Kubota B2601: Buyers Guide – Prices, Specs, Problems,

Kubota B2601

The Kubota B2601 is a compact and versatile tractor that has gained popularity among farmers, landscapers, and property owners for its reliability and performance.

In this article, we look at the key features, applications, pricing, specifications, maintenance, steering system, attachments, backhoe and loader options, hydraulic system, and common problems associated with the Kubota B2601.

Kubota B2601 Key Features:

The Kubota B2601 boasts an array of features that make it stand out in the compact tractor market.

With its powerful engine, ergonomic design, and advanced technology, this tractor is designed to handle a variety of tasks with ease. Some key features include its compact size, efficient engine, user-friendly controls, and versatility in various applications.

  1. Engine Power:
    • The Kubota B2601 is equipped with a reliable and fuel-efficient engine that provides ample power for various tasks. The engine’s performance ensures efficiency in both light and heavy-duty applications. A 25.5 horsepower Kubota D1105 diesel engine provides plenty of power for even the toughest jobs.
  2. Compact Design:
    • With its compact size, the Kubota B2601 is well-suited for navigating tight spaces and working in confined areas. The compact design also contributes to easy storage and transport.
  3. Versatility:
    • This tractor is versatile and can handle a wide range of tasks, making it suitable for applications such as mowing, tilling, landscaping, and more. It can be adapted for different jobs through the use of various attachments.
  4. User-Friendly Controls:
    • The Kubota B2601 is designed with user-friendly controls that enhance the operator’s experience. Intuitive controls contribute to ease of operation, allowing both beginners and experienced operators to use the tractor effectively.
  5. Hydrostatic Transmission:
    • The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth and responsive control, allowing for precise manoeuvring. This feature is particularly valuable when navigating through intricate tasks and tight spaces. A 3-range hydrostatic transmission with standard differential lock provides extra traction when you need it most.
  6. Three-Point Hitch:
    • The tractor is equipped with a three-point hitch system, facilitating the easy attachment of implements and accessories. This enhances the tractor’s functionality for various agricultural and landscaping tasks.
  7. PTO (Power Take-Off):
    • The Power Take-Off feature allows the Kubota B2601 to drive various implements, such as mowers and augers. This flexibility makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications.
  8. Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS):
    • The ROPS system is a safety feature that provides protection to the operator in the event of an accidental rollover. Safety is a priority, and the Kubota B2601 is equipped with features to minimize risks.
  9. Comfortable Operator Station:
    • The operator station is designed for comfort, featuring an ergonomic layout and easy-to-reach controls. Comfortable seating and good visibility contribute to a positive operator experience during long working hours.
  10. Durable Construction:
    • Built with durability in mind, the Kubota B2601 is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of regular use. This durability ensures a longer lifespan and reliable performance over time.
  11. Tight Turning Radius:
    • The tractor’s tight turning radius enhances maneuverability, allowing it to navigate efficiently around obstacles and work in confined spaces. This feature is particularly beneficial in smaller properties or fields.
  12. Optional Attachments:
    • The Kubota B2601 supports a variety of optional attachments, including loaders, backhoes, and other implements, expanding its functionality to meet specific job requirements.
    • Standard cruise control: Cruise control makes long jobs easier and more comfortable.
    • Optional loader and backhoe: The B2601 can be equipped with a loader or backhoe for even more versatility.

Kubota B2601 Applications:

The Kubota B2601 is a multi-functional tractor suitable for a wide range of applications.

From mowing and landscaping to agricultural tasks and small construction projects, this compact tractor can tackle diverse jobs. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for both residential and commercial use.

  1. Agricultural Tasks:
    • The Kubota B2601 is well-suited for a range of agricultural activities. It can be used for plowing, tilling, harrowing, and seeding, making it an essential tool for small to medium-sized farms.
  2. Mowing and Landscaping:
    • Equipped with the appropriate attachments, such as a mid-mount mower, the Kubota B2601 is ideal for mowing and maintaining lawns, gardens, and landscaping. Its compact size allows it to navigate around obstacles with ease.
  3. Loader Operations:
    • With front-end loader attachments, the Kubota B2601 becomes an efficient material handling tool. It can be used for tasks such as lifting, loading, and transporting various materials like soil, gravel, and mulch.
  4. Trenching and Digging:
    • The availability of backhoe attachments makes the Kubota B2601 suitable for trenching, digging, and excavation tasks. This makes it valuable for small-scale construction projects and utility installations.
  5. Snow Removal:
    • In regions with snowy climates, the Kubota B2601 can be equipped with a snowblower or front blade attachment for efficient snow removal from driveways, pathways, and other surfaces.
  6. Utility Work:
    • The tractor’s compact design and versatility make it well-suited for utility work. Whether it’s digging trenches for utility lines or transporting materials, the Kubota B2601 can handle a variety of utility-related tasks.
  7. Property Maintenance:
    • Homeowners and property managers can use the Kubota B2601 for general property maintenance tasks. This includes grading driveways, clearing brush, and maintaining the overall appearance of the property.
  8. Fence Installation:
    • The Kubota B2601 is capable of handling tasks related to fence installation. With the appropriate attachments, it can dig post holes, transport fencing materials, and assist in the installation process.
  9. Hay Handling:
    • For small-scale hay operations, the Kubota B2601 can be used for tasks such as baling, stacking, and transporting hay. Its compact size allows it to maneuver efficiently in barns and tight spaces.
  10. Gardening and Cultivation:
    • The tractor’s agility and various attachment options make it suitable for gardening and cultivation. It can handle tasks such as soil preparation, planting, and cultivating crops in small gardens or fields.
  11. Construction Support:
    • The Kubota B2601 can be employed in construction support roles, assisting with tasks such as grading, backfilling, and moving construction materials around the job site.
  12. Trail Maintenance:
    • Whether on private properties or recreational trails, the Kubota B2601 can be used for trail maintenance tasks, including grading, clearing debris, and ensuring proper drainage.

Kubota B2601 Prices – New and Used:

The price of the Kubota B2601 can vary based on whether it is new or used. Factors such as the model year, condition, and included attachments influence the price.

Prospective buyers can explore both new and used options to find the best deal that meets their specific needs and budget.

Prices are estimates only and depend on several different factors :

New Kubota B2601:

  • Base Model (B2601HST-D): Starting around $19,200 USD at authorized Kubota dealers. This price may vary depending on location and dealer promotions.
  • With Loader (B2601HST-DL): Expect to pay around $22,500 USD for a new B2601 with a LA435 loader attachment.
  • With Backhoe (B2601HST-DB): The B2601 with a BH70 backhoe attachment typically starts at around $24,800 USD.

Used Kubota B2601:

  • 2023 Model: You might find slightly used (low-hour) 2023 B2601s in the $17,000-$18,000 USD range, depending on condition and options.
  • 2020-2022 Models: Expect used B2601s from these years to fall between $14,000-$16,000 USD on average, again depending on factors like condition, hours, and attachments.
  • 2017-2019 Models: Older but still capable B2601s from this range could be found for $11,000-$13,000 USD, with good deals possibly reaching as low as $10,000.

Tips for Finding the Best Price:

  • Shop around: Get quotes from multiple Kubota dealers to compare prices.
  • Consider off-season buying: You might get better deals on used B2601s during the winter months when demand is lower.
  • Check online listings: Websites like TractorHouse and MachineryPete offer a wide selection of used tractors, including Kubota B2601s.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush into the first deal you see. Take your time to find the right tractor at the right price.

Kubota B2601 Warranty

Warranty periods for Kubota tractors, including the B2601 model, can vary depending on the region, dealer, and specific terms and conditions set by Kubota. Generally,

Kubota offers a limited warranty on its tractors, and the coverage typically includes specific components and conditions.

The standard limited warranty for a new Kubota B2601, as of 2022, is 12 months or 1500 hours, whichever occurs first.

Additionally, Kubota offers extended warranty packages, such as the Kubota Care, which provides 5 years/2000 hours of coverage for certain products, offering extended protection and peace of mind.

It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of the warranty and any available extended warranty options when purchasing a Kubota B2601.

Specifically :

The standard limited warranty for a new Kubota B2601, as of 2022, is 12 months or 1500 hours, whichever occurs first.

The warranty covers the repair or replacement, free of charge and including labor, of any component that fails as a result of a manufacturing defect.

Only authorized Kubota dealers can perform warranty repairs. The warranty excludes wear items such as belts, blades, seals, bulbs, and all items considered as such.

Additionally, Kubota offers extended warranty packages, such as the Kubota Care, which provides 5 years/2000 hours of coverage for certain products, offering extended protection and peace of mind.

It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of the warranty and any available extended warranty options when purchasing a Kubota B2601

  1. Limited Powertrain Warranty:
    • This covers major components such as the engine, transmission, and rear axle.
  2. Limited Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty:
    • This covers a broader range of components and systems, excluding wear and maintenance items.
  3. Extended Warranty Options:
    • Kubota may offer extended warranty options for additional coverage beyond the standard warranty period. These options might include different coverage levels and durations.

Kubota B2601 Where to Buy:

Finding the right place to purchase the Kubota B2601 is crucial. Authorized Kubota dealerships, online platforms, and second-hand equipment dealers are common places to explore.

Researching reputable sellers ensures buyers receive a reliable machine and adequate support.

  1. Authorized Kubota Dealerships:
    • Kubota has an extensive network of authorized dealerships worldwide. Visiting an authorized Kubota dealership is often the best way to get a new Kubota B2601 with the latest features and warranty support. Dealerships can provide guidance on choosing the right model and offer financing options.
  2. Online Equipment Marketplaces:
    • Online platforms such as TractorHouse, MachineryTrader, and Equipment Trader often feature new and used Kubota tractors, including the B2601. These platforms allow you to search for specific models, compare prices, and connect with sellers. Keep in mind that purchasing from a reputable seller is crucial, so check reviews and ratings.
  3. Local Farm Equipment Auctions:
    • Farm equipment auctions, whether conducted in person or online, can be another avenue to find used Kubota B2601 tractors. Auctions may offer competitive pricing, but it’s important to thoroughly inspect the equipment before bidding.
  4. Classified Ads and Local Listings:
    • Check local classified ads, both online and in print, for individuals or dealers selling Kubota B2601 tractors. Websites like Craigslist and local classifieds platforms may have listings for new and used equipment.
  5. Used Equipment Dealers:
    • Some dealers specialize in used agricultural equipment. These dealers may have a selection of pre-owned Kubota B2601 tractors. Ensure that the dealer has a good reputation for quality and fair pricing.
  6. Kubota Tractor Corporation Website:
    • The official Kubota website may have information on authorized dealerships, promotions, and financing options. While you might not purchase directly from the website, it can direct you to nearby dealerships.
  7. Local Kubota Events and Trade Shows:
    • Kubota and its dealers often participate in agricultural events and trade shows. Attending these events provides an opportunity to see the equipment in person, discuss specifications with experts, and potentially make a purchase.

Before making a purchase, consider factors such as warranty coverage, financing options, and the reputation of the seller.

Thoroughly research the specific model and inspect used equipment to ensure it meets your requirements. Additionally, inquire about after-sales support and maintenance services offered by the seller or dealership.

Kubota B2601 Specs:

Understanding the specifications of the Kubota B2601 is essential for making an informed decision.

From engine power and transmission options to weight and dimensions, knowing the specs provides valuable insights into the tractor’s capabilities and limitations.


  • Type: Kubota D1105, 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Displacement: 1.1 L (68.5 cu in)
  • Gross Power: Approximately 26 horsepower (hp)
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Power: Approximately 19.5 hp


  • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth and responsive control
  • 3-Range Speeds for different applications


  • Independent rear PTO
  • Mid PTO (optional)


  • Hydraulic Remotes: Optional
  • Three-Point Hitch (3PH): Category I with a lift capacity of approximately 1,635 lbs at the lift point


  • Front Tires: Standard agricultural tires or turf tires
  • Rear Tires: Standard agricultural tires or turf tires


  • Hydrostatic power steering for easy maneuverability
  • Tight turning radius for improved agility


  • Overall Length: Approximately 110 inches
  • Overall Width: Varies based on tire configuration, typically around 55 inches
  • Overall Height: Approximately 89 inches with ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure)


  • Operating Weight: Varies based on configuration, typically around 2,200 lbs

Fuel Tank Capacity:

  • Approximately 6.1 gallons

Other Features:

  • ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) for operator safety
  • Comfortable operator station with easy-to-reach controls
  • Optional loader and backhoe attachments for increased versatility

Kubota B2601 Maintenance:

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of any tractor, and the Kubota B2601 is no exception. Regular check-ups, fluid changes, and adherence to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule are crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

Kubota B2601 Steering System:

The steering system is a critical component of any tractor. The Kubota B2601 typically features a responsive and efficient steering system, providing operators with precise control during various tasks.

Kubota B2601 Attachments:

Attachments enhance the versatility of the Kubota B2601, allowing it to perform a wide range of tasks. From loaders and mowers to plows and tillers, the availability of compatible attachments makes this tractor a valuable tool for different applications.

Here are some common attachments compatible with the Kubota B2601:

  1. Front End Loader:
    • A front-end loader attachment enables the Kubota B2601 to lift, carry, and transport materials such as soil, gravel, and mulch. This is a popular attachment for landscaping, construction, and material handling tasks.
  2. Backhoe:
    • A backhoe attachment adds excavation capabilities to the Kubota B2601. It’s useful for digging trenches, foundations, and other tasks that require precision digging. The backhoe attachment provides additional versatility for construction and utility work.
  3. Mid-Mount Mower:
    • For lawn maintenance and grass cutting, a mid-mount mower attachment can be installed on the Kubota B2601. This attachment allows for efficient mowing and is suitable for maintaining lawns, parks, and other green spaces.
  4. Box Scraper:
    • A box scraper attachment is ideal for grading and leveling surfaces. It can be used to maintain driveways, pathways, and small fields by redistributing soil and gravel.
  5. Rotary Tiller:
    • The rotary tiller attachment is designed for soil preparation in gardening and farming applications. It helps break up and cultivate soil before planting.
  6. Post Hole Digger:
    • This attachment is used for digging holes for fence posts, signs, or other installations. It is a valuable tool for tasks that require precise and consistent hole digging.
  7. Snow Blower:
    • In regions with snowfall, a snow blower attachment can be added for snow removal. This allows the Kubota B2601 to clear driveways, sidewalks, and other areas efficiently.
  8. Loader Bucket Options:
    • Various loader bucket options are available, including general-purpose buckets, material buckets, and multipurpose buckets. The choice of bucket depends on the specific task, such as lifting, dumping, or handling different materials.
  9. Forks:
    • Fork attachments can be used for lifting and transporting pallets and other materials. This is useful in applications where precise material handling is required.
  10. Grapple:
    • A grapple attachment is suitable for handling brush, logs, and other debris. It enhances the tractor’s capabilities for land clearing and forestry applications.
  11. Land Plane:
    • A land plane attachment is used for smoothing and leveling uneven surfaces. It is particularly useful for landscaping and grading tasks.
  12. Seeder:
    • For planting seeds, a seeder attachment can be used. This is beneficial for agricultural and gardening applications.

Kubota B2601 Backhoe and Loader:

For those requiring additional capabilities, the Kubota B2601 offers backhoe and loader options. These attachments expand the tractor’s functionality, making it suitable for digging, lifting, and other heavy-duty tasks.

Kubota B2601 Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic system is a crucial aspect of a tractor’s functionality. The Kubota B2601 is equipped with a reliable hydraulic system that ensures smooth operation of attachments and implements.

Kubota B2601 Problems:

Like any tractor, the Kubota B2601 may encounter issues. Common problems might include hydraulic leaks, electrical issues, or engine-related issues. Regular maintenance and prompt addressing of problems can help mitigate potential issues.

Here are some common problems that users may encounter with the Kubota B2601:

  1. Hydraulic Leaks:
    • Hydraulic systems can develop leaks over time. Inspect the hydraulic lines, connections, and cylinders for any signs of oil or fluid leaks. Promptly address and repair any identified issues to prevent further damage.
  2. Electrical Issues:
    • Some users may encounter electrical problems, such as issues with lights, gauges, or the starter. Check fuses, wiring, and connections to identify and resolve electrical issues. Ensure that the battery is in good condition and properly charged.
  3. Engine Performance Issues:
    • Users may experience issues related to engine performance, such as difficulty starting, loss of power, or unusual noises. Regular maintenance, including fuel filter and air filter replacements, can help prevent such problems. If issues persist, consult with a qualified technician.
  4. Transmission Problems:
    • Hydrostatic transmission issues, such as slippage or difficulty changing gears, may occur. Ensure that the transmission fluid is at the correct level and that it is in good condition. If problems persist, seek professional assistance.
  5. Steering System Concerns:
    • Users may notice problems with the steering system, including difficulty steering or unusual noises. Inspect the steering components, check fluid levels, and address any issues promptly to ensure safe operation.
  6. PTO (Power Take-Off) Malfunctions:
    • Some users may experience problems with the PTO, such as engagement issues or failure to operate properly. Inspect the PTO components and ensure that they are in good condition. Consult the operator’s manual for proper use and maintenance.
  7. Overheating:
    • Overheating can be caused by issues such as a malfunctioning radiator, low coolant levels, or a faulty thermostat. Regularly check the cooling system and address any issues to prevent overheating.
  8. Fuel System Problems:
    • Issues with the fuel system, such as clogged fuel filters or fuel contamination, can impact engine performance. Regularly check and replace fuel filters, and use clean, quality fuel to avoid fuel-related problems.
  9. Brake Concerns:
    • Users may encounter brake-related issues, such as reduced braking efficiency or unusual noises. Inspect the brake components, including pads and discs, and address any problems promptly to ensure safe operation.
  10. Rust and Corrosion:
    • Exposure to harsh environmental conditions can lead to rust and corrosion. Regularly inspect the tractor for signs of rust, especially on metal components. Taking preventive measures, such as applying rust inhibitors, can help mitigate this issue.
  11. Quick Tach Loader Connection Problem: Users have encountered problems with the quick tach loader connection.

It’s important to note that the severity and frequency of these problems can vary based on factors such as maintenance practices, operating conditions, and the tractor’s age.

Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help prevent and address many of these issues. If problems persist, seeking assistance from an authorized Kubota service center or qualified technician is recommended.

The Kubota B2601 is a compact tractor that excels in various applications.

By understanding its key features, applications, pricing, specifications, maintenance requirements, steering system, attachments, backhoe and loader options, hydraulic system, and potential problems, buyers can make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of this versatile piece of equipment.

Whether for residential or commercial use, the Kubota B2601 stands out as a reliable and efficient compact tractor.