of the tractor itself. Colour coding for many of the controls that are used on a Kubota tractor has become standard. This is an important design and feature of all modern day tractors, as it helps to group the various controls together into different functions.

It give the operator or user of a Kubota tractor the felt sense and confidence about what they are doing, which can be very important.

The colour black is used as an industry standard colour in the colour coding safety scheme to designate controls which position or adjust accessories or implements that are used on a Kubota tractor.

Some examples of these controls that are given to illustrate the nature of the colour coding system are – the control mechanism for the remote hydraulics, implement hitches, the choke for the engine, the control mechanism for adjusting the position of the steering column, lights flashers signals etc. Also items that are sometimes thought of as comforts in the operating cab of the Kubota tractor such as fans, radios etc .

As tractors of all manufacturers and makes, including Kubota, become more advanced, more and more technology would be built into the dashboard and instrument panel of the tractors. Things such as Bluetooth, MP3 players, Wi-Fi will all become standard on tractors, presumably including Kubota tractors.

These advances in technology will allow operators of a Kubota tractor to use them the tractor in a safer and more efficient and effective manner. As such it is likely that controls for these items will become colour-coded as an industry standard.

Any controls that become colour-coded should be adopted by Kubota as well, but the operator or driver of a Kubota tractor will need to identify for themselves what these controls are and what they do. This is needed to guarantee safe and effective operation of any Kubota tractor, whatever their controls may be.