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Kubota BX2200 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota BX2200

The Kubota BX2200 is undoubtedly one of Kubota’s oldest tractors, but was well received at the time of production, proved itself a very effective compact tractor, and still has a large following in the second-hand market.

Used tractors, if bought wisely, prove themselves to be a little by way of trusted experience, as long as sufficient parts, manuals and advice available, which all old Kubota tractors tends to be the case.

This tractor has proved itself over the years to be a perfect all-rounder for all types of smallholding work. This can include large includes garden, small rural farms, small businesses such as garden centres and all types of small agricultural holdings.

Although a sub compact tractor, it offers great power and is very versatile by way of its power output and its attachments or implements,and how it manages to combine the two effectively.

It can handle demanding tasks with relative ease, and within limits can deal with most farm work requirements. It is a compact or relatively small design, which in many ways is Kubota’s trademark and strength.

The Kubota BX2200 benefits from a standard Kubota engine and transmission and hydraulic system. This has proved itself over time to be an efficient and powerful engine and power system, whilst at the same time being relatively fuel efficient.

For some people, there’s also a certain nostalgia about tractors of this nature, which can have a slightly more rugged feel than perhaps some of the new ones. This should not detract from the fact that it can be used for long periods of time with relative ease and comfort, as it has always been a hallmark of the way Kubota have designed and built their tractors

Kubota BX2200 specs

Year produced – 2000/11 till approx 2003/2004

Sub Compact UtilityTractor

Kubota BX2200 Specs

The Kubota BX2200 has a fairly standard 0 .9 litre, three cylinder diesel engine, and a fuel capacity of approximately 5 of gallons or just under 21 L. It has a rear three-point hitch system with a lift of just under 300 kg.

It has an independent rear power takeoff system, with an hydraulic clutch.

Kubota BX2200 weight is approximately 1600 lbs.

Kubota BX2200 for sale / prices

There are a significant number of these tractors available, with prices ranging, according to listings on tractorhouse at June 2020, from US dollars US$5502 9500. These tractors are available in Iowa, West Virginia, Michelin, Maryland, Missouri, New York etc.

Kubota BX2200 – craigslist

When buying a tractor of this age, one of the most important things is the locality from where it is being sold. This is more a practical point than anything else. Craigslist, along with some other sites allow users to search listings by a specific geographical area, which can make ease of purchase much simpler.

When buying a used Kubota BX2200 it is worth thinking about it in the same way as when purchasing a second-hand auto or truck. With a tractor, it is a good idea if possible to find out the number of hours has been used for, although retractors of this age that can prove quite difficult, and is quite often dependent upon theword of the Seller

The other thing that is important, is to assess its mechanical condition, to check the availability of parts, to check what type of work it has been used for, to check the type of land it has been used on and check its servicing and maintenance records

Kubota BX2200 attachments

The Kubota BX2200  is one of the most adaptablesmall compact tractors available, and its attachments include a moving deck, a snowblower, a blade, a front end loader,a rotary sweeper, a rear killer, box scrapers, a rear bladeand a rear mounted mower.

Front End Loader – height, clearance, dump reach, bucket width


Mower Deck

All purpose seeder

Pallett Forks

Box Blade

Grooming Mower

Finishing Mower

Fertilizer Spreader

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Cutter

Rear Blade

Wood Chopper

landscapr Trailer

Kubota BX2200 parts

Parts for the Kubota BX2200 should be relatively easy to get hold of, although sometimes a bit of detailed research is necessary first. Quite often is that parts are lifted from older tractors, although this can be problematic for fairly obvious reasons.

It may well be possible to obtain parts from a dealership, although commonly they are quite often sourced from a number of different online websites. They can either be genuine manufacturers parts, or perfectly good aftermarket parts.

The only point to watch out for when using aftermarket parts is that it can sometimes affect the warranty of a tractor, although that is unlikely to be a factor in by a tractor of this age. Most sales will be done privately by individuals, rather than through a dealership where a warranty might be an expectation as part of the sale.

When purchasing parts, it is really important to specify the part number, as these can be quite similar in terms of design and shape, but may not necessarily fit the appropriate tractor.

Listed below are some of the most common areas of the mechanical base of the tractor parts and maintenance need to be addressed over time..

Accessories and service parts

Brake parts

Cooling water system

Electrical system


Front axle

Fuel system

Kubota BX2200 -manuals

Manuals are often thought of as simply a referral source for diagnostic problems and for obtaining information about servicing and maintenance schedules. Whilst this is true, for older characters such as the Kubota BX2200, they can move invaluable in helping to fit parts, or in doing self servicing either as a emergency or as a regular practice.

Most manuals will have diagrams show very specifically where and how parts fit into a tractor, designed people who have some basic knowledge of agricultural mechanics, and are comfortable doing the work themselves.

Manuals on the whole very easy to get hold of. There are a number of specific sites that offer them as free downloads in a PDF format, and there are other side to make a nominal charge. Manuals can also often be obtained through sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Kubota BX2200 reviews / problems – common questions

Some of the most common problems or questions asked about this tractor include

What does a Kubota BX2200 weigh?

How much oil does  a Kubota BX2200  take

How do you start a Kubota BX2200

How do you start a devoted tractor after running out of fuel

What is a Kubota BX2200 worth ?

Some of these questions have been answered above.

It is worth bearing in mind that some of the most common questions tend to be practical ones, normally asked by people who have used the tractor for a while, and normally Art by people who have been using it for even longer.

Often the best place to get responses to questions and queries is discussion groups like tractor by net, or orange talk.