Is a Kubota garden tractor a cheap lawnmower?

In a word no – a Kubota garden tractor normally refers to a ride on mower which is sometimes referred to as a tractor, a lawn tractor, a garden tractor or a riding lawn mower. A lawnmower is normally referred to when talking to and talking about a lawnmower that is used manually where the operator stands behind it and pushes or pulls it in the direction needed. This type of lawnmower is normally used in relatively small areas of land and garden.

A Kubota garden tractor is more normally used on large areas of land, both residential and commercial such as small farms or small holdings.

When operating a Kubota garden tractor it is important to be conscious of a number of safety factors can affect the operation of the tractor. One of the most important is not to allow any children to operate the tractor, although on some farms responsible adolescents in their mid teenage years may be considered suitable, but this is an area that should be treated with much caution.

Kubota garden tractor

A Kubota garden tractor should only be operated by a responsible adult who is capable of awareness of potentially dangerous situations and has the capability of knowing how to deal with them. This level of awareness is not always found in adolescence or teenagers, and a responsible adult should always be present to supervise any adolescent or teenager who may be deemed suitable to operate the tractor.

In addition a Kubota garden tractor should never carry passengers at all. There is sometimes a temptation or tendency to think of a Kubota garden tractor as something that can be played around with in the same way that a household accessory can be played with. It is really important to understand that first and foremost a Kubota garden tractor is a tractor and should be treated with the seriousness that any agricultural or industrial machine warrants.

It is also important to recognise the safety factors of any external environment where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used. This means that there should not be other people around especially children of any age in the vicinity where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used. This is especially important as children of all ages, like many adults, are fascinated by tractors and they wonder into an unsafe area without the operator of the tractor recognising that they are around.

The other important factor in terms of environment when using a Kubota garden tractor is to clear the work area of objects that could be damaged by the tractor or could damage other people if thrown up by the mechanics of the Kubota garden tractor – wires, rocks, stones etc.